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The term VPN represents Virtual Private Network. You may be familiar with the phrase, particularly in cases when privacy-related issues like geography are involved. Several well-known VPN applications are Touch VPN, NordVPN, and BetterNet. Speaking of BetterNet, over 38 million users worldwide utilize this fantastic VPN service. Even if this service has greatly increased, there are still a lot of complaints about it. The study that found it forces adverts on users is the source of the rationale.

These concerns, however, are unfounded when using the BetterNet Premium APK. In this essay, it is highly recommended that you should use the paid packages or premium. You will have a better experience because there won’t be any financial advertisements.

Initial Thoughts and Details

Numerous laptop and smartphone operating systems are compatible with Betternet Hotspot VPN. As previously stated, the majority of users are not satisfied with BetterNet’s free version. Let’s examine the distinctions between a paid and a free version in this part.

If you do not use more than 50 MB of BetterNet traffic during a 30-day period, you are eligible for a complete refund on the premium version. Furthermore, a premium subscription does not offer access to all streaming services. Therefore, the BetterNet largely blocks connection attempts.

Additionally, BetterNet Premium is available for free trial. For seven days, new customers can use a single IP address to receive a free trial. All you have to do is register by entering your billing details. After that, you’ll get an email telling you that the trial has begun. If you want to avoid being charged automatically, don’t forget to discontinue the service after 7 days.

The ability to regain Betternet Hotspot VPN after removing it for whatever reason is a benefit of utilizing it. More precisely, to redeem your account, click the “I’m already premium” button. You then enter your email address to receive an activation link. You can easily utilize a premium account on another device because it can be used on six devices.

Regarding the free edition, the 500 MB daily traffic cap is invalid. In addition, the Android app started to show some advertising. Nonetheless, the seller has made this policy openly known since it allows them to make money.

Synopsis of Several Features


Should you have purchased the premium edition, you can select from a list of many servers. But this is the only thing you can do with this VPN service. It is not permitted to change the VPN protocol or inquire as to whether TCP or UDP should be used when opening a VPN. BetterNet, for instance, facilitates the connections between the Hotspot Shield’s Catapult Hydra. Although the Catapult Hydra is incredibly quick, some users may find it uncontrollable or unflexible.

You use the “select virtual location” function to choose the proper server location. You can view and select from ten other nations and seven US cities here. Although there are a number of different VPNs offering services for more than 50 countries, this seems like a reasonable amount.

Thankfully, changing into a different server location is not that difficult. Before moving to the new server, there’s no need to disconnect the previous one. It will be done for you automatically by this VPN.

User Interface

BetterNet VPN is easy to download and set up. To obtain the application, you must first go to the official website. It is usually located in the right-hand corner. Upon opening the application, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to sample a premium version. If you would want to use the premium version, agree.

Once you have chosen the suitable plan, you can make your selection from the ten nations listed. After choosing your preferred server, you press the “connect” button. It’s evident that there were no issues and that the VPN connected quickly. The shield becomes blue with a cheerful face once the connection is made. This indicates that you did it correctly, and now everything is fine.

Fundamental Purpose

The features of Betternet Hotspot VPNk appear to be rather basic. There is just a name list in the location list; there is no search box, favorite system, ping times, or sorting. Even when the VPN is operational, the app is oblivious to it. To find out, you must examine the window.

Furthermore, the number of settings is limited. The “Prevent IP Leak” and “Reconnect Automatically” settings will be on by default, and you should abide by them. If not, you can configure the program to connect automatically to insecure or other types of networks when you access them.

A unique function called “Exclude Domains” is available. Domains that are not to be routed through the tunnel can be defined thanks to this functionality. For example, you can add the domain of a local streaming website that blocks IPs from countries other than your own. After then, you can utilize it frequently going forward.


It’s safe to say that Betternet Hotspot VPN operates really well. This is not surprising given that BetterNet makes use of the effective Catapult Hydra protocol and the quick servers of Hotspot Shield. In particular, Vietnam servers offer 50Mbps despite the fact that the area is not as well-connected. The UK server, however, achieves about 70Mbps.

Additionally, privacy testing yield favorable outcomes as well. After checking the services using DolLeak, IPLeak, and other websites, it was found that the Windows system is free of problems with WebRTC, DNS, and other leaks.

Advantages of BetterNet Premium Usage

Five Concurrent Relationships

As you may be aware, five connections can be made at once on the BetterNet. It indicates that you use a laptop for work while using a tablet or phone to watch movies or listen to music. Many VPN service providers demand a monthly payment but do not supply this capability. When you can connect to another device using the VPN without having to unplug one, it is more convenient.

peer-to-peer relationships

One VPN service that lets other individuals access your connection is called BetterNet. Naturally, this is the situation in which you allow others to access while the VPN is still protecting your connection. It appears that this is a helpful function.

Actually, a few of premium VPN services restrict P2P connections since they are exempt from copyright infringement court judgments. The downloads and uploads from torrents, which are frequently utilized with P2P, are the source of these infringements.

The Drawbacks of BetterNet Premium Use

Absence of a Few Crucial Elements

BetterNet is a premium service, so it should have more engaging features, but it falls short in this regard. The following significant details are overlooked:

  • DNS leak protection
  • A kill switch
  • ‘Stealth’ technology
  • A cloaking system
  • Port forwarding selection

Restricted Client Assistance

Customer care is typically available via the official website, particularly if you have paid for a premium service. Members may even need assistance manuals. Regretfully, BetterNet’s performance in this area is lacking.

There won’t be a phone number, email address, or live chat feature. This implies that you won’t be able to get your service-related issues fixed right away.

The Decision

The Betternet Hotspot VPN is a straightforward VPN program with a few unique features. Users can stream without many issues thanks to it. Additionally, Betternet Hotspot VPN allows a lot of gray areas that make you feel more safe, and it doesn’t include any advertisements or a lengthy privacy policy.

Betternet Technical Details

Google Play IDcom.freevpnintouch
DeveloperBetternet, LLC
Size68.11 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

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