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Diamond Quest

Gamers who enjoyed Diamond Quest’s well-known puzzle adventure gameplay will now be especially pleased because the game has been released on the Android platform with improved graphics and gameplay. Please feel free to participate in hundreds of fascinating treasure hunts and dive into the thrilling in-game adventures.

For those who are interested, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush now allows you to take on the role of the bold and competent treasure hunter in his thrilling and novel adventures. Take part in a multitude of in-game levels with hundreds of tasks and puzzles to solve. With strategic movement and inventive gameplay, go through the amazing stages.

With our in-depth reviews, learn more about the fantastic mobile game from Bounce Global.


In the days before smartphones, for those of you who don’t know, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush was regarded as one of the most entertaining and addictive mobile games. Many mobile gamers have spent hundreds of tense, exciting, exhilarating, and thrilling hours playing Diamond Quest, back when all you had was a tiny screen with physical buttons.

And now that the game has been updated and is available on the Android platform, mobile players may experience their thrilling action, adventure, and puzzle-solving gaming to the fullest. Additionally, Android gamers will discover that they are enjoying the fantastic mobile title even more thanks to the simple touchscreen controls and enhanced graphic components.

Android players will love the thrilling journeys and adventures in the game as they search for the most valuable gems from the world’s most revered and unexplored wonders. Enjoy your amazing travels around the temple of Angkor Wat, which was overtaken by the forest. Explore the Bavaria castle’s eerie and exciting subterranean levels. Or explore the icy tunnels of Tibet to find secret treasures.

Accompany our proficient explorer as he embarks on his most ambitious searches for valuable objects such as jewelry, gems, and much more. Face the greatest obstacles as you navigate the enormous jungles full with ferocious beasts. Avoid the lethal traps as you explore the dimly lit caverns. The list is endless. Take your time, consider, and you might


The thrilling characteristics of the game are as follows:

Easy to use yet incredibly captivating mobile game

Android players will first find themselves enjoying the straightforward and approachable puzzle-solving and adventure gameplay in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush. This lets you start playing the fantastic mobile gameplay right away. Additionally, the enhanced touch controls will result in much more fluid and pleasant movements and interactions. Thus, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush’s fantastic mobile gaming becomes even more comfy. But that’s not all the game has to offer; as you advance, you’ll find yourself appreciating this very addicting mobile puzzle-solving experience even more because of the enhanced in-game interactions.

Numerous barriers and traps to avoid

Android players will encounter numerous terrible traps and hurdles in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush, making them feel intimidated. Take on the amazing puzzle and adventure games, where you’ll have to avoid bombs, rocks, turtles, snakes, monkeys, and a variety of tough traps. Additionally, in the harshest circumstances, you may have to slice through dense jungles, dive through unending water, and more. All of this will increase how enjoyable and thrilling Diamond Quest Don’t Rush’s gameplay is overall.

Save time by having the checkpoint respawn.

Diamond Quest Don’t Rush now provides its handy checkpoints so you can simply preserve your current process and avoid the tense situations where you have to redo the entire level. As a result, you will respawn on your current checkpoint the next time you find your character getting killed by a falling boulder, an attacking snake, or the blazing flames, making the in-game experience much more comfortable. Never find yourself squandering time and energy by progressing through the level’s earlier phases in order to reach your current position.

Numerous captivating stages to conquer

For those who are interested, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush offers hundreds of engaging levels, each with a distinct structure that includes tasks and challenges that you must overcome. The gameplay is fantastic. Enjoy this fantastic puzzle-solving and adventure mobile game as you take on the mind-bending levels and have a blast with the thrilling ones. Additionally, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush offers increasing difficulties for each in-game level, adding to the overall fun and excitement of the action. As a result, the game will never be too simple or too hard for you.

As you advance, take on tough supervisors.

You’ll battle against the evil enemy bosses in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush and get fantastic in-game encounters with each of them to add even more fun and excitement to the game’s thrilling stages. The extremely challenging bosses will further increase the joy and excitement of the gameplay. To repel an enemy’s attack and launch your own, use caution and thoughtful planning with each move.

Gather the magical tools and put them to use.

Android players in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush are free to use their intriguing tools as they take on the thrilling stages and in-game challenges, which will enhance and personalize the overall experience. Enjoy using your Mystic Hammer to smash through walls, your Freeze Hammer to freeze the entire structure, or your Hook Hammer to hook through objects and draw them toward you. Once your main arcs are completed, you can gather all of these.

Many buried treasures for you to discover

Android players in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush now have access to a variety of intriguing bonuses and incentives that they can obtain in the game, which will increase their enjoyment of the game. Usually, these are things that are out of reach or concealed from view until you obtain the Mystic tools. You are therefore welcome to return to any of your earlier stages and replay the game.

Play the game regardless of the Internet.

For those who are interested, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush’s fantastic gameplay is now available to play entirely offline on mobile devices. Here, the game provides easy-to-use fun that all Android users can enjoy without using their data plan.

Play without restrictions

Even with all the fascinating features, Android players can still have fun with Diamond Quest Don’t Rush thanks to the Google Play Store’s free gameplay. You can install and download the game without needing to pay for it.

Enjoy yourself while playing the unlocked games on our page.

The quantity of energies your character can use to advance in the free game, though, will be a restriction. As you complete the stages, these energy will gradually run out, which lessens the enjoyment of the whole experience. Because of this, you might wish to play the customized version of the game on our website, which provides ad-free gameplay and infinite in-game purchases.

You can now unlock every piece of content and obtain an infinite supply of energy. To start playing the game, simply download the Diamond Quest Don’t Rush Mod APK from our website and adhere to the guidelines.

Sound and visual quality


The new Android version of Diamond Quest Don’t Rush promises to provide enhanced and new visual experiences for fans of the original Diamond Quest game. The whole gameplay experience of treasure hunting and problem solving will undoubtedly be much more entertaining and pleasant with stunning graphic features and fluid animations.

Additionally, this new game from Bounce Global will provide entertaining gaming experiences for you if you appreciate the amiable and cartoony art styles found in games like Bomber Friends or Homescapes. This is where you’ll find the game’s stunning and captivating graphics to be even more engaging.

Sound and Melody

Android players in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush will enjoy themselves immensely with the game’s potent and thrilling sound effects in addition to its thrilling in-game images. The captivating mobile levels will also captivate you for hours on end thanks to their intriguing soundtracks.

Concluding remarks

Without a doubt, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush is among the greatest games for those who appreciate the traditional side-scrolling action and puzzle elements. You’ll have even more reasons to enjoy it now that the game is available on our website in an unlocked, free edition.

Diamond Quest Technical Details

GenresAdventure, Offline, Puzzle
Google Play IDdiamond.quest.dont.rush
DeveloperBounce Global
Size50.56 MB
MOD FeaturesCompulsory purchase Sapphire

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