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For guitarists, GuitarTuna is an all-in-one app. Elevate your performance by learning new songs and chords, tuning your instrument, and practicing.


Thanks to numerous easily available in-app features and educational opportunities, Android users may try learning and playing many of their favorite instruments with the engaging Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords mobile application. As such, you’ll undoubtedly discover that GuitarTuna’s intriguing mobile app is a fantastic addition to your library of music apps.

Prepare to dive into a multitude of tuning and customization experiences for the string instruments of your choice, such as ukuleles, guitars, basses, and many more. Try out the various edit options; they will let you work on any chosen instrument with comfort. As you advance, have fun tweaking and modifying your instruments.

Check out our in-depth evaluations to learn more about this intriguing GuitarTuna smartphone application.

How does it function?

You will still need to tune your strings to their specific settings that are more appropriate for your particular songs and playing styles, even though the majority of your guitars and other string instruments have already been altered before going on sale. But not everyone has access to the right instruments for fine-tuning guitar strings. Even then, it can be challenging to distinguish between correct and incorrect sounds. That being stated, you can now effortlessly tune your string instruments and greatly simplify the process of practicing with the help of this intriguing GuitarTuna mobile application.

You can simply get your strings to play with the right sounds and better handle the playing tempos of your songs with the help of numerous easily accessible directions and interactive tuning options. You can experiment with different tuning techniques to improve your performance on specific songs. Enjoy exploring a variety of fascinating musical instruments that are a dream come true for every musician.


You may download the free edition of GuitarTuna from the Google Play Store right away if you’re interested in this fantastic mobile application. Use any of the numerous in-app options at your disposal to enjoy tuning your instruments. Additionally, be sure to pay for the in-app purchases to unlock the premium editions of the software in order to access more intriguing features.

Additionally, you will need to grant GuitarTuna specific access permissions when you initially launch the app in order for it to work correctly on any of your Android devices. And your external microphone should be hooked in if you want the tuning experiences to be as accurate and expert as feasible. Additionally, remember to prepare your instruments before tuning.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

Easy-to-use and intuitive tuning application

First of all, GuitarTuna’s straightforward and user-friendly tuning app allows Android users to quickly and simply alter their string instruments. Using the microphone that is already present on your devices, you may unlock both acoustic and electric guitars as well as string instruments. You can be sure you’re getting the correct settings thanks to the interactive visual feedback and accessible user interface. Please feel free to experiment with the auto mode tuner, which allows for hands-free operation and lightning-fast tuning.

cutting-edge and precise tuning technologies

And for those of you who are interested, GuitarTuna’s sophisticated and precise tuning technology is now available for trial, ensuring that you can get the greatest outcomes. Utilize the noise cancellation feature first, which will help you tune your instruments in spite of background noise. Professional guitarists can benefit greatly from this software as it offers a higher level of tuning precision upon request. • A chromatic tuner and an auto mode tuner for lightning-fast, hands-free string-by-string tuning!

Numerous sophisticated instruments for musicians

Additionally, you are welcome to experiment with GuitarTuna’s many sophisticated choices if you want to alter your tuning experiences. Gain access to the adjustable metronome and use it to work on your guitar at any pace you choose. You can also manually adjust the beat or tap at the correct speed. Additionally, experiment with a variety of various tuning sets to enhance the sounds in unique ways and utilize the chromatic tuner.

To begin practicing, choose any chord.

Additionally, the software offers a library of numerous helpful chords that you can find. You are welcome to search for any of them to hear the proper audio. You’ll find it much simpler to improve your listening skills as a result.

Engaging educational games for novices

Additionally, you can now use the six enjoyable chord-learning games on GuitarTuna to hone your tuning and playing abilities even further. You are welcome to experiment with any of these mini-games and devise strategies for picking up, honing, and mastering guitar chords. While learning new guitar songs with downloadable tabs to test your skills, enjoy yourself with the entertaining games. With GuitarTuna, as you gradually advance, you can learn to enhance every ability you possess.

Allow several instruments in different configurations.

You may easily tune any string instrument freely with GuitarTuna, as it supports a wide variety of string instruments in addition to the common acoustic and electric guitars. You can select and try to change the strings to the perfect sounds for your bass, mandolin, ukulele, violin, cello, banjo, and many other string instruments in GuitarTuna. You should find using the app much more exciting as a result of this.

Try out various tuning techniques.

Additionally, GuitarTuna offers over a hundred different tuning possibilities for you to check out, making it easier for Android users to practice on their guitars or any other instrument. Feel free to experiment with different tuning methods; each has its own distinct sounds and playing experiences. There are many other tuning styles available, including the conventional, Drop-D, Open Tunings, Half Step Down, 12-string, and 7-string tunings.

Enjoy the app’s unlocked, free version on our website.

Last but not least, our patch gives users access to the free, unlocked version of GuitarTuna, which is an amazing mobile application for people who are interested in it. Here, you can take advantage of a number of fascinating GuitarTuna features without paying anything. We also remove any bothersome advertisements on your behalf. To get started, simply download and install the GuitarTuna Mod APK from our website, then adhere to the given instructions.

final decisions

GuitarTuna makes it simple for Android users to practice on their guitars and many other string instruments with its engaging features and readily navigable tuning settings. Feel free to experiment with the various tuning techniques and devise new customizations for your incredible instruments. To make the most of the mobile app, take advantage of its easy navigable and basic in-app features. and always have access to our website’s unlocked, free version of the app.

GuitarTuna Technical Details

Google Play IDcom.ovelin.guitartuna
DeveloperYousician Ltd.
Size104.78 MB
MOD FeaturesPro features Unlocked

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