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Become a boxing legend in this thrilling sports game! Train, customize, and compete against other fighters worldwide.


Hi everyone, my buddies! Greetings from again. I’m going to present you with a fun game today. To be quite honest, my childhood dream was to win a professional boxing championship. And I was reminded of those priceless moments by this game. Let me now examine this application without further ado.


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for challenging work, congratulations! Allow me to introduce you to a game that will undoubtedly pique your interest when you sit down. That is the boxing game for sports fans called Boxing Star!

Additionally, I only recently learned about and downloaded this app a few days ago. Surprisingly though, I became quite dependent on it. A sports-related mobile game is called Boxing Stars. This game was created by FourThirty Three.

Despite the fact that it was launched in 2018, the graphics and gameplay are still of the highest caliber! I’m confident that this game’s amazing 3D graphics and captivating gameplay won’t let you down.

Please follow me if you want to learn more about Boxing Stars. Be active, friends!


Boxing Stars will assist you in achieving your goals and will no longer be a far-off dream. The road from street warrior to global leader will not be easy. This game offers a variety of game styles. It involves more than merely leveling up and eliminating your opponent. In addition, Boxing Stars offers a variety of game modes, including League mode, which pits fighters against one another in direct combat.

Training your character to become the strongest in the tournament is the most crucial task in the game. Furthermore, FourThirty Three fortifies defenses by evading blows from adversaries. Use a strong punch and bespoke gloves to do this. Undoubtedly, no rival will defeat you!

Specifically, Boxing Stars facilitates online combat as well. Global player interaction is available to players. As a result, there will never be repetition in this game. Boxing Stars is a game that is appropriate for all audiences because of its stunning visuals and simple gameplay.


  • Developer: FourThirty Three
  • Size: 1.3GB
  • Appropriate age: Not for children under 12 years old
  • There are elements of mild violence
  • Suitable platform: iOS and Android
  • Download for free


The following noteworthy features are sure to delight any gamer:

Multiple Controls and Adaptable Movement Modes

When you first launch the game, you will be watched while you comply with orders during The Grave and Joe the King’s heavyweight boxing battle. This tutorial will assist you in learning some fundamental moves including hooking, dodging, maintaining body balance, and other common moves in this sport.

Control in Boxing Stars is quite easy. A player only needs to tab on the target they have previously defined each time they wish to deliver a punch. When creating a hook, provide the direction of the swap—either right or left. Just sweep downward or upward.

The player has more control and interaction in this game. During the battle, you can move in a variety of ways to let your imagination run wild. No boundaries, so joyful!

Win Every Match to Become The Boxing Star World Champion

Star Boxing’s narrative is straightforward and simple to comprehend. This particular game falls under the simulation with sports genre. Your initial state in the game will be that of a novice in the boxing scene. Being a champion is what you have to do.

Emma, the severe manager, will accompany you on your difficult journey. To help users become accustomed to the game’s UI, there will be beginner’s guides available.

You are free to select the character that you like best. Boxing Stars offers three standard body styles, one of which will undoubtedly meet your needs. One piece of advice for you is to easily defeat the opponent by selecting the largest body!

You will proceed to the game’s interface to begin your adventure after choosing the character’s appearance. This application has an easy-to-use UI. Emma’s face can be seen in the small circle adjacent to the work list in the left corner of the screen. A character ranking in relation to other boxing fighters came next.

We will get four awards each time we win the Fashion Alliance. Look in the left corner to see the Story mode option. The elements of assistance are positioned to the right.

appealing when Boxing Stars offers two distinct game modes: Alliance and Story. If you select the Story option, your character will go on an amazing professional adventure. You’ll go from being a semi-pro boxer to being the boxing hierarchy. In order to rate yourself in this mode, you must compete with other characters that are provided.

In league mode, you can challenge other players worldwide. The opponent will be chosen at random by the algorithm. The rewards from the League mode will be appealing if you prevail. These are extras that can give your character more strength while you’re portraying them. Seven levels range from easy to challenging in alliance mode.

Players will have to overcome numerous obstacles in order to become Real Steel Boxing Champions. But believe me, it’s totally worth it! Everyone has to experience adversity in order to achieve.

Develop Perseverance to Become More Robust

In addition to the two game modes in Boxing Stars, players can enhance their character’s strength using a number of in-game tools. You will discover your entire personality and new boxing abilities while training.

In order to swap skill sets and raise your character’s stats, you must use training points in this situation. Put on safety gloves to maintain the character’s equilibrium. Examine the objects that can be upgraded without requiring this crucial component.

The sponsors’ appearance in this game is an unusual feature. Throughout the tournament, they will serve as your financial sponsors. Your wealth increases with the size of your sponsor.

Graphics and User Interface

Are a few of the aforementioned alluring qualities enough to draw you in? In my opinion, yes! Let me now investigate and go over the visuals and some of Boxing Stars’ best features!


The Individuals

The designated character will show up at the start of the game wearing basic attire and optional gloves. You can select from three different kinds of characters, so it’s okay if you choose the incorrect one.

Once you’re in the game, you can fully personalize it. Because everything in this game is in three dimensions, the graphics are really striking. Additionally, players are free to assign their character any costume. You will also get extra outfits after every victory.

Rivals in Video Games

Realistic and lifelike movements are also exhibited by the system characters in Story mode. During the conflict, the manufacturer has set them up in accordance with the script.

You can win easily at first, but as time goes on, the difficulty progressively rises. It will be fascinating, though, because here is your chance to get better at boxing!

League Mode

As previously indicated, gamers who wish to test their skills against other players worldwide can do so in Boxing Stars’ Alliance mode. Here, everyone is in competition with one another to win gold and stars.

Several stars will open up different paths. Having a large gold reserve will allow you to enhance your character with more purchases.

It’s not too hard; in fact, I’ve tried playing a couple matches in this format. The match will move more quickly than normal, so please rehearse fluently to become accustomed to the motions.

Method of Control

Since this element is so simple to regulate, maybe I won’t talk about it too much. You will have flexibility with the control mechanism, even though it will need to utilize the entire phone screen. Recall to move quickly to evade and protect, swipe to strike.

Table of Contents

The game’s disorganized interface may have confused you at first when you first started Boxing Stars. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ve remembered this game’s menu after just a few touches.

If you’re accustomed to it, you’ll find that the menu is fairly detailed and easy to understand. Here you may find every feature in the game. This greatly benefits the player and is incredibly convenient.


One thing I must say is that people are drawn to images that are visually striking. I take it that this is accurate?

Be Aware of Every Little Detail

Regarding Boxing Stars’ graphics, I’ll give it five stars. Characters in the game are designed by developers to be highly varied and have unique aesthetics. Furthermore, as previously said, your character will possess a unique personality.

Boxing Stars is a graphic concept that emphasizes animation over reality. Because of their large eyes and heads, they both resemble caricatures, and the 3D technology gives the impression that they are real. Nonetheless, each character’s muscles and facial expressions are realistic and highlighted in the FourThirty Three’s design. It’s not shocking at all if you feel like a real boxer.

Specifically, Boxing Stars offers a variety of fighting scenarios rather than just one dull location. It might be at your home or on the street where you play sports.

Cartoons with animation

I am grateful for the Boxing Stars animation’s flawless execution. The characters move naturally and with lifelike quality. The boxers’ bout is the most amazing. When they battle, the motion impact is breathtaking. I promise you, that’s fascinating!

Additionally, the user-friendly instruction display will assist you in controlling and delivering the most precise punches. Gamers won’t experience confusion or a lack of knowledge.

It could take some time at initially to get used to the game, but this will also help you practice endurance and adaptability. To win, you must understand how to assemble the components. After two or three games, I’m confident you’ll get the hang of it.

Benefits and Drawbacks


In general, Boxing Stars is a worthwhile game to play. Not only is it free, but it’s also really entertaining. The comprehensive and in-depth lessons will help you defeat strong opponents.

Boxing Stars will assist boxing fans in achieving their goals. It is playable anywhere. Another benefit of this game is its simple custom graphics.

To prevent boredom, the backdrop surroundings for each match will vary. You can switch between the two concurrent game modes frequently.

Negative aspects

Even though you may download this game for free, it takes some effort to advance to the next level. The opponent will have no trouble defeating the character if they don’t buy premium things and rarely enhance their power. Upgrading puts you at risk of running against more skilled players.

It is a known fact that the more time a player spends playing, the stronger the character becomes. Nonetheless, the promotion process will be challenging given the tougher opponents.

In addition to a few free enhancements, in-app payments are required if you want your character to level up even further. I feel compelled to take this action. That said, Boxing Stars will not disappoint you if you’re the kind of person who enjoys taking on new challenges.

Last Words

To sum up, I believe that Boxing Stars may provide gamers with ultimate satisfaction. You may improve your reflexes and sharpness by playing this game. Some of the best parts are the logical layout and the visually appealing graphics.

Players can execute actions in a multitude of variations thanks to a variety of control systems. You can practice your moves and battle other players in PvP mode. In addition, the Story mode will transport you to a boxing champion’s life stories.

Boxing Stars is extremely interesting at certain early levels. For those who are passionate about this activity, it presents a challenge even though the level of difficulty is rising daily. To get stronger and more advanced, have patience and never give up.

Boxing Stars has advantages and disadvantages, but every game has these things, right? This virtual interactive app is, in my opinion, worth a try, especially for anyone who enjoy highly interactive apps or boxing games. Now is the perfect time to pretend to be a boxing champion!

Boxing Technical Details

GenresMultiplayer, Offline, Sports
Google Play
DeveloperFourThirtyThree Inc.
Size102.98 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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