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Who is not enamored with the little yellow Minions? The Minion Rush is the perfect game for you if you enjoy simple rules games and these bizarre critters.

Along with Temple Run and Subway Surfer, this Gameloft-developed title was one of the most played mobile runner games when it was initially published in 2013. Everyone will enjoy this inventive and extremely addictive game.

Worldwide, Minion Rush has received over 950 million downloads. It’s finally time for you to experience the adrenaline of speaking nonsense with these animals! For more information on this amusing running game, scroll down.

Idea & Tale

One of the most popular characters from the notorious 3D animated series Despicable Me is the basis for the single-player game Minion Rush: the Minions. All of the characters’ traits, ideas, and personalities were carried over into the game. Prepare yourself for an unrestrained sense of humor and a lively 3D cartoon style of graphic design.

The story of the Minion Rush mostly relates to the films Despicable Me 2 and 3. The Anti-Villain League, or AVL, is a top-secret organization that employs Gru’s faithful creatures. To stop supervillain activity, they have to carry out certain tasks, like gathering bananas or stars on the moon, among other things.

Running unhindered and continually is, of course, your main goal. In order to “eat” every penny and banana along the road, your minion must break free from its bindings and navigate a variety of obstacles as you play the game.

Your Minion is excited to catch as many bananas as he can with whatever means necessary. Unaware of it, the naive protagonist will encounter evil bosses along the route.

Along the way, you will stop at a number of places, like the Durakavalian, the Mignon beach, Gru’s laboratory, and several others. The original films also served as inspiration for these locations. You can earn virtual currency by completing tasks and gathering bananas, which you can then use to unlock colorful clothing for the main character, enhance his abilities, and activate other benefits.

The primary purposes of the materials gathered are rank advancement and recipe enhancement for the jam, which is the Minions’ all-time favorite. In previous iterations, costume cards could be purchased and outfits could be unlocked with tokens made from bananas. Bananas are employed in the new configurations to raise the probability of receiving special Banana Prize Pods. We shall go into further detail about this in the section below on instructions.


The numerous characters in Minion Rush can be divided into three primary groups: the antagonist bosses, the other key characters in the film, and the Minions.

The only characters you may customize and control are the Minions. They may be Mel, the new character from the third film, Dave, Carl, Jerry, or Jerry. Dave will be your default character when you first visit. These four Minions can engage in quick-paced competitions with one another in addition to their main tasks. Although Paul was just recently revealed in the specific mission video clip, he hasn’t yet been made playable.

By purchasing different outfits for their Minion, players can raise some of their more important stats. Out of the four options, Dave has the most outfits that are available. Later, Dave’s wardrobe is expanded to include Carl, Jerry, and Mel’s attire as well. You may buy and unlock various costumes by visiting this section.

Along with the three sisters and other AVL agents like Dru and Lucy, Gru makes up the instruction characters. You will receive instructions from each character on how to finish particular in-game tasks. They are not playable or modifiable; instead, they are designed and managed by the developers.

Like the movie’s supervillains, bosses can also impede Minions in addition to the obstacles. There are four bosses at the moment, and Despicable Ops has them all. You may be familiar with Vector and El Macho from their previous appearances in the Despicable Me television series. The other two are Meena and The Villaintriloquis – non-canonical characters developed by Illumination Mac Guff.

Typically, these bosses toss things in the direction of the minions and occasionally even attempt to destroy them. To beat the villains, you should dodge their assaults and return the objects. If not, the game ends and your Minion dies.


Increasing your gaming level is your primary objective. Every five ranks you advance will provide you a new title, such as “Up-and-Comer,” “Covert Operator,” “Clandestine Operative,” etc. Coins and costume cards are also included with the labels as prizes.

As we previously stated, you will run alongside Dave to begin the game. Bananas are floating on the race course, waiting for you to “eat” them. There are three lanes for you to run on. How therefore should one eat them? Like previous runner games, let the character travel through them.

You can swipe up to jump, swipe down to duck, or jump onto another lane to go around hazards. Additionally simple is changing between three lanes. To select the desired path, simply elevate your Minion to the left or right.

Your Minion needs to be outfitted with specific power-ups in order to counterattack the monsters. You can swap out the Minion’s outfits multiple times during the race to defeat various bosses.

Outfits & Enhancements

Power-ups are devices in the game that carry out specific tasks. They can be used by your minion to fight bosses and other minions, gather bananas, and get rid of obstacles.

The clothes your Minion is wearing is not the only aspect of the costumes. Every outfit has unique abilities and stats to aid the Minion in completing his tasks. In addition to the overall denim look from the film, the costumes also feature new designs incorporated with each iteration.

Bananas, cash, tokens, costume cards, and bananas can be used to purchase these costumes or obtained through prizes. Every day you will be given new, little jobs to complete. You can obtain costume cards, tokens, and reward pods by completing these daily activities.

Certain tasks are carried out by the power-ups incorporated within the clothing. Once completely charged, you can use them at any time to trigger the necessary power-ups. Just remember to charge them before use.

The methods to charge the skills are to jump, slide, and avoid obstacles. To increase the charging duration, combine these activities with running and gathering power-ups and bananas. Keep in mind that power-ups you acquire while running are only effective for five seconds, so pay attention to them.

Modes of Play

In addition to the standard single-player mode, there is a unique mission option in the game that requires players to gather special goods at certain locations while competing. Unlike ordinary missions, each special mission has six distinct stages, and these places are set apart from rooms that are available. You will receive different items at each level, and after you complete the entire work, you will receive Market Tickets, Fevers, coins, and reward pods from the special mission.

When you grow tired of playing by yourself, practice in the training mode and bring your own Minion to take on gamers from across the globe. You can climb the global leaderboard by outperforming your friends or winning the race.

Playing the Game

The game features an abundance of variation even within the same location, as well as amazing color tones. The sounds and movements of the Minions are meticulously imitated to accurately convey their personas. Every Minion has a unique way of passing away, and every style is unique!

Players also get a wonderful mixing experience from the gameplay. Usually, it switches to a side view and throws you into motion-controlled sliding sections.

Two power-ups completely alter everything for the duration of their duration if one lasts for five seconds. With the help of the XXL Potion, you may tilt the screen to control your enormous Minion as he smashes everything in his path and turns the camera to face front.

Pros & Cons


  • Perfect time-killer for millions of Minions’ fans

The Minion Rush simulates accurately and recreates the design, graphics, and many characters of the memorable franchise vividly.

  • A wide range of costume collection

The costumes often go in sets, and each has a unique concept. You can choose either Surfer style, Ballerina style, Spy style, Cupid style, Cancan Dancer style, and more for your characters.

  • Created for all ages and genders

The cute and hilarious Minions, alongside unexpected twists, can make you laugh together with your kids, your friends, and even your parents.

  • Easy to play, yet still challenging.

No intricate plot twists or game rules. Not a single problematic weapon. All you have to do is run, swipe to jump, and rush to carry on expanding your journey. It should just take you a minute to get used to this game if you haven’t played any running games before.

Regular updates are made to many game types, including training modes and special missions. Each has a tonne of fascinating new narratives and outfits. Additionally, they are only available for a short period of time until the most recent version is released. As a result, users continue to return to the game every day to find new experiences.


  • The game seems like it tries to get you to bug your friends.
  • This is a simple genre of game that is not hyped as it was before. It can be a minus for professional video/ PC game players.
  • Some players said that the game eventually leans on its original inspiration pretty heavily and needs a breakthrough to get ahead.

Concerning Minion Rush Mod Apk 9.7.1b

You can play anything you want with limitless money thanks to the Minion Rush MOD APK. It has been changed such that tokens can now be used for purchases without restriction.

The game allows you to select the Chinese flag for the first time, and the data download portion is also available in Chinese. Additionally, this is the first time the game data has been imported without the data packet inclusion being removed. Additionally, the cheat detection is eliminated to provide a more enjoyable experience.

Last Remarks

In summary, Minion Rush has nothing new to report. Nevertheless, it excels at a lot of its functions, and the minions use it to enhance their identities. It’s entertaining, has vibrant graphics, and the devs did a fantastic job of consistently making it hard and new.

Be ready to conquer the biggest obstacle you will face in Minion Rush. You will face many challenges and nasty supervisors, but your ambition will win out. Let’s show that the squad of minions who talk gibberish is unstoppable!

Minion Rush Technical Details

Google Play
DeveloperGameloft SE
Size103.55 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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