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AVG Cleaner

It might be difficult for Android users to stay away from having trash files on their smartphones, particularly if they frequently have a large number of third-party apps loaded. In addition to using up all of your internal storage, this drastically slows down your phone.

It goes without saying that if this is occurring to you, you’ll need to remove those files to create room for new releases. It can be challenging for average users to determine which files need to be deleted and where to discover them.

As a result, you’ll require an app to assist you in clearing up the unnecessary clutter from your system. As a result, we have an excellent app from AVG Mobile called AVG Cleaner Pro that may assist you in clearing the leftovers from your system with only one press.

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How does it function?

AVG Cleaner Pro lets users scan all of the garbage files on their device and erase them with a single swipe, exactly like other mobile cleaner apps. On the other hand, AVG Cleaner Pro will make cleaning incredibly efficient and fast.

That being said, when you’ve cleaned out every file, all of the crucial files will be examined and then scanned again to make sure nothing is left. You may also use the program to search for huge files that are using up storage space. Then, if you’d like, you can choose to have them removed.

Most significantly, Age Cleaner Pro has a ton of other options that you may experiment with on your phones; these will not only help you keep your phones clean but also make using them much more efficient and convenient.


AVG Cleaner Pro’s biggest feature is its good availability, which allows it to function flawlessly on the majority of your devices. Furthermore, you don’t need to have the phone rooted in order to use any of its cleaning or usage capabilities. Consequently, it won’t cause you any issues like other programs.

Fantastic features

All of the thrilling features that the game offers are available here. Determine whether they are helpful to you on your own:

Simple to employ

Both novice and seasoned users can benefit from the app’s practical and efficient features. That being stated, you may quickly scan and remove all of the garbage files on your computer with a single tap. You have access to some of the most incredible features and system adjustments available.

Delete every app that is installed on your devices.

AVG Cleaner is a very helpful tool for most users to manage all of the programs on their PC. Having said that, the app allows you to fully swipe your phone and assists you in finding every program on the system. As a result, you’ll be fully aware of all the apps you’ve installed, removed, and even the APK files you haven’t yet installed.

And as long as you haven’t permanently erased the data, you may quickly have the app removed from your device or restore the uninstalled apps to their prior states with just one click.

Make the most of your storage space.

One of the best things about AVG Cleaner is that it can quickly and efficiently remove any undesirable files from your system. Furthermore, the user interfaces and controls are rather basic. Consequently, you will find it much simpler to access the alternatives.

Numerous cleaning options are also available, such clearing up outdated data, uninstalling all apps—including hidden ones—detecting huge files, and more. Your phone will be fully restored to its original state.

Practical choice for a picture analyzer

Additionally, the Photo Analyzer is a function that I’m sure a lot of you would find intriguing. If you’re someone who frequently snaps pictures with their phone, your system is likely overflowing with duplicate or unwanted photos. Additionally, this may use a significant amount of extra storage space.

Players may quickly improve their photo gallery by removing blurry, low-quality, and even duplicated images with AVG Cleaner. As a result, deleting them altogether will give your system extra space.

Make use of your smartphone’s capabilities.

And if you frequently install a large number of apps on your devices, you will occasionally notice noticeable drops in speed. This may be pretty unpleasant because these huge app collections will not only eat up storage space on your phone but also cause it to function more slowly by using up more resources.

Using the cleaning functions to entirely delete the app from your system is the easiest answer in this situation. But there are drawbacks as well, such having to reinstall the apps every time you need to use them.

The creators of AVG Cleaner have provided you with the best option since they are aware of this. Additionally, it enables users to put certain programs on hold or put them in hibernation. This will stop them from functioning and use up the battery on your phone. Consequently, it is much faster.

extend the life of your system’s batteries

In addition to saving data and system resources, there is another advantage to having your apps in hibernation. And that’s to extend your phone’s battery life. When these apps are not used, you can drastically cut down on battery life. Your phone would last much longer if you did this.

Furthermore, AVG Cleaner provides a proprietary charging option of its own that enables users to charge their batteries in a more scientific manner. This contributes to boosting the overall capacity of your battery and extending its operating life.

Additionally, you can choose from a variety of helpful battery modes to extend its lifespan. Nevertheless, you may program the phone to operate well in specific situations by setting it to predefined profiles like “Low Battery,” “Car,” “Outdoor,” and so forth.

Gather all of the system information you need.

AVG Cleaner Pro is unquestionably a fantastic program for Android experts to check their phones. Having said that, users may access all system information through the app, allowing you to check in on them whenever you’d like. Possess all the information and facts regarding your phone that you require, including details about its functionality and hardware.

Have all files on the system been managed?

Furthermore, AVG Cleaner has more functionality than you could possibly need, in contrast to other cleaning programs. Additionally, the app’s integrated file organizer is quite useful and convenient. Having said that, you may quickly browse through every file on your computer without opening or installing a new file management application.

Furthermore, this greatly improves convenience in the cleaning process. Just use the scan option to find the huge files on your system. Next, access the file and remove it using the integrated manager. Since it lets you see the photo with your file manager, this also functions with the photo analyzer.

No cost to use

Users from all over the world can presently use the app for free. The good news is that installing it on your devices is simple and cost nothing. Additionally, the software will function flawlessly on a variety of smartphones with different hardware thanks to its straightforward features. The only things that are likely to irritate you are the required feature unlocks and the advertisements.

With our mods, the pro version is fully unlocked.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been searching for a way to unlock those secret features since our most recent software modifications will provide you with all the options. Download and install our AVG Cleaner Pro APK file on your devices to take complete control of your phone. To utilize all of the functionality on the phone, rooting is not required.

Negative aspects

The only drawback to AVG Cleaner is that, even if you decide to clean your phone, certain advertisements and garbage files will remain in the free version. But that makes perfect sense. And you can just install our hacked version of the program if you want to get rid of those too.

Get the most recent AVG Cleaner Pro 23.24.0 Android APK here.

Without a doubt, AVG Cleaner Pro is a necessary program for Android users. In a matter of minutes, have every unwanted file removed from your system completely. Alternately, use every tool at your disposal to manage the programs on your system. Using AVG Cleaner Pro will give you a much more powerful phone. along with our moderators.

AVG Cleaner Technical Details

Google Play IDcom.avg.cleaner
DeveloperAVG Mobile
Size41.43 MB
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked

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