State of Survival: Zombie War Beginner Guide and Gameplay Walkthrough 2023

State of Survival: Zombie War Beginner Guide and Gameplay Walkthrough 2023

State of Survival: Zombie War is the perfect game for you if you enjoy post-apocalyptic settings and zombie-infested environments. In order to live in this strategy-based survival game for mobile devices, you must construct your town, raise troops, and repel waves of zombies. We’ll go over the fundamentals of the game in our beginner’s guide and gameplay walkthrough, along with some helpful hints and tips to help you advance.

Getting Started

Understanding how to begin is crucial before launching into the game. You can get State of Survival: Zombie War for free for iOS and Android smartphones. After downloading and installing the game, you’ll have to register. You may access the game on various devices and save your progress with ease by following this simple and quick approach.

You will be able to access the main menu of the game after creating an account. Numerous options are available to you here, such as constructing your settlement, raising troops, harvesting resources, and more.

Gameplay Mechanics

In the game State of Survival: Zombie War, you have to control a number of resources, such as wood, water, food, and more. These resources are required for conducting research, training soldiers, and constructing and renovating buildings. As the game progresses, you’ll have to manage your resources wisely in light of the ongoing threat of zombie invasions.

In the game, constructing and improving structures is essential. Buildings like farms, water towers, and barracks are necessary to maintain the proper operation of your settlement. By improving these structures, you can gather resources more quickly because they will produce more and be more efficient.

The game’s training of troops is another crucial element. To protect your colony from zombie invasions and to engage in player-versus-player combat, you will need to enlist and train soldiers. There are numerous troop types, and each has advantages and disadvantages. To be effective in battle, an army must be well-balanced.

Acquiring resources is essential for training as well as building. It will be necessary for you to dispatch your soldiers to acquire supplies like food, water, and wood. This can be dangerous though, since your soldiers are out in the field and open to zombie attacks.

Another important aspect of the game is the combat system. To advance, you’ll have to engage in combat with other players and zombies. Turn-based combat necessitates meticulous preparation and strategy in order to win.

Beginner Tips

Here are some pointers to help you advance in State of Survival: Zombie War if you’re just getting started. Make resource acquisition your top priority. Your colony depends on its resources, and it cannot advance without them.

Making an alliance is also very important. Through alliances, you can cooperate with other players to take part in events, defend against attacks, and harvest resources. Selecting a capable leader for your alliance can also help you advance.

Having a solid understanding of hero powers and skills is crucial. Heroes are strong units that may strengthen your town and army. They possess certain talents and capacities that they can develop with time.

Completing daily missions is another way to gain rewards and progress in the game. Daily missions will give you objectives to complete, such as gathering resources or defeating zombies.

Advanced Tips

In the State of Survival: Zombie War, there are a few advanced strategies that can help you advance once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. It’s critical to comprehend rewards and happenings. Events provide special perks and awards that can give you an advantage over other players.

For warfare to be successful, rallies must be organized and attended. Through rallies, you can join forces with other players to battle formidable zombie bosses and other challenging foes. Additionally, they can support you in defending your settlement from other players.

Enhancing army formations is yet another crucial facet of sophisticated gameplay. To determine the best tactic for your army, you’ll need to test out various unit combinations. Gaining an advantage in battle also comes from using battle items. These supplies can even disable opposing units in addition to temporarily boosting the stats of your troops.

Comprehending the tech tree is an additional crucial element of sophisticated gameplay. You can research improvements for your troops and colony via the tech tree. These enhancements can boost troop training efficiency, battle effectiveness, and resource production.


In case you run into any problems when playing State of Survival: Zombie War, you can attempt these popular fixes. Initially, confirm that the game is running the most recent version on your device. Try wiping the cache on your device or reinstalling the game if the problem persists.

You can get more help by getting in touch with support if none of these fixes work. You can email the game’s support crew or use the main menu to get in touch with them.


To sum up, State of Survival: Zombie War is a tough and thrilling mobile game that calls for cooperative play, intelligent combat preparation, and cautious resource management. You may construct a prosperous community and repel legions of zombies by heeding the beginner and advanced advice provided in this book. To determine the best plan for your army, don’t forget to join an alliance, prioritize gathering resources, and test out various unit formations. Enjoy yourself and good luck!

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