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BitComet 2.05
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November 11, 2023
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BitComet 2.05
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About BitComet

Without a doubt, BitComet offline installation is more than just a basic BitTorrent client. Using this adaptable system, you can exchange files via the BitTorrent protocol. Using this tool, you can look for torrents on some of the most well-known torrent websites. Lastly, download a variety of torrents fast and simply.

Let’s say you search for fresh movies to download all day long. However, you frequently experience issues with the torrent manager you’re using. Discover the many advantages of one of the world’s most well-liked programs here. Finally, utilize BitComet for Windows 11’s most recent version, which you may download and install.

This application does indeed have a lot of functionality. However, how fast is the download? The application is on par with some of the greatest torrent clients, like BitTorrent, uTorrent, and others.


Excellent User Interface

The application’s main UI is surely very appealing. You may see a number of statistics on the torrents you are downloading from the main window. For example, remaining time, rate of upload and download, size, seeds/peers, progress, and share.

There’s a torrent-related area available to the right of the main window. All of your downloaded files, both active and in progress, are shown.


Traditional Menu

Additionally, next to the traditional menu items like HTTP, Torrent, Magnet, and Favorites at the top of the window. The Start, Stop, Preview, OpenDir, Properties, Delete, Band App, Options, and Exit buttons are all located here. There are numerous categories, including Software, Games, Music, and Movies. Clicking on these will take you to those particular websites.

The Advanced Menu

Create an advanced menu panel on the left. There are additional tabs, such the ones shown below.

  • All Downloads
    • Downloading Completed
    • Uncompleted
  • Active
  • Task Tags
  • Torrent History
  • Torrent Exchange
    • Torrent Share
    • Torrent Collection
    • RSS Torrents
    • DHT Torrents
    • Tracker Torrents
  • Torrent Sites
    • The Pirate Bay
    • Torrent Room
    • Torrent Bar
    • Demonoid
    • SUMO Torrent
    • BTMon

Search Torrent

There is an integrated search bar in the program. However, the fact that the search results are seen in the web browser you are now using annoys me. Use the search bar to find a variety of images, videos, and software.

Climbing down on the window, a list of some of the most well-known torrent websites may be located. All you have to do is double click on any one of the 14 available sites to access those internet websites.

A list of the trackers (indexers) for this kind of file is also included. able to even arrange the outcomes based on the file quality.

Engage in Online Gaming

Additionally, BitComet offers you the opportunity to play a variety of free online games. Double-clicking on the available games is required, much like on torrent websites.

Location of the File

You can specify the place where you want your files to download using BitComet. You can do this by going to the Tools menu and then selecting the Options option.

In addition to the download location, you may find a number of setting options here. For example, link, duties, incorporation, look, virus check, service, and sophisticated.

Quick P2P client

Using BitComet, a P2P client, you may download and distribute any kind of file. It will enable it to complete other duties without difficulty. The pace at which it downloads is incredibly quick.

Peer-to-peer connections and other cutting-edge download technologies are used by it. This indicates that users are exchanging files with one another. There are more points available and the download speed automatically improves as more users sign up for a download.

An overview

It happened occasionally that you weren’t sure what download you were making. It is possible to preview your downloads directly from BitComet. To ensure that you are downloading the correct file, you can also preview the files while they are being downloaded. For this purpose, BitComet supports the following file formats: AVI, MOV, MP3, QT, RMVB, and WMV.

Download several files at once

Regards, DHT network. Without initially downloading the.torrent file, you can download files straight via BitTorrent. Videos, flash files, or photos can be downloaded straight from websites. Moreover, you are able to download numerous files simultaneously. The desired files can be compiled into a download list.

Additional Features

Support for concurrent downloads, download retries, transfer speed limitations, queues, port mapping, user communication, proxy treatment, disk cache, and IP filtering are just a few of BitComet’s other key features.


  • There are a few negative aspects. The application may initially seem a little overwhelming to a novice user. It has to run in the background and use some computer resources.
  • The conversation feature is absent.
  • Ads may annoy you.

BitComet Technical Details

Latest Version:BitComet 2.05
Final Released:11/11/2023
Publisher:BitComet Teams
Category:Download Managers,File Sharing
Operating Systems:Windows 11/Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 7
System Type:64-bit and 32-bit
Setup File:BitComet_2.05_setup.exe
File Size:25.53 MB

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