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Dead Target Grab your weapons and let’s participate in this thrilling and addictive shooting game with other players. You’ll have the opportunity to use your incredible shooting abilities to eliminate numerous zombies. Savor the thrilling 3D shooter and participate in thrilling shooting challenges.

As you fight with millions of other online gamers from across the globe to stop the zombies from taking over the planet, you’ll find yourself battling side by side with them. In this gripping and furious shooter, battle for the people, fight for your life, and never lose consciousness.

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The game is set in 2040, following the devastation of World War II on humanity. The war’s unforeseen scope drastically altered people’s lives on the planet. People were fleeing their homes in order to keep safe, as terror and fear swept the land. Nations begin transferring weapons of mass destruction into each other’s domains. The fighting intensified, particularly along international borders.

Consequently, the borders of the countries have grown so unstable that very few people have ever been able to enter the dead zone. They are unaware, nevertheless, that a deadly virus was unleashed in the vicinity of their nations due to the fury of war. They continue to spread into the mainland, swiftly consuming the few remaining survivors in the area.

People have banded together to combat the zombies in order to save humankind from complete catastrophe. Will they be able to repel the vicious and strong zombies’ onslaught, though? You have to make the decision. Take up arms, join millions of other players online, and engage in intense zombie shooting competitions. You hold the power to decide the fate of humanity.


All of the game’s fascinating features are available here:

Experience the apocalyptic world and triumph in thrilling shooting tasks.

You are faced with no choice but to prevail in this ultimate shooting battle. If you lose, the zombies will destroy the entire globe. Before hordes of undead invade your position, grab your weapons and get ready. Use your lethal weaponry and precise shooting to take them out. To defeat the vile undead, be incredibly efficient and vigilant at all times.

Various zombies with special abilities to test your mettle

In-depth zombie gameplay is introduced to players in this game, where they must battle a variety of zombie species. Combat a variety of zombie species that come in all sizes and kinds. They all possess special talents and abilities that call for particular strategies to be used.

As you go through the stages, you’ll come across more resilient zombies that have ever more severe virus infections. As you expel the zombies from the secured areas, take on a range of challenges.

Most significantly, you’ll also have to deal with enormous bosses who have unique abilities that no zombie can match. Make sure you’re ready so you can fend off their attacks with strength.

Savor strong weapons with special abilities.

Gamers in Dead Target will find themselves with a variety of weaponry at their disposal, each with special abilities and stats, to combat the terrible undead. They will be quite helpful in dealing with a variety of opponents due to their diverse applications.

You’ll discover that you may pick up a variety of weaponry, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and more, with varying firepower and ranges. Not only that, but you may customize your weaponry to your exact specifications by using the upgrade choices. Once you fully understand how to use and personalize any weapon, you can become an expert.

Fantastic enhancements that have the power to totally alter the course of the fight

In addition to strong weaponry, the game introduces players to a number of buffs that have the potential to significantly increase player potential. Learn how to improve your damage, accuracy, or fire rate, or go for incredible bonuses that have the power to completely alter the course of a combat, particularly when you’re battling with allies.

Take on various tasks to defeat the zombies and get fantastic rewards.

Players in Dead Target have the option to take part in captivating tasks in order to gather the fantastic and helpful things in the game. Grab your best weapons and go up against formidable foes. Kill numerous enemies to gain experience and raise your rank. Unlock cool gear and weaponry to progress on your adventure. In addition, the game offers a number of peculiar and fascinating achievements that you can do to gain amazing rewards.

a range of distinct maps with entirely original gameplay

Players are introduced to the intriguing maps in the game, each of which has entirely original gameplay. Here, you may fight zombies in a vast battlefield, confined spaces, or with hundreds of them all around you.

Utilize the topography and select the most effective strategies to deal with the undead. Take exact aim at them with your extensive weaponry. Open potent rockets and use them to launch the repulsive undead into the air.

Without an Internet connection, play the game.

It’s quite fascinating that you can play the game on your mobile device without requiring an Internet connection. Having said that, you can maximize the game’s portability and enjoy it entirely offline. Additionally, your progress will be automatically saved online whenever you connect to the internet again.

Take on players online in competitive leaderboard shooter games.

Naturally, the game also offers thrilling multiplayer gameplay, allowing players to team up for intense zombie shooting missions. As you protect Earth from the zombie invasion, assist one another.

Alternatively, participate in leaderboard shooting games against players from around the globe. To choose who deserves to be inducted into the hall of fame, compare your numbers with each other. With your social media accounts linked, you can find out who of your friends are participating in the game. Inform them of your advancements and feel good about boasting about it.

Play without restrictions

You may simply install the game on your mobile devices because it is presently available for free on the Google Play Store. It does have in-app purchases, but if you’re committed enough, you probably won’t find them annoying. You will notice that you are evenly matching the paid gamers when you offer several awards.

Use our mod to gain unrestricted access.

Installing our Dead Target Mod APK on your mobile devices would be a better option, but, if you don’t have time for the little quests. Having said that, we have fully unlocked the game to enable you to take use of all of its features, buy anything you desire for free, play without interruptions, and more. To install it, simply download our APK file and follow the instructions.

Sound and visual quality


For a mobile game, the graphics are quite good in this one. This incredible game will allow you to play the zombie shooting experience on a mobile device, comparable to that of a console. Launch devastating shots at the opposition while taking in the striking visual effects. Experience lighting and blood effects that are incredibly realistic.

Most significantly, Dead Target includes the helpful customizable graphics option for low-end devices. As a result, you can quickly adjust the graphics quality to match the technology of your devices and enjoy more fluid gameplay.


When combined with the potent and dramatic shooting effects, Dead Target presents players to one of the most engaging shooting games available on a mobile device.

final decisions

This game is definitely going to be fascinating for fans of the old zombie shooting games. In this captivating task, you will have to battle the undead.

Dead Target Technical Details

GenresAction, Offline, Shooting games, Survival
Google Play IDcom.vng.g6.a.zombie
Size325.50 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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