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This moment, there is actually no deficiency of free messaging applications that offer a large number of elements that everybody would need in one. What’s more, also, they’re well known to the point that occasionally, it sort of makes relocating to different administrations illogical. The normal names like WhatsApp, Facebook’s Courier, e.t.c. are predominant, and it’d be out and out hard for you to grab hold of somebody who doesn’t utilize both of these. Yet, in the event that you’re searching for another stage to utilize, or you’re new to the messaging games and might want to pick something speedy and advantageous for all your imparting needs. IMO may be for you.


Presently I must tell the truth, IMO free video calls and talk truly doesn’t separate itself in that frame of mind of viewpoints from its rivals. As a matter of fact, all informing administrations offer actually exactly the same thing, and once in a long while, if at any point, there are any new elements that presently can’t seem to exist in another help some place. The main significant contrast between them that make the ‘famous’ informing applications, from the ‘normal’ ones is the userbase. WhatsApp and Courier have lots of clients. Like I said, it’d be challenging to track down anybody who don’t utilize both of these. Also, since you want to involve a similar help as theirs to convey. It’s not unexpected sense how these applications continue to acquire clients, while the typical ones simply develop gradually after some time – and perhaps not the slightest bit.

Luckily, IMO itself has a colossal fanbase. Obviously, it’s not so huge as the models I utilized above, yet deciding from how there 4.69 million remarkable downloads and a 4/5 rating for the application. I would agree that that you wouldn’t by any stretch be in a difficult situation assuming you chose to change your default messaging application to IMO.


What’s more, assuming you choose to, depends from one individual to another, everything will work out. What’s more, that it is for me.

The application’s plan is basic and natural, as a matter of fact, it truly looks like the shortsighted and utilitarian plan of WhatsApp. Down to the messaging blocks and the button situations, really … Yet with the plan pattern pushing increasingly more toward conveying a moderate and light experience these days, I’m not shocked that they … ‘appropriated’ the plan of WhatsApp. There’s just such a lot of you can work on before the stylish of the actual application became tasteless. Also, that is the last thing you would believe should do with regards to such an intelligent help, for example, messaging. The point of interaction shows just five fastens: The sound and video call buttons, camera, and emoticon brief, alongside the return button to the contact screen. Without every one of the fancy odds and ends, it makes a really mess free and very charming experience.

All things considered, the plan passes with passing mark in my book. Despite the fact that it definitely didn’t do well that the plan between the two are like the point that it very well may be said IMO in fact took it, I’m not exactly grumbling since a delightful one they’ve acquired.

All other than that, very much like any informing applications out there, IMO utilizes start to finish (E2EE) encryption guidelines for its transmission. This clever little encryption method is likewise utilized by WhatsApp and a horde of other applications to guarantee security, with WhatsApp being the one to promote the tech. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t really depend on it being completely secure, however perhaps that is simply me being doubter.

The thing about these applications is that they’re a whole association better than standard transporter reasons for living and SMS because of the way that as long as you have Web, you truly don’t have to pay for anything but potential information charge. That is on account of you utilizing a 3G or LTE plan, other than that, it’s a totally ‘free’ administration. Since IMO is a business messaging application, it likewise gives you limitless time utilizing its video and sound call highlight, as well as texts. No contention on this division: A large portion of the gatherings in regards to this generally essential and center capability are well. The calls are fresh, and the messages are gotten well on the opposite side.

Photographs and recordings sharing isn’t out of the situation by the same token. The speed of transfer and download truly relies upon you and the other individual’s Web speed, yet in general, IMO handles it genuinely well and fast like it had asserted.

Finding Facebook, IMO likewise gives you a large number of pages of free emoticons for you to browse. Presently the quality may not be essentially as great as the ones being presented by different administrations, however it’s enough for you to browse, I trust.


IMO is, in all honesty, ‘simply one more’ messaging application out there. It might have another name, yet it presently can’t seem to bring anything new to the table to make it really stands apart among the rest and impels itself forward. Right now, it is all around as straightforward as an application of its type could get, and that may not be OK for some. In this way, if you would rather not utilize the application at its ongoing stage, it’s fine. There are a lot more out there.

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