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.NET Framework 4.0
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April 12, 2010
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.NET Framework 4.0
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Why Use .NET Framework 4.0?

The best platform for developing applications is the offline installer for Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0. It is a Microsoft cross-platform app development tool. It offers a runtime environment, a library of pre-built code, and numerous programming models. Typically, Microsoft Windows operating systems are the platforms on which it is designed to create and operate applications.

Programming languages including C#, F#, Visual Basic, and Common Intermediate Language (CIL) are available with the.NET Framework. It makes it simple for any developer to create quality applications, including desktop, mobile, and online apps, as well as commercial services.

Highlights & Features

Runtime for Common Language (CLR)

A runtime environment is the CLR. It controls how.NET applications are executed in order to handle exceptions, manage memory, and provide security features. This functionality is quite helpful to developers. With the help of this tool, developers may create applications with increased security, deployment and versioning support, a streamlined model for component interaction, and debugging and profiling services all written in their own unique way.

BCL, or Base Class Library

A vast array of reusable Instantiate types, classes, and APIs may be found in the BCL. The tool may be used by any developer to work with files, strings, networking, databases, and more.

Integrated Language Query (LINQ)

A typical collection of language extensions is LINQ. It facilitates the querying and manipulation of data from many sources, including XML documents, SQL databases, diverse Web services, and standard syntax, by developers. This tool should be used by those who work with SQL databases.

Foundation for Windows Presentation (WPF)

UI Framework: WPF. The majority of developers use it to benefit from Windows desktop apps or contemporary graphics technology. Advanced 2D and 3D graphics, typography, motion, text, templates, and other elements are supported.

Foundation for Windows Communication (WCF)

WCF is typically used to improve an application’s scalability, security, and performance. WCF utilities are essential to an application’s ability to run on multiple platforms.

Many useful capabilities, such as Web service interoperability, numerous message patterns, service metadata, persistent messages, data contracts, SSL security, and HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), are available with WCF. It facilitates secure messaging, AJAX, REST, transactions, and more.

Now .NET Framework 4.0 and 4.0 v 30319 is no longer supported. We recommended at least Framework 4.6.2 +.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 32-bit/ 64-bit Technical Details

Latest Version:.NET Framework 4.0
Update Released:April 12, 2010
Main Category:Framework
Setup File:dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe
File Size:48.11 MB

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