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Avast Secure Browser is unquestionably one of the greatest choices for those of you who are curious about the uses of a fully private browser.


With handy tools and undemanding features, the fantastic browser software of Avast Secure Browser will make sure that Android users may always communicate with the Internet without any issues. Here, you may easily use the fast and extremely secure browser thanks to the sophisticated mobile app. Enjoy secure web page browsing and frequenting your favorite websites.

Use Avast Secure Browser’s handy mobile application on any of your mobile devices without any issues. Discover the many sophisticated browser functions and the user-friendly, feature-rich browser interfaces that ensure you can always get the most out of your online activities.

Explore more about this fantastic mobile app and all of its incredible features by reading our in-depth Avast Secure Browser reviews.

How does it function?

Android users now have the best mobile app for exploring the Internet without worrying about cyber threats or being tracked: Avast Secure Browser. Comparable to Puffin Browser and Free Adblocker Browser, the application provides numerous private and secure features that let you browse the Internet with the utmost convenience.

Use the handy mobile tool to quickly and securely surf websites without any issues. Open the built-in adblocker to avoid intrusive advertisements and speed up your browser. To take advantage of unrestricted and limitless tunneling connections, activate the helpful VPN services. With ease, unblock every online experience using Avast Secure Browser.

utilize authentications to protect your in-app privacy and utilize the private browser to protect your data. Discover the many applications for the built-in QR scanner and other features in the Avast Secure Browser. Open and utilize the app’s private media players. Use the Avast Secure Browser to easily download any files or videos. The list is endless.


For those who are interested, Avast Secure Browser is currently available for free download from the Google Play Store. This version should be accessible to all Android users without any cost. To begin utilizing many of the app’s features while on the go, just download the free version. Just be aware that the freemium utility will have in-app purchases and advertisements, which may annoy you a little.

Furthermore, for all in-app functions to work correctly, your Android devices must provide specific access rights. Thus, always remember to take into account the prompts when you first use the app. Additionally, users of Avast Secure Browser must update their mobile devices to the most recent firmware versions—android 7.0 and higher is the best option—as this will significantly enhance the in-app stability and general system compatibility of the software. This is true of other Android applications as well.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

Savor the quick and safe private browser.

Users of Android devices will have access to a quick, secure online browser that allows them to visit websites completely anonymously: Avast Secure Browser. Enjoy using the software to be concealed from ISPs, hackers, and trackers at all times. Here, the built-in capabilities and functionality of the private browser ensure that you may safeguard your privacy while utilizing its advantages.

Savor the built-in adblocker.

For those who are interested, Avast Secure Browser now has an integrated adblocker that lets users on mobile devices avoid intrusive advertisements and trackers. Use the robust mobile tool without any problems to prevent obnoxious advertisements from loading on your webpages automatically. enhancing your interactions and navigation of the pages as a result. Furthermore, the potent adblocker expedites the loading time and enhances your ability to navigate websites effectively.

Protect your privacy with the built-in VPN.

Avast Secure Browser also gives Android users the option to browse privately and safely thanks to its free integrated VPN feature. You can now enjoy using the Internet in privacy and safety. With the free, lightning-fast VPN connections available anytime you want, you won’t have any trouble securing your mobile devices. Whenever you use Wi-Fi or mobile data, enjoy turning on this option.

Unblock whatever you do online.

Users of Avast Secure Browser can now unblock the entire Internet using enabled VPN networks. Take pleasure in exploring the blocked websites, applications, and internet material without being disturbed by geo-restrictions or service provider-imposed ones. Most significantly, Avast Secure Browser constantly allows you to take advantage of limitless VPN experiences.

Use the private browser to safeguard your information.

Those of you who are interested can now utilize the software to use the private browser to protect your data. Here, the program offers you the ability to use its sophisticated private mode, which will fully encrypt your sensitive information. These consist of your IP address, browsing history, internet activities, and a ton more.

Turn on authentication to safeguard your information.

Android users can benefit from full authentications with Avast Secure Browser, which will stop third parties from accessing the browser without your consent. Enable the fingerprint and PIN locks, among other handy features, without any problems. which will all enable you to safeguard your in-app data and mobile devices.

Sync your experiences across many devices.

Additionally, mobile users may swiftly and securely sync all of their data between devices to ensure that they can always enjoy the seamless experiences offered by Avast Secure Browser. Your in-app data is accessible across iOS, Mac, Android, and other desktop platforms while using Avast Secure Browser.

Integrated QR code reader

Users of the Avast Secure Browser may easily and quickly scan their QR codes thanks to the built-in scanner. You won’t have any trouble scanning and enabling instant searches of the material from the codes while on the fly using the instant search feature.

Simple and elegant user interfaces

Android users will find the user interface (UI) of Avast Secure Browser to be intuitive, including slick interfaces and convenient interactions. Enjoy the app and all of its features without any problems; they are very easy to use and accessible.

Provide the individualized browsing options.

Android users may customize their browser modes with Avast Secure Browser, giving them several ways to interact with the software. Enter the mobile application without any problems, and begin customizing your browsing experience if necessary. Try out the various settings to see how much you appreciate using the app for various purposes.

A feature-rich, private file downloader

If you’re interested, you may now download all of your files from websites using the fully functional and private file downloader found in Avast Secure Browser. You may easily download audio and video files using the smartphone app. And it also supports fetching video download links to your video downloader if needed. Here, in a completely private setting, the files can be downloaded and encrypted. Consequently, your whole privacy is ensured.

Utilize your private media player.

Users of Avast Secure Browser may now interact with the private Media Vault, which enables them to safely store all downloaded media files, to get more out of the software. Consequently, they can’t be viewed on the default library. To see and listen to your private films and audio files, you can only use the built-in Private Media Player here.

Take pleasure in using group tabs.

Tabs Grouping is a feature that Avast Secure Browser offers to help managing tabs in your browser easier for mobile users. As a result, mobile users using Avast Secure Browsers will be able to better arrange their various online pages.

Savor the Dark Mode’s applications.

Additionally, for those of you who are interested, Avast Secure Browser now offers a potent Dark Mode that keeps harsh lighting from harming your eyes when using the browser in low light. All of which can greatly improve your comfort level when browsing the webpages.

Possess a personal search engine

Android users will get access to a secret search engine within the Avast Secure Browser that allows them to look for any internet material without being traced. So, use Avast Secure Browser if you ever want to do completely secret searches.

Many widgets for the home screen to utilize

For those who are interested, mobile users can now always enjoy their numerous online experiences without having to use the app thanks to the helpful widgets on Avast Secure Browser. Here, you can quickly search the internet utilizing the private environments by using the Search box and Search bar. Possess the VPN box so that you may quickly activate the tunneling connections. If necessary, don’t hesitate to add your numerous favorite websites as a feature right on the home screen.

Use our mod to enjoy the free and unlocked app.

Mobile users may want to switch to our website’s Premium Unlocked edition of Avast Secure Browser as the free app still offers in-app purchases. We are providing the hacked app with unlocked functionality below, which is available for free download. Consequently, you will be able to effortlessly experience the fantastic Android program and all of its features.

final decisions

All Android users will find Avast Secure Browser to be a fantastic mobile browser app with plenty of security features and convenient browsing functions.

Avast Secure Browser Technical Details

Google Play IDcom.avast.android.secure.browser
DeveloperAvast Software
Size200.7 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Features Unlocked

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