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.NET Framework 4.8.1
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August 9, 2022
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.NET Framework 4.8.1
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Why Use .NET Framework 4.8.1?

One of Microsoft Corporation’s most widely used software development platforms is the.NET Framework. It offers a vast pre-built code and tool library, an extensive programming paradigm, and a runtime environment for Microsoft Windows operating systems that may be used to create and execute applications.

Programming languages supported by the.NET Framework include C#, Visual Basic.NET, and F#. It gives programmers the ability to create a vast array of applications, including desktop, mobile, and web applications as well as services.

Highlights & Features

Runtime for Common Language (CLR)

The runtime environment that controls how.NET applications are executed is called the CLR. It offers features like security, exception handling, and memory management.

BCL, or Base Class Library

A vast variety of reusable types, classes, and APIs may be found in the BCL. BCL allows developers of any skill level to create apps. Working with text, files, networking, databases, and other topics are covered in its classes.

Integrated Language Query (LINQ)

With the use of a standard syntax, developers may access and modify data from various sources, including databases, XML, and collections, thanks to a set of language extensions called LINQ.

Foundation for Windows Presentation (WPF)

Rich user interfaces can be created for Windows desktop applications using the WPF framework. Advanced animation, graphics, and data binding features are supported.

Foundation for Windows Communication (WCF)

WCF is a framework for building services and distributed apps. With its help, developers may create safe and compatible communication between many platforms and systems.

Dot NET Framework 4.8.1 32-bit/ 64-bit Technical Details

Latest Version:.NET Framework 4.8.1
Update Released:August 9, 2022
Main Category:Framework
Setup File:ndp481-devpack-enu.exe
File Size:85.26 MB

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