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Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition Join 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, a mischievous adolescent who finds himself in the decaying and corrupted prep school, on a whole new journey. Experience Bullworth Academy high school life: make new friends, be picked on by teachers, and become a target of school bullies.

Here, our young Jimmy will have to overcome every obstacle to take a stand and have a respectable high school career. Experience the distinct facets of adolescence, such as their romantic relationships, academic difficulties, and friend crises.

Read our review to learn more about this fantastic game from Rockstar Games.


In essence, the game was a port of the highly regarded Bully, which was first made for the venerable PlayStation 2. Similar to the main game, players will be able to experience the full gameplay here.

Bully Anniversary Edition also includes a ton of extra features that you can use. Not to mention that multiplayer gameplay is now available for Bully fans to enjoy for the first time. Accompany your pals on assignment completion or engage in intense competitions as you take on one other.

It’s time to get to know your new school and meet people. Discover how a disturbed child may make friends and have fun in high school, even in an essentially destroyed institution.


All of the game’s fascinating features are available here:

Controls that are straightforward and well-designed

In order to play Bully: Anniversary Edition on mobile devices, players are first exposed to the game’s streamlined and optimized touch controls. To enhance your gaming experience, the intelligent controllers also offer a variety of personalization options. Tilt and sturdy controls are part of this.

Additionally, the game supports actual controllers if you prefer them over the virtual touch controls. As a result, you may effortlessly connect your gamepad to your gadgets and play games like a console whenever you’d want.

Savor the entire Bully narrative.

Furthermore, the game includes all of the gameplay that was there in the Bully original version in addition to additional features. Bully offers gamers a plethora of new and exciting activities to engage in, including more missions, characters, and unlockable goods. You won’t be let down by this game, even if you’ve already played it on the PS2.

Teach some lessons to the bullies in school.

Discover your distinct educational experience in this dilapidated prep school, where corruption occurs on a daily basis. Nobody is to be trusted; not even some of the officials or professors are someone to turn to.

Only you and your closest friends can choose your fate. You may find that other corrupted teachers and school bullies are targeting you. Show them who’s boss by starting spectacular fights with the students and deceiving the teachers with your cunning plans.

Make new acquaintances and strengthen your bonds with others.

Furthermore, you might run into some of the most interesting people in the community. Form friendships with them by becoming pals. To win their affection, give them gifts and assist them in some of their economic ventures. You never know when you might need their assistance.

In addition, you can run into your high school love interest here. Use Bully Anniversary Edition to win in friendships and love.

Explore the globe in a variety of vehicles

Even while the variety of vehicles in the game may not be as great as in previous Rockstar Games titles for high school students, you’ll still be shocked by how many there are. That being said, players can begin with more basic vehicles like skateboards, bicycles, and mopeds and progress to more sophisticated ones like go-karts or riding mowers.

Several weapons at your disposal

It is crucial that you arm yourself with some practical weapons so that you can combat the bullies, who arrive in much greater numbers. Nevertheless, the game includes a plethora of “child” weaponry, including the slingshot, firecracker, stink bomb, marble bags, spray paint, and more.

Dress up your character in a variety of ways.

Bully Anniversary Edition allows players to customize their outfits with a variety of themed options. Put on your comfortable attire before heading out. When you get to school, wear your “customized” school clothes to showcase your personal flair. Gather the top outfits from the Aquaberry shop. Additionally, there are several outfits that are exclusive to certain tasks.

Several minigames that would fulfill your needs

Bully Anniversary Edition offers players a variety of entertaining mini-games in addition to the main gameplay. Take on your opponents in a variety of high school games, including arithmetic puzzles, English word games, and the legendary acorn Nut Shots game, where you must aid a squirrel defeat his foes.

Take pleasure in the online gaming of the game.

Most significantly, the game includes internet gameplay that lets players participate in fun Friend Challenges with other players in real life. Take pleasure in the game on your mobile devices and get alerts when action is required.

Never give up on your progress.

Bully Anniversary Edition players won’t ever have to worry about losing their save data thanks to the helpful Rockstar Games Social Club. All of your progress can be backed up and stored on the online cloud here. As a result, all you have to do is log into the social club the next time you reset or swap phones, and your saved content will load instantly.

Use our mod to get the game for free.

Not to mention, our Bully Anniversary Edition MOD APK is unquestionably the greatest option if you want the game loaded on your devices for free. Simply download the file and follow our instructions to install it on your devices.

The full game will be available to you without any further costs. Additionally, there are no advertisements in the game, so you won’t likely be bothered.

Sound and visual quality


Even though the original Bully game was launched a long time ago, its graphics are still among the best on the PS2. Not to add, Rockstar Games did a fantastic job remastering the graphics for this reboot version for the mobile platform, adding particles effects, better lighting and shadow effects, higher resolution textures, solid support for high-resolution displays, and more. Most importantly, the game will function flawlessly and not cause any issues on the majority of your devices with proper optimizations.


With voice acting, every scene in the game will seem incredibly authentic. In addition, you’ll get the impression that you’re living the high school experience thanks to the immersive auditory sensations.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Technical Details

GenresAction, Adventure, Offline
Google Play IDcom.rockstargames.bully
Requires8.0 and up
DeveloperRockstar Games
Size43.2 MB + 2.0 GB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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