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Boom Beach is an action-packed strategy game! Build your defenses, launch your attacks, and lead your troops to victory in this intense game.
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Boom Beach is an action-packed strategy game! Build your defenses, launch your attacks, and lead your troops to victory in this intense game.


End up partaking in this wonderful new methodology game from the well known Supercell as you leave on your definitive excursion to turn into the expert of the oceans and islands. Fabricate your base on an island with a wide range of various structures. Safeguard your significant offices with pinnacles and troops. Furthermore, take on awe-inspiring attacks against others.

Join a great many web based gamers in Blast Ocean side as you plunge into the perpetual and energizing experiences in the game. Develop your base on the island and have the structures overhauled. Build up your guards at whatever point you’re ready to, since the adversaries will begin going after soon.

Figure out additional about this astounding game from Supercell with our surveys.


In the game, Android gamers will get the opportunity to find their legendary excursion into the gigantic sea where they’ll fight the powers of the detestable Scoundrel and expel these privateers from their safe-houses. Construct your own powers as you assume control over the oceans back from the hands from your foes. Take harmony and success back to the islands that were once oppressed by these crooks.

Moreover, you’re likewise permitted to join a large number of other gamers from everywhere the world in thrilling strikes and pinnacle guard fights. Make utilizations of the different units and structures that’re given to you as you make imposing bases and strong armed forces.


Here you’ll find every one of the thrilling elements that the game brings to the table:

Construct your definitive tropical HQ and vanquish the islands

Begin your definitive excursion in Blast Ocean side by having your HQ being based on the shore of a far off island. Develop various structures and offices to begin gathering and delivering assets. Safeguard your assets with impressive pinnacles. Begin enlisting your soldiers and start your assaults against others’ HQ for wonderful plunders. Challenge the Rogues or other gamers in the encompassing regions. Go ahead and investigate the tropical islands and vanquish them as you procure your prizes.

Take on different missions to cut down the underhanded Scoundrel

Wind up taking on different missions as you start your processes in Blast Ocean side. Takedown the fearsome Villains through different stages and levels as you gradually reveal their insidious plans. Face against the awe-inspiring supervisors in the game and dominate the competition.

Furthermore, you’re additionally permitted to investigate the whole gigantic tropical archipelago with limitless conceivable outcomes. Find the baffling powers of the Existence Precious stones as you take on another incredible test.

Join a great many web based gamers in thrilling strike fights

Also, alongside the single-player crusades, you’ll find the web based interactivity in Blast Ocean side very agreeable. That being said, you can join a huge number of web based gamers from everywhere in the magnificent interactivity in Blast Ocean side. Find a wide range of internet interactivity where you can jump into the perpetual strike fights against the other gamers.

Construct your extraordinary militaries and support your guards

To shield your HQ from being gone after by the foes, gamers in Blast Ocean side will have the choice to build different fortresses and pinnacles to safeguard their islands from adversaries’ assaults. Coordinate walls and pinnacles cleverly with the goal that you can advance your safeguard abilities against the foes.

With respect to your endeavor armed forces, you can likewise develop different structures from the game and enlist new soldiers to battle against your militaries. That being said, you can assemble your militaries with different soldiers with extraordinary powers and capacities. What’s more, alongside that, you’ll likewise require the powerful legends to lead your men into the fights. These are strong characters with unimaginable buffs and rewards that can help your whole militaries, so ensure you select them cautiously deciding on your strategies.

Assume command over the valuable assets to empower different redesigns on your militaries

Furthermore, to make your militaries more fit during the attack fights and have the pinnacles invigorated, you’re likewise permitted to get different redesigns that are accessible for on your armed forces. In any case, before that, you’ll need to assume command over the valuable assets in the islands, make new explores and open new updates on your militaries. With a wide range of updates highlighting special impacts, you can undoubtedly have your armed forces appropriately upgraded.

Appreciate center interactivity in the astonishing Team

For those who’re intrigued, you’re likewise permitted to get the astonishing center missions in the Team. Here, you’ll join other gamers as you jump into energizing and habit-forming center difficulties against the adversaries and safeguard the islands. As you face the shared adversaries, all struggles and conflicts should reach a conclusion.

Go after amazing awards in week after week occasions

Likewise, with new updates being carried out each week, the game additionally presents many energizing new happy including new units, interactivity, and above all, new occasions for you to contend. With great rewards, these occasions are the best opportunities for you to have your militaries and HQ overhauled. So ensure that you don’t miss them.

Find the recently refreshed Fight Boat interactivity

Then again, with the most recent significant updates, Android gamers are currently permitted to plunge into the intriguing Fight Boat ongoing interaction. End up contending with other gamers on the awe-inspiring seas. Battle wonderful assault and guard fights right on yours and adversaries’ war vessels. Find epic maritime fights as you partake in this habit-forming methodology game.

Allowed to play

Also, notwithstanding every one of the intriguing elements, the game is at present wide open Android gamers to appreciate. That being said, you can without much of a stretch have it introduced on your cell phones. Simply download the game from the Google Play Store without paying anything.

Appreciate limitless cash with our mod

Notwithstanding, since the game is as yet a freemium title, you’ll in any case need to manage various promotions and in-application buys. Subsequently, in the event that you find this upsetting, our altered adaptation of the game may more intrigue. That being said, it offers limitless cash so you can openly buy anything you desire, and have the advertisements totally eliminated so you will not be annoyed by them. And you should simply to download and introduce the Blast Ocean side Mod APK from our site all things considered.

Visual and sound quality


Jump into the amazing attacks and pinnacle safeguard fights as you partake in the vivid interactivity in Blast Ocean side. With wonderful conditions, magnificent looking units and pinnacles, alongside strong enhanced visualizations, the game will cause you to feel like you’re really trapped in the awe-inspiring fights. Also that the all around improved illustrations will specific make the game really fulfilling on your cell phones.


Have fun in this magnificent system interactivity from the well known Supercell as you jump into the practical and precise sound encounters. Strong shots and effective blasts, all that will feel very truly in Blast Ocean side.

Last decisions

Fanatics of the renowned Conflict of Factions and Conflict of Lords, will wind up approaching another extraordinary technique game with similar degree of submersions, top to bottom interactivity, and that’s just the beginning. However, above all, you can have it totally opened free of charge with our mod.

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