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Cooking Madness This new cooking game from Girl Games – Cooking Games is a terrific casual cooking game to have on your mobile devices if you’re interested in the culinary arts. Please feel free to dive into the straightforward and entertaining gameplay of cooking, which will let you fully appreciate the thrilling experiences.

Take on some of the most captivating and touching cooking challenges as you try to assist your top chef in these crazy cooking frenzy sessions. Take charge of all three phases of the restaurant service process by preparing and cooking the meal yourself, taking orders from patrons, and serving them. Android players in Cooking Madness will undoubtedly become utterly engrossed in the in-game experiences despite the abundance of tasks that need to be completed.

See our in-depth reviews to learn more about the fantastic Android game Cooking Madness.


In this game, Android players assume the role of a professional chef who is tasked with taking on a variety of amazing cooking challenges in order to challenge the culinary world. As you strive to prepare the items, take orders, cook, and serve them all by yourself, take on the entire cooking and serving tasks. You will have to put in a ton of overtime to finish the challenges because there will be lots of incoming clients.

You will get the opportunity to compete in the ultimate cooking competitions in Cooking Madness, where you can visit numerous locations and sample a variety of regional specialties. Prepare food for a group of patrons, each with distinct preferences and requirements. Make every effort to present your customers with the tastiest cuisine possible and the greatest service possible.

Earn money from your hard labor and upgrade your kits several times. Take on hundreds of varied levels and finish a series of thrilling tasks. The majority of interested Android gamers will be impressed by arcade’s amazing gameplay and captivating material.


The game offers the following incredible features:

Savor the exciting and quick-paced gameplay of cooking

Cooking Madness is a fast-paced, addictive game that is now available to individuals who are interested in the thrilling action of cooking on the go. Enjoy Cooking Madness’s thrilling thrills as you race from restaurant to restaurant, preparing a variety of dishes using an endless supply of ingredients and utensils.

Experience the utter chaos at your eateries during peak hours and enjoy cooking with your amazing methods and time management abilities. Immerse yourself in Cooking Madness’ fantastic gameplay, tapping nonstop to advance the game. Receive orders quickly, prepare the food, plate it, and get it ready to serve to customers. Make quick and efficient meal combinations to get extra credit. Cooking Madness is a realistic simulation of the intense pressure that exists in the kitchen during peak dining hours at a busy restaurant. You alone will take on the thrilling and engrossing tasks this time.

Cooking Frenzy’s gameplay is captivating and fascinating.

Speaking of which, Cooking Madness, an entertaining game for Android users, has just opened up. You may now travel and work as a chef at several different restaurants, each of which has its own specialties that you can start with. As you try to serve new clients and interact with the various kitchen sets, get ready for the trials. Here, our chef de cuisine can hone his or her culinary prowess through a variety of thrilling activities.

Fulfill your missions to progress to new locations.

Cooking Madness is an amazing mobile game that allows you to discover intriguing new regions on the map while you attempt to fulfill the various quests and levels. Here, you may begin to experience the thrilling and captivating gameplay of cooking with brand-new tasks and goals that require you to use all of your skills. Additionally, you’ll find that the game becomes increasingly harder with each new location, adding to its already unique and captivating gameplay. This increases the enjoyment and appeal of the game for players of all skill levels.

Learn how to prepare a vast array of dishes.

Cooking Madness will also share its amazing cooking recipes, offering hundreds of possibilities for you to choose from and begin serving to your clientele, for those of you who enjoy sharing and consuming delicious cuisine. You’ll find yourself progressing through the levels and delving into the captivating cookery simulation action as you try to prepare specific dishes in the right order.

Several level-ups and upgrades to investigate

Additionally, as you advance in Cooking Madness, you may now investigate the fantastic upgrades and level-ups that are offered in the game; each one gives your kitchen and cookability a specific boost. With unlocked slots, enjoy greater stoves. With the improved appliances, you can chop and cook things much faster. Utilize the improvements to speed up the cooking process and produce more mouthwatering meals. Reach new heights in your abilities, improve your kitchens, finish tasks, and emerge as Cooking Madness’s renowned Mad Chef.

Take pleasure in hundreds of fascinating Cooking Madness levels.

Additionally, Cooking Madness for Android users now offers a ton of engaging levels for casual touch action, adding to the game’s intrigue. Therefore, should you be able to finish the earlier ones, Cooking Madness has already included a few hundred engaging levels for all players to enjoy on their mobile devices in order to appropriately guide you through the stories and difficulties. As you try to progress in the game, feel free to tap nonstop and precisely deliver the foods to your customers.

Get amazing rewards by completing thrilling tasks and reaching goals.

Additionally, you may always explore the thrilling game style of missions and accomplishments if you’re interested in earning extra goodies from the game. Take on the countless cooking tasks and quests with a variety of gaming options. When you finish them all, you’ll be able to obtain a variety of unique awards that aren’t found in most other gameplay.

Expect a ton of fascinating new content.

Cooking Madness players who are committed to the game may also be sure that fresh material will always be released on schedule. Here, players can begin to enjoy new game modes, challenges, quests, upgrades, and—above all—interesting time-limited events that will undoubtedly enhance your in-game experiences—with each new update. Please explore all of this new material to earn some fantastic rewards.

Play the game regardless of the Internet.

Cooking Madness for Android allows players to enjoy their fully portable mobile title, which adds to the game’s intrigue. Here, you may quickly resume Cooking Madness’ thrilling gameplay with entirely offline experiences. As a result, you don’t need to use mobile data while you’re outside.

Play without restrictions

Furthermore, all Android players may still play the game for free on their smartphones without having to spend anything, even with all of its thrilling in-game features. You only need to use the navigation to get the game for free from the Google Play Store.

With our mod, enjoy limitless money.

Android players in Cooking Madness will now have the opportunity to experience the fully unlocked gameplay on our website, for those of you who are interested. You can enjoy limitless funds, ad-free activities, and fully accessible content here. To begin playing the game, simply download the Cooking Madness Mod APK from our website, adhere to the given directions, and get started.

Sound and visual quality


Cooking Madness gives players of all ages accessible and entertaining gameplay with friendly and delectable visual experiences. Please feel free to participate in Cooking Madness’ fantastic in-game activities and casual tapping experiences. And take pleasure in the gorgeous cartoony visuals that give the dish a more appealing appearance.

Sound and Melody

Additionally, because of the excellent soundtrack, Cooking Madness for Android users will now have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling gameplay of cooking frenzy. Enjoy realistic sound effects and audio recreations while preparing and serving meals. Additionally, you’ll always feel at ease thanks to the calming and appealing soundtracks.

Concluding remarks

Cooking Madness definitely has what it takes to reach the list for those of you who enjoy the thrilling cooking gameplay found in Cooking Fever, Cooking Diary, and a few other fantastic games. Android players will now have the opportunity to participate fully in yet another fantastic cookery game. Not to add, our website’s free and unlocked gaming will wow you with its entertaining and fulfilling experiences.

Cooking Madness Technical Details

GenresOffline, Simulation
Google Play IDcom.biglime.cookingmadness
DeveloperZenLife Games Ltd
Size324.90 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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