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My Talking Tom

A well-known mobile virtual cat breeding game is called My Talking Tom. Tom is the kitten that players will breed in the game. Tom needs to be taken care of from feeding to playing in order for the player to help him grow up to be a wise and mature cat. My Talking Tom MOD APK starts up right away, feeding Tom, building a bathhouse for him, and inducing a fever. Soon after its release, My Talking Tom became well-known among gamers. My Talking Tom has over 13 million pre-registrations in a short amount of time. Following the popularity of My Talking Tom, the game developer Outfit7 released My Talking Tom Friend, an alternate virtual cat game for iOS and Android. Outfit7 has finally published the free My Talking Tom Friend game for iOS and Android, much to the fans’ desire. In the game My Talking Tom, players look after Tom and the other cats as they share a new home. There are plenty of things to keep gamers occupied because each cat has its daily tasks. By altering the look of the cats in the house, players may make this virtual home uniquely their own. Despite having a stunning graphics platform, My Talking Tom maintains a bright, humorous, and lively style that will make your experience truly amazing. For those who are new to My Talking Tom, we will provide you with some guidelines to help you become familiar with this adorable feline. By clicking the link, you can get the free game My Talking Tom MOD APK.


The cat in My Talking Tom will be lively and realistic since it is like a blowing soul. To pass the game screen and earn additional gold coins, all you have to do is tend to your cat’s needs so that he may eat, grow, and play nicely. When you have a lot of gold, you’ll feel at ease going out shopping and picking up cat food so that your display will grow faster.


In the game My Talking Tom, Tom must put in a lot of effort to swiftly boost the gold available in order to get a large quantity of coins and raise a gigantic cat. There are several methods for you to level up fast, but first, let’s learn how to use My Talking Tom.

Function buttons that are essential in My Talking Tom

A spoon and fork in a circular symbol

To swiftly pass Level 1, you should first follow the game’s instructions when you first launch it. To begin using My Talking Tom, you must first provide food for the ravenous Tom. The cat will display a red circular plate and spoon image on its abdomen to indicate that it is really hungry. To access the dining table, click this button. A menu with a selection of dishes will then show on the screen. Next, you make contact with the dish that you wish to serve Tom. The cat is full when you see the circular icon with the spoon and fork in it.

A circular symbol has a lavatory.

This indicator often turns red after eating, indicating that Tom, your cat, is attempting to use the restroom. To allow Tom the cat to use the restroom, tap this circle. The icon will turn green after it has completed using the restroom.

An symbol of a grin

Tom, the adorable cat, wants to play with you when the grin symbol is more than half red. It satisfies nearly every human need. The smiley symbol will grin when you touch and stroke it. It feels similar like playing and caressing it in that way. The cat becomes bored and stops wanting to play when this symbol turns green.

a circular symbol with a star and moon

When all of its needs—food, clean-up, recreation, and sleep—are met, the circular emblem with the moon and star within will turn red. To put the cat to sleep, click this symbol. Like us, you’ll need to switch off the light in order to prevent blinding yourself as you sleep. You can play with it once it stops being drowsy when this symbol becomes green. As previously said, stage 1 is finished when every picture becomes green.

An symbol of a basket

Selecting this symbol will take you to the grocery store to buy food for Tom. The quantity of gold that is accessible is also shown in the basket, and you can buy goods from

  • FOR FANS: An Internet connection is required in order to use this function.
  • COINS: This function allows you to fully convert virtual gold coins into real money so you may spend it on games. When utilizing real money proportionate to that virtual money, the game allows you to shop for free. In addition, you may follow My Talking Tom on YouTube, receive current emails from My Talking Tom, and log into your Facebook account to play, view videos, and complete offers to redeem free gold coins by visiting FREE COINS.
  • playing games.
  • WARDROBE: It lets you select the color of Tom the cat’s eyes, fur, headgear, and clothing.
  • LIVING ROOM: You may furnish it with furniture like flooring, chairs, televisions, and photographs. It is both free and paid. Touch the gadget you wish to modify, then press the larger or smaller symbol to adjust to the preferred kind.
  • FOOD: A wide selection of meals and beverages will be available for you to select from, and at the highest levels, your cat will have more alternatives.
  • Potions: Used as an energy tonic after overweight cat Tom lost fifty gold coins. Includes several energy cocktails such as Fat Burner. Energy Potion loses fifty gold coins while preventing fatigue. Tom loses 150 gold coins and all indications grow to 100% on using Max Potion. The hungry cat eats more when using Hungry Potion, and the likelihood of losing 100 gold coins increases. Tom is taken to a brief period of time when he must purchase actual medication with money thanks to Baby Potion.
  • Breakfast: Including the breakfast menu and, based on the kind that requires original proportions, quick food for breakfast.
  • Fruits: Contains both types of fruits.
  • veggies: Contains both fruits and veggies.
  • Fast food: There are distinct varieties of this cuisine.
  • Desserts: White foods such as sweets and ice cream.
  • Drinks: A section including milk, juice, and coffee among other beverages
  • Specials: Delightful meals including pho, gimbap, and roasted chicken

Become familiar with how to play the game My Talking Tom.

There is a number within a circular symbol.

The level you are playing is indicated by the number inside the circle. You will advance to a new level when the blue hue in the ring is completely covered with circles. In order to go to the next level as quickly as possible, you must feed Tom, get enough sleep, and purchase stuff. In My Talking Tom, there are also built-in mini-games. Additionally, you will receive a gold sum that matches your level. The more gold you have, the more steadily your level will rise. The more points you earn in the game, the more locks you may open to access additional outfits, kitty decorations, and Tom’s house.

An icon of a pink cat

Touching this symbol will show you a number of new games from the same publisher, My Talking Tom, that are available for free. More games from this publisher are available for you to play right here.

A two-cat symbol

You can visit the houses of folks who are playing My Talking Tom by touching this symbol. By entering into your Facebook account, you may invite a friend to visit your residence, and vice versa. Additionally, you will visit the homes of folks who play this game—you won’t know them personally—but when you visit any home, you’ll receive a present by choosing Visits from random gamers are frequent. It’s also a comparatively simple method of making gold money. There will be a present box next to the cat when you visit someone else’s home; touch the gift box to get gold coins.

Cinema icon

Touching this symbol will display My Talking Tom-related videos from social media platforms that distribute YouTube content. Funny videos of My Talking Tom may be found here.

Icon of the speaker

The cat Tom is rendered inactive by this symbol. Please tap here to silence the cat’s voice if it makes you uncomfortable.

Extra advice

It’s clear that a game like My Talking Tom appeals to players of all ages, including housewives, office professionals, and students. My Talking Tom’s interactions with people make you feel engaged and de-stress. You may swiftly level up in My Talking Tom MOD APK by following the instructions in this section. In order to take care of Tom, you must first download My Talking Tom and begin your shopping for décor for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or restroom so that Tom may be talked to. After that, purchasing decorations in My Talking Tom will greatly boost your experience points. Assuming you are a novice player with limited funds, prioritize purchasing inexpensive products before considering investing in more costly ones. Make sure you will experience more thrilling moments after downloading My Talking Tom. Secondly, you have to purchase outfits for the talking cat when you download My Talking Tom. Tom’s rapid growth is mostly attributed to his wardrobe purchasing. The experience of each costume item will increase you, much like when you design your home, buy clothing, hats, and spectacles, or change the color of Tom Cat’s eyes. Lastly, tend to Tom’s needs in terms of eating, sleeping, and even using the restroom. You may simply take care of Tom as a compassionate and hardworking shopping partner, just like you would with your dear pals.


Many smartphone developers are keeping an eye out to find out why Talking Tom is so well-known and well-liked. It has now expanded to the toy, fashion, and emerging film industries in addition to being restricted to mobile applications. There will be explanations from renowned manufacturers for the following:

Unusual Techniques

Talking Tom was created in response to the iPhone’s development trend, which was characterized by apps with peculiar tendencies and peculiar user experiences. Talking Tom wasn’t a pet game like My Talking Tom at first; it was just a cat that could mimic the user’s speech based on tone. Even though it ends at this point, Talking Tom has produced original, non-repetitive gameplay that will satisfy all players. Regardless of the language you speak, Tom can mimic every sound and every statement. The original edition’s peculiar feature served as the model for subsequent iterations.

creative design

My Talking Tom, which debuted in 2013, brought gamers a new experience of nurturing and caring for Tom while mostly maintaining his character and voice copying capabilities. The first accomplishment is that, although using the same copied voice, the creator has offered Talking Tom fans a great incentive to acquire My Talking Tom, since this new game is nearly a completely different play. The second achievement is transforming My Talking Tom into a virtual pet game, a popular genre; nevertheless, other games’ characters remain generic and are unable to gain notoriety or engage in meaningful interactions like Tom’s. It’s a sensible pairing. Tom can now be groomed, fed, and treated like a pet, but most people like to watch their pet grow and learn new things.

A diverse group of participants

Jews excel in the commercial world. They advise exchanging objects associated with ladies! The demands made by women frequently result in massive profits because of the natural expansion that only our planet is capable of. A loving pet may be bathed, fed, companioned, dressed elegantly, and finally brought to friends—almost a normal pastime for ladies.

Extend the string of characters

The main character of each iteration of the game series, Talking Tom and Friends, is the only thing that changes. Knowing that every human being has a pet of their own—some people like dogs, while others prefer cats—shows the developers of Outfit7 a wonderful look. Tom will be the only character retained, which will shorten the game’s playing duration and force it to follow a course. Outfit7 published the versions of My Talking Hank and My Talking Angela not too long after that. Additionally, these versions have received even more downloads than My Talking Tom in Asian nations thus far. The establishment of the relationship between Angela and Hank—two additional well-known characters from the Friends series—was the most intriguing addition that Outfit 7 made. In a brand, no persona is out of place. They may have other names, but we still refer to them as Talking Tom. This phenomenon, known as the cross-application effect, produces extremely high efficiency.

Last Remarks

We can declare that the most played virtual pet game right now is My Talking Tom MOD APK. You will take care of the cat-like in a proper life with My Talking Tom, making sure it is fed, relaxed, and has everything it needs. It will pique your curiosity to raise this adorable kitty. All ages may enjoy this fascinating game type.

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