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Prequel You have access to a plethora of wonderful options, like VSCO, PicsArt, and others, for editing videos on your mobile devices. These apps are quite feature-rich and comprehensive. However, they are all aimed at more knowledgeable and seasoned users who are proficient in photography and know how to carefully enhance their editing tools. Therefore, it will take some time for regular users to become accustomed to the functions.

To combat this, you can also download Prequel’s fantastic mobile app, which can serve as your dependable partner in multimedia editing. Prequel’s editing features, which are both elegant and easily accessible, will make it simple for Android users to enhance their mobile apps. To make adjustments, just pick the desired films or images, then experiment with a variety of fast and engaging choices available in the mobile app.

Learn more about its intriguing features without reading in-depth Prequel reviews.

How does it function?

Android users can enjoy working on their creative movies, images, and pictures to enable different visual effects and graphical adjustments with this amazing mobile software. Have fun using any of your images and movies to add a variety of artistic effects on the pieces you’ve chosen. Most significantly, you may complete the tasks quickly and efficiently without wasting a lot of time because there are numerous settings available.

Android users can enjoy working with a vast array of effects and presents in Prequel, which they can effortlessly add to and use in their creative efforts. You are welcome to add a variety of well-known photo and video effects to your work. Examine a vast array of diverse adjusting tools. Take pleasure in using these amazing filters. The list is endless.

Most importantly, for those of you who are interested in professionally editing videos, Prequel also includes its own sophisticated toolkit. So go ahead and enjoy the fantastic application whenever you’d like.


Android users only need to download and install the free Prequel app from the Google Play Store to begin using this fantastic mobile application; there is no cost involved. To begin editing, just make sure you have the movies or pictures on hand. Additionally, the mobile application will have in-app purchases and advertisements that you may unlock with real money if you want to get the most out of it.

Additionally, don’t forget to grant the app the necessary access permissions so that users may fully participate in the video editing activities without any limitations. Thus, if you think the requests are appropriate, please accept them.

Additionally, make sure your Android device is constantly running the most recent firmware version—ideally Android 5.0 or higher. This ought to allow the new features and capabilities of the app to work flawlessly with it.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

Easy-to-use and intuitive application

First off, Android users can enjoy using the user-friendly, easily navigable Prequel mobile app, which has a quick and simple editing process that doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or abilities. Here, you can choose to just let the AI make the decisions on how to alter certain photographs to meet your visual requirements. Simultaneously, the uncluttered user interface along with numerous additional easily available settings will guarantee that you may work on your responsibilities with comfort.

An assortment of diverse effects and filter sets

The software offers numerous unique settings that users of Android can experiment with, featuring a diverse range of effects and filter collections. Please feel free to use the lovely editing app on your phones to try producing some amazing films or images.

Begin by taking pleasure in manipulating the most popular and well-known effects, such as Miami, VHS, Disco, Bling, Plastic, and Prism. Additionally, select from a vast array of filters and effects, each with unique settings and themes. From creating your own story effects to experimenting with Aerochrome filters and the distinctive Indigo effects. Android users will be able to fully appreciate Prequel thanks to the content that is now available.

Work on the pictures and videos.

You can effortlessly use all of Prequel’s presets and effects on both your photographs and videos. Consequently, Android users can modify their creative works in comfort. Therefore, for those of you who are interested, you may quickly and easily use any movies and photographs on your system to produce original and fascinating material. Include presets to radically change the look of your films. Produce visually stunning content that is rich and intelligent. and use the specialized editor to enhance your films.

Enjoy using the sophisticated editing toolkit.

And for those of you who are interested, you can enjoy yourself while using Prequel’s sophisticated editing features, which are akin to those of many other professional apps. Feel free to experiment with a variety of adjustment tools to fine-tune your images and videos down to the smallest detail. Experiment with different customization settings to fine-tune the effects and filters you have chosen. and comfortably operate on the user-friendly interface, which will greatly simplify things for you.

Every week, take pleasure in freshly updated content.

Android users of Prequel can now enjoy working with the newly updated content in Prequel every week, adding to the app’s intrigue. Play with the fantastic in-app tools and quickly activate the editing settings to suit your tastes.

Enjoy yourself while using the website’s unlocked application.

Last but not least, Android users can avoid the obtrusive and sometimes irritating in-app purchases by downloading the unlocked version of Prequel from our website. To get started, just download the Prequel Mod APK and adhere to the given guidelines. Take pleasure in utilizing the numerous in-app features and optimizing the mobile application. Easily and quickly edit your pictures and videos to your taste.

final decisions

Prequel’s adjustable filters and readily available in-app presets make it easy for Android users to work on their artistic photographs and videos. Additionally, you will get access to an editing kit if you wish to maximize the use of the program and all of its features. Additionally, we offer the modded and unlocked version of Prequel on our website, which you’ll undoubtedly find intriguing, to ensure that you enjoy using the mobile app.

Prequel Technical Details

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MOD FeaturesGold Features Unlocked

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