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The official YouTube app for Android smartphones isn’t the most practical software available for most smartphone users. Fortunately, OG YouTube, a third-party program that allows Android users to watch YouTube videos more comfortably, makes your life much better if you use an Android device. We’ll examine this app in-depth in this piece and discover why a lot of Android users like it over the official one. With the help of our evaluations, learn everything there is to know about this incredible Android app.

How does it function?

The original YouTube app was developed for Android and was substantially modeled after the official YouTube app. It does, however, include a ton of extra features that will guarantee you a better experience. Because to OG YouTube’s upgraded capabilities, players may now watch their videos more conveniently. Additionally, the app is compatible with the majority of devices and may function rather well with a strong Internet connection. which explains why it has grown so well-liked.


You simply need a low-end Android handset that can run YouTube’s official version properly to begin watching original content on your devices. That’s all; the program doesn’t require root access, and you can immediately begin using its fantastic features. For an elegant method to start watching YouTube videos, download and install it now.

Fantastic features

Some of the greatest things the app has to offer are listed below:

fluid similar to the official version

We consider the original YouTube app to be one of the most user-friendly and handy of all the YouTube applications now accessible for your YouTube videos. Without any issues, you may install it and use your devices to watch YouTube videos. The user experience will be identical to or even superior than that of the standard app.

has every feature currently found in the official app.

All of the current features of the official YouTube app are also available on OG YouTube. It implies that you may now use all of your YouTube app’s new features on the original YouTube. You may also experiment with dozens of other settings at the same time.

On your devices, download videos in various resolutions.

The most annoying issue for the majority of smartphone users is undoubtedly that their YouTube app does not have download capabilities. Users may download videos to their YouTube app for later viewing, although this feature is limited to those who are actively using the YouTube app. In any other case, your devices will still not be able to play films offline. Having said that, by pressing the offline download icon, users of original YouTube may download any YouTube video to their devices. This is a simple place to download numerous videos at once and modify the quality of the videos. Once your films have been downloaded, you may play them with your Android video players just like any other regular video.

Create mp3 files from music videos.

For those who often utilize the YouTube app for music consumption, it is simple to transform your music videos into the well-known mp3 format. After that, you may download the audio file to your devices and use your phone’s screen to turn off the screen while you listen to it.

Easy-to-use interface for video players

The intuitive video player interface on this app was also enabled by the creators of Original YouTube to provide Android users with the most fulfilling experiences. Having said that, you may simply change the brightness and volume while utilizing the viewing interface by making hand motions on the edges of your screens. It’s similar to what you often get with standard video players like MX Player. Additionally, if you start to feel bored with the videos, you may simply fast-forward or rewind them.

Watch background videos

And this is perhaps the main feature of Original YouTube that contributes to the app’s popularity. Thanks to OG YouTube’s floating YouTube function, you may utilize and view your favorite videos while using other apps. The greatest part is that you can still use all the amazing features of the app, such as volume or brightness adjustments, playback, fast-forward, rewind, and next, even with a tiny floating video window. For the best enjoyable experiences on your Android devices, you may also opt to play on the audio if you’re listening to music.

Download video subtitles.

If you view foreign videos on a regular basis, you have probably become accustomed to seeing subtitles. You could never comprehend what the speakers are saying without them. That is, unless you are fluent in the language. In any case, you can also download the subtitles to your devices using OG YouTube so that you may view your videos offline. This enhances the convenience and enjoyment of viewing YouTube videos on the original YouTube platform.

Even with your scene switched off, watch videos

Finally, but just as importantly, the software lets users view their preferred films with their screen fully off. If all you want to do is switch on the screen and listen to your preferred selection of songs, this is quite helpful.

Cut down on the amount of batteries used

Of course, OG YouTube is the greatest software available when it comes to battery life, especially with all these amazing features. You may save a lot of battery life on your smartphone by keeping the screen off most of the time when you’re listening to music. You may use your smartphone for longer periods of time active as a result.

Negative aspects

Not updating anytime soon

You won’t likely see any updates for this app anytime soon, though, given that it has some issues with Google’s Terms of Service despite all of its intriguing features. The creators have also indicated that they will not be able to support the app in the foreseeable future. You may still utilize all of the app’s interesting features, though, which we believe are more than sufficient to please most average users. Additionally, you may opt to encourage the creators to continue working on their software by making a donation if you’re excited about future improvements.

Put MicroG in place!

To log in, you must install MicroG. The “add account” button will not function without it.

Get the most recent 12.10.60-3.5U Android APK for OG YouTube.

However, if you’re searching for a practical and enjoyable YouTube experience, OG YouTube remains one of the finest YouTube apps for Android users, if not the best.

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