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Chicken Gun Are you interested in the straightforward, approachable, and incredibly fun shooter gaming on your mobile devices? Are you also anticipating a novel and inventive gameplay mechanic for your shooter game at the same time? What if you were to film alongside our fascinating chicken characters? That’s correct, while they engage in intense barn fights, Android players may enjoy the amazing shooter experiences in Chicken Gun alongside friends and other players from across the globe.

Come along with our witty-looking chickens as they engage in never-ending fights and get the best mobile shooter experiences on your Android smartphones. Play the game online whenever and whenever you like. Take on the countless in-game tasks and do as you choose as you explore the Chicken Gun universe.

With our in-depth reviews, learn more about the captivating mobile game by ChaloApps.


Our chicken pals have taken up arms to engage in the epic shootouts because the barn is in danger. There is no mercy amongst the hens here, as the one who hesitates will fall to the ground. Experience the ultimate chicken shooter gameplay on your mobile devices as you transform into the chicken warriors you’ve always wanted to be and defeat all of your opponents.

Android players will find themselves having the best shooter experiences in the game’s huge multiplayer battles with friends and other players online. In fantastic shooter fights, take on your opponents with any of your preferred weapons. Play the game in various ways and progress through a sequence of thrilling activities.

Take part in the thrilling PVE and PVP chicken fights in Chicken Gun while having the time of your life on the completely unlocked maps. Discover the many settings with intriguing configurations and embark on an adventure with the game’s fantastic multiplayer shooter challenges.


The thrilling characteristics of the game are as follows:

Savor the easy-to-use and straightforward chicken shooter adventures.

Initially, players of Chicken Gun on Android devices can effortlessly become acquainted with the thrilling in-game encounters featured in the mobile game. When you’re ready, feel free to indulge in the addictive shooter challenges and enjoy the shooter games. Play entertaining online shooter games with others from across the world and arm your chickens with incredible weaponry.

Most significantly, you may move around with ease and try to hit your opponents with precise shots or utilize the available in-game powers thanks to the touch controllers’ intuitive design. Any of you who enjoy the addicting first-person shooter genre will be impressed by the unique and revitalizing gameplay of this game.

Enjoy yourself while playing in multiple multiplayer modes.

With a variety of thrilling game modes, Android players can enjoy the ultimate shooter gameplay as they play Chicken Gun.

Take on the team matches with confidence and relish your thrilling battles with both your rival and fellow chickens. Seize your weapons and revel in the incredible gameplay as you utilize your whole teamwork to conquer the captivating tasks.

Feel free to take advantage of the best shooter experiences concurrently, where you can play alongside internet players in a single session. Be the last one standing by fighting. or lose and then swiftly reappear to continue having fun with the game.

The majority of Android gamers who are interested in this particular genre will undoubtedly be impressed by Chicken Gun’s endless shooter gameplay.

Useful weapons and explosives for you to utilize

For those who are interested, Chicken Gun’s thrilling shooter gameplay is now available with a wide variety of in-game weaponry and explosives, making the whole shooter experience much more enjoyable than it was previously.

As you engage in the epic battles, feel free to grab the rifles, shotguns, automatic guns, and numerous more ranged weapons. Alternatively, use your melee weapons to participate in amusing battles. The many weaponry will encourage various battle techniques and increase player enjoyment.

As you toss Molotov cocktails, blind grenades, and explosive eggs at your chicken opponents, feel free to take use of the thrilling explosives in the game. Savor the amusing encounters with the armaments and fully enjoy your battles.

Play with interesting and dynamic maps

You can now explore and enjoy the game’s interactive and intriguing maps whenever you’re ready, for those of you who are interested. Enjoy the fantastic mobile gaming experiences as you explore the several maps, each with special features and configurations. Play the game to its best potential at all times and explore the interactive stages.

Enjoy fascinating conversations with the virtual community

Android players in Chicken Gun will now be able to access their thrilling in-game interactions, adding to the game’s intrigue. Through the chatbox, you can engage in amazing conversations with numerous other gamers by joining this online community. Enter anything you want to say in the box to quickly connect with other players or your teammates.

Personalize and customize your chicken pals.

It would be great if you could give your character an attractive appearance with their chicken fighters, because you seem to be enjoying the online gameplay. Because of this, players of Chicken Gun will have the opportunity to customize their characters in a multitude of ways, like adding beaks, sneakers, and caps to suit their preferences.

Play without restrictions

For those of you who are interested, all Android users can play the game on their phones for free right now. As a result, downloading and installing the game from the Google Play Store is simple and doesn’t cost anything.

With our mod, enjoy limitless money.

Additionally, you can remove the in-game purchases and advertisements from the game if you find them to be a little bothersome. It only requires that you download and set up the game’s modified version from our website. This will enable the game to give you infinite money to spend on weapons and other items while also removing any advertising from the experience. To get started, simply download the Chicken Gun Mod APK and adhere to the given guidelines.

Sound and visual quality


Fans of first-person shooters will become acquainted with Chicken Gun’s in-game experiences quite fast because to its straightforward and easily comprehensible graphic components. Here, you may effortlessly participate in the visually stunning and visually captivating chicken fights that keep you hooked throughout the game. Most significantly, the game will be played on the majority of your Android devices thanks to the simple graphics.


Android gamers will be able to fully immerse themselves in Chicken Gun’s immersive audio elements in addition to its intuitive and dynamic visual experiences. Enjoy the amusing motions and the game’s deep sound effects as you discover the addictive shooter gameplay.

Concluding remarks

With this new game, Chicken Gun, action gaming lovers who are die-hard fans of top-down shooters like Hide Online,, and others can completely revamp their experience. Feel free to use our unusual and exotic chicken heroes to take on the thrilling first-person shooter tasks. Simultaneously, discover that you’re having a great time playing internet games. Furthermore, there’s no excuse not to play the game now since it’s free and unlocked on our website.

Chicken Gun Technical Details

GenresAction, Multiplayer
Google Play IDcom.chaloapps.roosterrudy
Size323.24 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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