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Dec 16, 2023
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About Pokémon GO

Go on a whole new adventure with Pokémons!

Do you consider yourself a Pokémon fan? Get your own Pokémon by downloading Pokémon GO.

  • Create the Pokémon team of your dreams, eliminate your rivals, and ultimately survive.
  • Share your victories with your friends by sending them online challenges.
  • Go Pokémon hunting with your companion, get over 500 Pokémon individually, and enjoy yourselves!

Updated version of Pokémon GO for Android has a new feature.

  • Pokémon Appraisal: Trainers may now assess which of their Pokémon have the greatest potential for combat by finding out from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche, or Spark) about a Pokémon’s attack and defensive capabilities.
  • A glitch that held defeated Pokémon at 1 HP has been fixed; as a result, these Pokémon will now return as fainted. Stay tuned as we attempt to restore equilibrium to the training struggle.

-Slight modifications to bots

Pokemon Go, a new generation of Pokémon games, was just in closed beta. At last, it is available on the Google Play Store for a few countries (Australia, New Zealand), maybe more later this month. Never fear, APKPure always has the most recent Pokémon GO APK available for download.

With Pokémon GO, Android smartphone owners can use their camera to find Pokémon in a whole new environment. Pokémon GO will locate, capture, trade, and engage in combat using the user’s physical location data. Are you prepared for an amazing voyage that awaits you today when virtual reality and Pokémon GO collide? Become a Pokémon GO player right now.

Note: While you may download and play Pokemon Go for free, you can also buy pokecoins with real money. Please enable password security for purchases in the Google Play Store app’s (AU and NZ) player settings if you do not wish to utilize the functionality. Android 4.4 or later smartphones (apart from Android N) are compatible with the Pokemon Go game; tablets are not compatible. Moreover, a network connection is necessary; always turn on GPS when attempting to capture nearby Pokemon.

Pokemon Update:

July 30: In this updated version of Pokemon Go, they have reportedly already eliminated the Pokemon player footprint gathering and fixed a lot of bugs. Update right now.

July 20: Pokemon GO will be accessible in Japan on the Google Play Store for Android and the iOS Apple App Store.

  • Following a force logout, trainers are spared from having to continually input their login and password.
  • The Pokémon Trainer Club Account Log-in procedure now operates more steadily.
  • Issues causing the crash were fixed.
  • Consistent Google Account Range

The tablet compatibility issue in Pokémon GO version 0.29.2 is still unresolved, despite the game supporting Android 7.0 “Nougat” as well. Now is the time to go outside and get some Pokémon.

On July 5, the official Pokémon GO website declared that all users outside of Australia and New Zealand’s beta testing region will be blocked. It appears that the servers are not prepared for the global Pokemon fans! We must wait for the publication of the worldwide version. I realize this news stinks! Hmm!

Some advice for a fast start:

● Advance your level as a Pokemon Trainer and scour your local towns and neighborhoods to find as many Pokemon as you can.

● Pokemon Go makes advantage of your surroundings and geographic location; you can only find Pokemon by moving around. Let’s go capture some Pokemon now.

● Historical and artistic landmarks have Pokemon gyms and item collections. Instead of Pokeball retailers, places to gather goods will be found in public artworks, art installations, museums, monuments, and sculptures.

● Take as many steps as you can. It should take two or five kilometers for the egg you obtained at Pokemon-Stop to hatch.

●Buy Pokemon Go Plus if you have extra money to spare. Nintendo said that the $34.99 Pokemon Go Plus would be available in July along with the software. You can now pre-order the Pokemon Go Plus on Amazon.com.

● Engage in gym warfare and protect your gym. You may team up to battle to take down a Gym and designate one of your Pokémon to guard it from any attackers while your Charmander grows into a Charmeleon and eventually a Charizard. Move now, for your real-life adventures are waiting!

Crucial Information:

  • There are in-game purchases available on this free-to-use software. It’s not designed for tablets; it’s for cellphones.
  • Compatible with Android smartphones running Android Versions 4.4 through 6.0 and equipped with at least 2GB of RAM.
  • Devices with Wi-Fi only connectivity or devices without GPS capabilities are not guaranteed to be compatible.
  • Incompatible with Android smartphones powered by Intel Atom chips.
  • There is no assurance of compatibility with tablet devices.
  • Even with suitable OS versions installed, certain devices may not be able to execute the application.
  • To ensure precise location data, it is advised to play when linked to the internet.
  • Information about compatibility might change at any time.

Kindly check out www.PokemonGO.com for further details on compatibility.

Visit this page to get in touch with the APKPure Team for more support and details on how to play Pokémon GO on Android: https://www.facebook.com/apkpure/

Alternatively, go to the official Pokemon Go Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGO/.

What’s New in Version 0.293.1? It was last updated on December 16, 2023.


What’s new in Pokémon GO is shown here!
Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes

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