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Get ready to chomp your way to the top of the food chain in Hungry Shark Evolution! Explore the seas, grow your shark, and dominate the ocean!


Your hungrier sharks are getting ready for meals. Control your enormous sharks as you explore the ocean, allowing them to devour anything in their path. Take part in the adventures of your favorite sharks and discover an unusual yet captivating gameplay experience. Gather fresh sharks and transform them into formidable creatures. Use our reviews to learn more about this incredible arcade game from Ubisoft Entertainment.


The gameplay of the game is quite straightforward and cooperative; you’ll be in charge of your large sharks as they explore the ocean floor. Till his hunger level hits the maximum, attempt to stay alive by eating everything that gets in your way. Make sure your sharks have enough food to grow into new shapes and abilities. Bring your sharks down to the beach and give everyone the real deal.


All of the game’s fascinating features are available here:

Controls that are easy to use and intuitive

Hungry Shark Evolution presents players to a convenient gaming experience where players can effortlessly control their sharks thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly controls system. Take advantage of the touch and tilt features to help your ravenous sharks gather food and successfully avoid danger. Having saying that, beginners would find the game incredibly easy to pick up.

Discover and gather a ton of awesome sharks.

Additionally, there will be dozens of different shark species accessible for you to gather while you play the addictive gameplay. Reach the objectives and stages to add epic sharks to your collection. Additionally, occasionally, weird creatures that bear no resemblance to sharks can be encountered.

Explore an entirely new world concealed beneath the sea.

There is a sizable underwater realm in the game. Players will be able to explore the fascinating world of Hungry Shark Evolution in this area. Explore a completely different side of the earth by getting your hands dirty in the ocean. Visit a variety of places to have delicious meals.

Meet strange animals and consume them

Additionally, you may come across hundreds of different enigmatic animals as you navigate the vast ocean. Since some of them have the potential to be very strong, exercise caution when approaching them with your sharks. Conversely, if fortune favors you, you may encounter a delectable feast for your sharks.

As a child, raise and train your own sharks.

Additionally, you have the option to raise and teach your sharks while they are still young, which will increase their capabilities. They will get closer to you in this way, which will make them more capable of using force and aggression when they fight.

assemble and outfit your sharks with amazing gear.

By providing your sharks with amazing equipment and accessories, you may further increase their abilities. Give your sharks amazing weaponry to use against your adversaries, such as laser beams or rockets. Use amour to keep your sharks safe from enemy attacks. To assist your sharks fly onto surfaces and go on rampages through the cities, you could even give them jetpacks.

Explore the ocean and find submerged Bonus Objects.

There are still plenty of mysteries to be unearthed from the deep ocean below. That being said, there are several Bonus Objects that are submerged at the ocean’s bottom for you to retrieve. Acquire them to reveal helpful things to aid you on your travels.

Assist your sharks in developing and gaining new abilities.

Your sharks will face increasingly formidable foes and more difficult surroundings as you advance in Hungry Shark Evolution, where the prey is no longer as tender. For this reason, it’s critical that you amass enough money to support the evolution of your sharks and the discovery of many of their secret abilities. Investigate your alternatives and take control of the ocean floor.

Investigate the gameplay by taking on various missions.

In relation to that, Hungry Shark Evolution offers players a variety of enjoyable missions to do while playing the game. Take on a variety of tasks to win fantastic rewards. or finish the thrilling tasks that come with a variety of challenges. Additionally, have fun with Hungry Shark Evolution.

Use power boosts when you’re on your rampages.

additionally to win more points and support your sharks during fights. Having said that, it’s critical that you pick the ideal times to use your Gold Rush boost whilst on your hunting assignments. If you play the game longer, maybe you’ll be able to gather enough food to satiate your hunger.

Take part in thrilling activities to win priceless rewards.

The game presents players to thrilling occasions when they can win priceless rewards. Take part in a variety of everyday in-game activities to amass stronger sharks. Your daily awards will also be awarded to you simply for participating in the game.

Use the Internet or not to play the game.

Hungry Shark Evolution provides short and easy gameplay that you can enjoy anytime you want for individuals who prefer playing mobile games on their commutes or in their spare time. Additionally, the game can be played entirely offline. Your saved will also be automatically uploaded to your Google Account once your Internet is back up. As a result, all you have to do is log into your account the next time you play the game on any Android device, and your saves will be updated instantly.

Play with comfort using our mods.

Hungry Shark Evolution is your favorite game, but are you a little put off by the in-app purchases? Well, you won’t ever have to worry about this again thanks to our modified Hungry Shark Evolution. Simply download and install our Hungry Shark Evolution Mod APK file on your Android devices to start enjoying the game’s in-game features, including the ability to buy any item or boost you desire with ease.

Sound and visual quality


The game’s stunning 3D graphics immerse players in an authentic and realistic underwater environment. Enjoy taking on your opponents with your magnificent sharks and dazzling laser beams.


As you swim around and eat everything you desire, take in the theme music and engaging gameplay with gratifying sound effects.

final decisions

Hungry Shark Evolution is an excellent game suitable for individuals seeking a lighthearted gaming experience on their mobile devices. Investigate the peculiar and captivating gameplay of Hungry Shark Evolution.

Hungry Shark Evolution Technical Details

GenresArcade, Offline
Google Play IDcom.fgol.HungrySharkEvolution
DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
Size187.22 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Gems

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