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CyberGhost VPN 8.3.7
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November 21, 2023
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CyberGhost VPN 8.3.7
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CyberGhost VPN for PC provides access to restricted content and apps, internet & online privacy, and Wi-Fi security. Did you realize that there are people out there who try to monitor the majority, if not all, of your internet activity once you log in? The truth is that as soon as you visit a website, you leave a trail of relevant information that shady people are waiting to take advantage of.

For example, those who download a lot of stuff from the Internet typically wish to do so anonymously. Among other advantages, only a reliable VPN provider like CyberGhost can ensure 100% anonymity and privacy.

CyberGhost VPN


Easy to Use

The client software for CyberGhost is simple to install and configure in addition to the aforementioned functionalities. You just need to restart the computer after installing the client, then enter your login credentials (password and username) to establish a connection.

The client program’s user interface is straightforward and recognizable, akin to that of an antivirus software. The various programs are shown on the left side of the window while you are signed into your VPN account, while bar graphs and a toolbar are shown on the right side. Both your premium and free traffic are displayed in the graphs.

When you launch the client, it will choose a server for you automatically. However, the majority of users will prefer to choose a server from a pull-down list by clicking the button on the bottom left. You can also choose an IP address from the range that each server is allotted by clicking the button on the bottom right of the screen. This comes in handy when a website blocks the IP address that is automatically assigned to you.

With the exception of the absence of the Privacy and Proxy tabs in Settings, the Mac and Windows apps are remarkably identical. Potential Mac users should be aware of some of these settings, such as the browser’s anti-fingerprinting feature and content blocking, as they are crucial for optimum anonymity and privacy.

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The company’s improved compression technology, which enables quicker website loading, will also benefit users. Nevertheless, the speed of your Internet connection may occasionally affect this. A multitude of server choices are available to users, enabling more efficient use of bandwidth to optimize performance.

Data Secure

Numerous other features, such as the Data Safe function for file security and the anti-spy tool that boosts privacy, can make your online experience even safer and more pleasurable.

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The Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions come with three primary VPN protocols. By enabling both user and machine authentication, the L2TP/IPSec protocol not only provides excellent data secrecy but also goes above and beyond to ensure integrity. For that reason, L2TP/IPSec is a solid protocol choice if you wish to provide extra security and protection for sensitive data.

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Protect Privacy

OpenVPN provides the highest level of security and privacy for customers that communicate large volumes of sensitive information online, including financial data. The full version of CyberGhost has a helpful privacy and anonymity feature called a “Anti Fingerprinting system” in its Windows client (but not in Mac OS X). By default, this is off, but you may enable it in the Windows client control panel by going to the Settings/Privacy Control tab. It accomplishes this by removing any potentially identifying information that your browser may have sent that may be used to track your online activities or, in certain situations, to uniquely identify you. Those that require a high level of anonymity should activate this option.

The fact that all CyberGhost clients—aside from iOS—automatically use the business’s own DNS servers is another privacy feature. Although it can be turned off, this feature is always on. This helps with anonymity, especially considering that CyberGhost for Windows says they don’t maintain records for their DNS servers. An extra bit of reassurance comes from the fact that up to 40 users can share a single IP address with CyberGhost rather than each user getting their own. This greatly increases the difficulty of tracking a certain IP.

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Server Locations

Across 100 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia, CyberGhost VPN for PC boasts over 6800 servers, with 1399 of them located in the United States and 985 in the United Kingdom.

Brazil (60 servers), the Netherlands (428 servers), Austria (400 servers), Germany (1598 servers), and Spain (206 servers) are among the other nations with a substantial number of CyberGhost servers. Users can effortlessly switch between servers at their convenience without incurring additional fees because to this extensive server network. You can select the server you want to use when browsing, or you can, and this is recommended, let the application choose for you.

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Using streaming

A VPN is frequently used by users to access US services like Netflix and Home Box Office that are unavailable in their home countries. In order to test this, we registered with, watched a movie, and logged onto a USA server from Sydney, Australia.

HBO believed we were in the USA, so the enrollment process went smoothly. Additionally, we watched an SD movie without any stops or stutters. This performance is commendable.

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Quick Download

Out of all the VPNs we tested, CyberGhost earned the distinction of having the quickest local server speeds. We found that using Cyber Ghost VPN resulted in faster download speeds than turning off the VPN in certain of our testing!

Cheap Prices

Three different packages (or plans) are available with the most recent version of CyberGhost VPN: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. Naturally, the Free package may only be used on a single computer at a time and has very few capabilities.

The cost of the Premium package is $12.99 a month or $56.94 for two years. Although the bandwidth is unlimited with this service, you can only connect one device at a time. L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, or Open VPN protocols are your options.

The premium Plus service, which includes access to VIP servers and unlimited bandwidth and traffic, is meant for individuals who want to have unrestricted freedom online.

Additionally, you may use your Premium Plus account—which costs $6.99 for six months—to connect up to five devices.

In order to increase privacy and confidentiality, all plans include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, 256-bit encryption via OpenVPN, and a browser anti-fingerprinting feature. It is possible to utilize additional software and manually configure other platforms and protocols.

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Free VPN

Given that it is not constrained by data usage or bandwidth like most free plans, the free plan is somewhat intriguing. In its place, a smaller network of servers spread across 15 countries is used, as opposed to 31 locations for the premium subscriptions. It’s possible that users will have to wait in line to access the small number of available servers. In addition, there are some advertisements and a 6-hour limit on connection duration before the service is terminated. BitTorrent is okay for paying plans but not allowed for people with free accounts.

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Quick Support

The online chat feature, tucked away on the far left of the webpage, is the greatest choice for users of paid accounts. Compared to most other VPNs, which responded in less than two minutes, we were able to get an operator quite quickly when we utilized this multiple times to get clarification on a few technical issues. Similar to the email support, the responses we got were succinct but sufficient, and the tone was chilly yet professional.

Initially, they offer an email system with a 48-hour response time or less. We attempted this once, and within a day, we received a succinct but sufficient response. An online ticketing system with a 48-hour response time is available to premium subscribers. However, Cyberghost now offers a live chat feature. Thus, we can get in touch with them very away to resolve any issues.


  • The ping times, or latency, were not as remarkable and were more consistent with our measurements using other VPNs. Users utilizing CyberGhost with a local server may see a slight performance hit, but their downloads should go without any problems, as perceived browsing speed is influenced by both download speed and latency.
  • The download rates and latency significantly decreased when connecting to servers located outside of the country as opposed to utilizing local servers. This is to be expected and consistent with our findings for every VPN that we examined.
  • Regretfully, CyberGhost also provided us with some of the most inconsistent speed readings, ranging from very good to very poor. Everything was dependent on the time of day and the server selected.

Last Word

One of the greatest VPN services available at a reasonable cost is CyberGhost VPN, which has a number of features to ensure online browsing peace of mind. If you would like, you are free to utilize it.

You may now freely and comfortably do everything you want, as long as it’s legal, without worrying about being followed, thanks to CyberGhost VPN.

You can browse the Web completely worry-free when you use the VPN. In order to prevent IP tracing, the service masks your IP address by allocating you a dedicated or dynamic IP address.


Free:Free for 24h
Premium:$12.99 month billed monthly, Premium Plus: $56.94/2 year
Refund period:14-day for a monthly package. 45-day for yearly/ 6 Months
Free version:Yes but has a limited number of servers and capacity. Disconnects after 6 hours.
Max concurrent connections:1 for monthly Premium, 5 for annual Premium Plus plan
Pay anonymously:Yes
Network size:31 countries, 48 cities
BitTorrent allowed:Yes but not on servers located in the USA, AU, Sin, RU and HK
Own DNS server:Yes
Default Win protocol:OpenVPN 256-bit
Logs policy:No
Support ticket:24/7 Support
Live Chat:Yes

CyberGhost VPN Technical Details

Latest Version:CyberGhost VPN 8.3.7
Update Released:November 21, 2023
Publisher:CyberGhost SRL
Main Category:VPN
Setup File:CyberGhostVPNSetup.exe
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