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Pixel Car Racer is an addictive retro-style racing game. Customizable cars, thrilling tracks, and endless fun await in this addictive game.
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Pixel Car Racer is an addictive retro-style racing game. Customizable cars, thrilling tracks, and endless fun await in this addictive game.


You’re keen on the invigorating interactivity of racing? Partake in the drawing in ongoing interaction of vehicle tuning and overhauling? Furthermore, in particular, anticipating that it should have the basic and available interactivity so you can rapidly appreciate? Then you will unquestionably track down this fascinating versatile title from Pixel Vehicle Racer an extraordinary game to have on your Android gadgets, alongside Slope Vehicle Bouncing and Hot Wheels: Race Off, particularly when you’re keen on the exemplary retro designs.

Have a great time as you take part in wonderful dashing encounters with probably the most legendary retro vehicles. Join your rivals in a legendary duel where just speed and abilities matter. Endeavor to pimp up your rides to the fullest with a wide range of redesigns and improvements. Take on numerous in-game difficulties and jump into the speeding up interactivity.

Figure out more about this fascinating ongoing interaction from Studio Furukawa with our total audits.

Story/Ongoing interaction

In the game, Android gamers will wind up enjoying on a definitive puff hustling encounters as you partake in the marvelous interactivity with the fascinating retro and pixelated illustrations. Go ahead and gather and update your LEGO-like vehicles and partake in a definitive rides as you endeavor to speed over your rivals in legendary duels.

Make your definitive monsters from probably the easiest vehicles as you jump into the carport choices. Roll out different improvements to your vehicles because of numerous accessible choices in Pixel Vehicle Racer. Pimp them up from the back to front with motor moves up to further develop speed and taking care of. Get various customizations to change your vehicles’ appearances totally.

What’s more, when you’re prepared, go ahead and partake in the energizing ongoing interaction of Pixel Vehicle Racer with many fascinating game modes and difficulties. Complete a definitive races with the top racers and vehicle pimps as you progress in Pixel Vehicle Racer. Or on the other hand mess around with the unimaginable road races as you progress. What’s more, most significant, the story ongoing interaction will be accessible for you to appreciate at whatever point you’re prepared.


Here are the interesting highlights that the game brings to the table:

Partake in the game in various game modes

From the outset, Android gamers in Pixel Vehicle Racer will wind up appreciating many fascinating interactivity of pixelated hustling with the accessible game modes.

  • Racing – begin your definitive dashing profession by getting to know the controls and tunings on your vehicles. Have a good time investigating lots of accessible tuning choices in Pixel Vehicle Racer and end up really taken part in wonderful racing journeys.
  • Road Dashing – or on the other hand, go ahead and mess around with the energizing interactivity of hustling with Pixel Vehicle Racer as you plunge into the amazing road races with the absolute most noteworthy road racers in the game. Win against them to lay out your name and become the best in the city.
  • Story – and here comes the hotly anticipated interactivity. Presently the Story interactivity is accessible on Pixel Vehicle Racer and will acquaint you with a large number of its fascinating encounters. Go ahead and assume a definitive interactivity of pixelated dashing and that’s just the beginning.

Furthermore, these aren’t the just interactivity that Pixel Vehicle Racer as you’ll likewise wind up getting a charge out of an ever increasing number of fascinating difficulties with regards to the game.

Fluctuated dashing occasions in every mode with shifted troubles

What’s more, to make the dashing ongoing interaction significantly more tomfoolery and drawing in for gamers, Pixel Vehicle Racer currently offers its fascinating assortment of amazing hustling occasions for gamers to appreciate genuinely. Mess around with the brilliant interactivity of pixelated dashing in shifted modes, and furthermore get magnificent awards for your vehicle assortments.

Begin by contending in the free runs that you can appreciate at whatever point you need, no strain. Go ahead and accelerate and run on your definitive vehicles without any limits. Or on the other hand on the other hand, wind up contending in the epic and energizing in-game competitions, where you’ll conflict with the top adversaries in the series. Additionally, go ahead and take part in legendary adversary races as you rival your foes.

Alongside these referenced interactivity, Pixel Vehicle Racer will likewise offer many intriguing hustling occasions and difficulties, which gloat remarkable and fascinating interactivity for Android gamers to appreciate on their cell phones.

Mess around with a gigantic vehicle assortment

Furthermore, to make the game really fascinating, Android gamers in Pixel Vehicle Racer will initially end up approaching a gigantic vehicle assortment with in excess of 100 accessible vehicles to appreciate. Go ahead and get any of your number one vehicles and plunge profound into the awe-inspiring hustling encounters. Partake in the redid and customized hustling interactivity with your definitive rides. Furthermore, the fascinating adapted vehicles and vehicle parts for Japan, Euro, and US will unquestionably make the game much seriously captivating.

Investigate various vehicle parts for your tuning encounters

Discussing which, alongside the intriguing vehicles, Pixel Vehicle Racer currently offers its fascinating vehicle parts for you to get and make utilizations of. With in excess of 1000 accessible choices, you’ll find it much simpler with regards to tuning and refining your number one vehicles. Mess around with the RPG style tuning connection point where you’ll have the option to see your vehicles’ nitty gritty details.

Investigate the Dyno Tuning choices and make uses of various parts to make changes to your motor framework. Evaluate various blends to completely enhance specific parts of the vehicles, from speed, speed increases, to dealing with and usefulness.

Furthermore, most curiously, the game presently offers its intriguing vehicle and part showroom encounters, which will permit you to associate with numerous other gamers while endeavoring to look for your great parts.

Redo your ongoing interaction and vehicles

For those of you who’re intrigued, you can now participate in the astonishing in-game customizations, which will convey many different customizations for your vehicles. Here, alongside the specific changes from your tuning choices, Pixel Vehicle Racer additionally acquaints Android gamers with its fascinating with regards to game Attire Creator. Go ahead and make your wonderful pixel craftsmanship illustrations from the gave devices and appreciate fascinating customizations on your vehicles. What’s more, simultaneously, go ahead and get many pre-introduced vehicle uniforms from the game to alter their appearances without any problem.

Natural and sensible touch controls

To make the game seriously fascinating, Android gamers can likewise wind up more taken part in the astonishing dashing encounters thanks to the natural and practical touch controls. Have a good time investigating your unlimited oversight board with numerous helpful and intuitive choices. Deal with the manual stuff moving, assume command over the gas and brake pedal, and play out a wide range of intriguing abilities on your vehicles as you progress.

Join the web-based local area for additional fascinating advantages

What’s more, as you jump into the energizing ongoing interaction of Pixel Vehicle Racer, it’s additionally workable for gamers to partake in the fascinating advantages by interfacing the game to their Facebook accounts. Presently, you can make utilizations of the Cloud Saving choice to acquaints gamers with the fast and helpful sync choices between gadgets. In addition, you won’t ever lose your interactivity regardless of whether you erased your games or switch gadgets.

Furthermore, above all, with the energizing web based interactivity, Android gamers can approach the steady internet based local area in Pixel Vehicle Racer. Here, you can appreciate invigorating communications with other vehicle fans from everywhere the world. End up really taken part in both your astonishing in-game encounters and interests in autos.

Appreciate new highlights and components with new updates

To permit the game to stay energizing and charming for most gamers, Pixel Vehicle Racer currently offers lots of its intriguing overhauls, which will permit Android gamers to get to new and regular substance at whatever point they get an update.

Allowed to play

For those of you who’re intrigued, you can now get the fascinating interactivity of Pixel Vehicle Racer for totally free on your cell phones. Here on the Google Play Store, it’s absolutely workable for you to get the game without paying anything. Notwithstanding, in the event that you wish to appreciate more by disposing of promotions and in-game buys, it very well may be a superior decision to go for the limitless cash with our mod.

Appreciate limitless cash with our mod

Here, with the altered rendition of the game, Android gamers can rapidly end up partaking in the habit-forming hustling and vehicle tuning encounters in Pixel Vehicle Racer without limit. Go ahead and appreciate limitless cash, eliminated promotions, and more without getting irritated by undesirable highlights. Everything necessary is for you to download the Pixel Vehicle Racer Mod APK on our site, adhere to the gave directions, and you ought to have it appropriately introduced.

Visual and sound quality


For those of you who’re intrigued, you can now partake in the energizing interactivity of Pixel Vehicle Racer with numerous illustrations settings, which will make the game totally playable on the vast majority of your Android gadgets. What’s more, simultaneously, while the straightforward pixelated illustrations won’t give you the most vivid encounters like other 3D titles, the nitty gritty and intuitive visual components would in any case snare you to the game.

Sound and Music

Alongside the strong visual components, Android gamers in Pixel Vehicle Racer will currently end up partaking in the unimaginable sound encounters with drawing in retro-styled music and audio effects. Go ahead and draw in yourself in the thrilling in-game encounters as you progress while getting a charge out of habit-forming races with reasonable sounds, particularly the strong motor thunders.

Last considerations

With open interactivity, top to bottom substance, and habit-forming encounters you won’t track down a preferred portable title over this. Furthermore, with the opened and free adaptation of the game now accessible on our site, you’ll have every one of the motivations to begin appreciating it.

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