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You can always rely on AudioLab if you need a feature-rich tool to work on any of your audio files because this fantastic mobile application offers everything you need to drastically alter your audio experiences. Many of its intriguing features are accessible here, enabling Android users to manipulate their audio files and songs in any way they see fit.

Please feel free to explore this fantastic mobile application and take full advantage of its features to modify the audio library on your devices. Make good use of the record capabilities in the app to enjoy recording songs like a pro. Try mixing and producing your own amazing audio tracks with amazing effects or captivating tunes with intriguing adjustments. Everything will be accessible through AudioLab’s fantastic mobile application.

Check out our comprehensive reviews of AudioLab to learn more about this fascinating smartphone app.

How does it function?

From the outset, you may effortlessly utilize AudioLab’s in-app features to modify any chosen audio file on your mobile devices. You may choose from a wide range of editing choices in this feature-rich tool, which include adding specific audio effects and physically altering the audio tracks by cropping, trimming, or muting them. Consequently, you may take advantage of your unlocked audio experiences and effortlessly personalize the mobile application.

Additionally, this fantastic mobile application from AudioLab will come in handy for those of you who want to record and create original music while on the road. It makes it simple to record audio experiences such as singing. Additionally, don’t hesitate to use the helpful noise cancellation option to record your audio effects or pure singing. The recording features in AudioLab are so good that they even outperform those of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio and other top-notch mobile recording applications.


You can just enjoy the free edition of AudioLab’s amazing mobile application, which is always available on the Google Play Store, if you’re interested in using it. Here, users can take advantage of the app’s numerous intriguing features without having to pay anything. Since this is a freemium software, there will be some in-app purchases and unlockables that require payment, which many Android users may not be able to afford.

In addition, all you need is a functional phone or tablet running firmware version 5.0 or higher to continue enjoying the thrilling mobile app on your Android devices. In addition, make sure you grant the necessary rights so that your devices may run the mobile app in its entirety. Most crucially, when using the mobile app, permission to use the microphone and store data will be essential. Thus, be sure not to overlook them.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

total compatibility with every audio file format

You can begin using the fantastic mobile app right away because it fully supports all file formats. As a result, editing your audio files in mp3, wav, flac, m4a, and many other formats will be quite simple for you. Play around with the features and capabilities that are accessible on any of the files you have chosen within the program.

Enjoy experimenting and blending audio.

If you’re interested, you can experiment and have fun with AudioLab’s Audio Mixer, which allows you to have numerous audio experiences on any file you want. Use a variety of effects, like Whoosh, Reverb, Echo, and many more, to enhance the sound and experience of your tracks. Enjoy experimenting with the audio files’ playback speed to enhance the experience even more or to fine-tune the audio down to the last detail. Most significantly, editing tasks would be far more comfortable if you could simply see your edited alternatives before making your final decisions.

Easy and efficient audio fusion

Additionally, if you would want to combine the audio files, you can use the audio merger to put together not just one or two, but several chosen tracks. Please feel free to utilize this built-in tool to easily modify the sequence of merging and modify the merging of various file types. This will enable you to efficiently blend several audio files according to your personal tastes.

You can quickly edit your music tags.

To enhance your audio and music experiences even more, the app includes a helpful Tag Editor that allows you to easily fix incorrect tags on the songs or audio files you’ve chosen. These consist of song genres, album names, artist names, and more. which are all readily editable, making it possible to arrange them correctly in specific sequences.

Enjoy yourself while you convert your audio files into the chosen formats.

For those who are interested, you may now convert any of your audio files into certain formats by using the fantastic mobile application to its fullest. Select files in MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, FLAC, and many other formats to quickly convert them to one of AudioLab’s supported platforms. In addition to changing the file names, you can also adjust the bit rate, sample, and audio channel here, totally transforming the audio files.

Totally alter the auditory encounters with the Equalizer

Your chosen musical selections may sound entirely different from how they did originally when played in various audio configurations. For this reason, it could make sense for mobile users to take advantage of AudioLab’s fully functional equalization. Here, you can utilize AudioLab’s 18-band equalizer to get the full range of audio experiences for your enjoyment.

Take the best audio recording quality you can.

For those of you who are eager to record, AudioLab will provide a straightforward yet incredibly effective solution for capturing the best audio on your mobile devices. Use the audio recorder and all of its helpful features to ensure that the final recordings have the appropriate clarity and quality. To better fit your tastes, change the selected Source, Channel, Sample rate, and file type. To enjoy the most immersive audio experiences, turn on the strong tools of Audio Gain, Skip Silence, and Noise Suppressor.

Enjoy dividing audio files and experimenting with the opposite outcome.

You may quickly preview your audio files using AudioLab’s strong reverse capabilities, which are ideal if you need to break your audio recordings into separate portions. Please feel free to choose the segments you want to separate and try modifying your audio files as you see fit.

Take pleasure in your amazing text-to-speech adventures.

Furthermore, you won’t always find the Text to Speech capability on other devices because it makes it simple to transform text files into more user-friendly audio experiences. If you want to convert any documents into audio files, this is really useful. Additionally, you’ll typically find that audio encounters are far more immersive and captivating, particularly for publications that are jam-packed with information and demand your whole focus.

A basic method of detecting device codecs

For those of you who want a codec tool, AudioLab’s built-in codec detector can quickly scan your devices and identify any encoders or decoders that are present. which will all be utilized in subsequent editing choices.

Play around with your voices with the Voice Changer and enjoy yourself!

You may also further modify the audio experiences on your tracks, which will give numerous vocal alterations and voice changes, to add even more intrigue to the already fascinating AudioLab mobile application. Enjoy yourself while experimenting with the fascinating effects, such as Drunk, Chipmunk, and Helium. Which will all make it simple for you to personalize your audio experiences.

Savor your favorite tunes while using the karaoke features.

Those of you who are interested might try making your own amazing Karaoke songs for yourselves. You are welcome to utilize the software to remove the vocal, leaving you with a clear sound for simple karaoke sessions. To prepare your Karaoke songs for enjoyment, use it on any chosen tune.

basic knowledge of video editing

Additionally, AudioLab provides basic editing features like trimming and adding, which you can use on any of the video files you’ve chosen if you need to rapidly modify your recordings. Additionally, you can definitely include audio in your films to add to the liveliness of the footage. Enjoy creating GIF files from your films.

Making audio-only files out of videos is simple.

Additionally, AudioLab can help you with the jobs if you want to convert any videos to audio-only files. You may quickly convert videos into audio files by extracting certain parts of the videos or by using AudioLab’s Video to Audio converter to convert the complete file. As a result, you can take use of the

Enjoy our website’s unlocked app.

Last but not least, you may always choose the customized version of the game, which is constantly accessible on your mobile devices, even though the paid app on the Google Play Store might not be a choice for many mobile users. You may enjoy the mobile application with all of its amazing features here, fully unlocked. All you have to do to get started is download the AudioLab Mod APK from our website and follow the guidelines.

final decisions

Android users can become fully engrossed in the captivating application of AudioLab for altering and using your audio files. Here, the fantastic mobile app has a wide range of applications and features that will greatly simplify and improve the editing process. Most significantly, you’ll find it far more entertaining and interesting because of the unlocked, free version of the software available on our website.

AudioLab Technical Details

GenresMusic & Audio
Google Play IDcom.hitrolab.audioeditor
DeveloperHitroLab – Mp3 Audio Editor & Voice Recorder Dev
Size14.80 MB
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked

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