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Roll the dice and defend your tower in Random Dice: Defense! Upgrade your skills and watch the chaos unfold in this addictive tower defense game.


Because tower defense games are so easy to use and provide such fun experiences, we all adore them. However, if you feel like your tactical games are becoming a little too same, you may always choose Random Dice: Defense for its amazing puzzle and tower defense gameplay. Please feel free to participate in the adventures and explore the new and exciting gaming it has to offer.

Explore the amazing stages of Random Dice: Defense as you try to collect the dice, combine the ones that are similar, and find intriguing defense configurations all throughout the game. Playing Random Dice: Defense allows you to freely switch up your strategy and approach to the game while also enjoying its special randomizations, which should improve your overall enjoyment.

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Android gamers should discover themselves relishing their ultimate strategy and puzzle adventures in Random Dice: Defense’s thrilling gameplay. You won’t have to play the same old TD gameplay thanks to tower defense’s innovative gameplay. Instead, players can enjoy the unique dice merging experiences found in Random Dice: Defense, which let you merge comparable dice towers into a single tower.

Unlock more advanced dice that have improved abilities and random features. Adapt your strategies and techniques to increase your level of games engagement. And don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself while immersing yourself in a variety of levels and tasks in Random Dice: Defense. Most importantly, though, you ought to find yourself loving Random Dice: Defense even more because of its thrilling online gameplay and thrilling PvP challenges.


The thrilling characteristics of the game are as follows:

Easy and enjoyable tower defense gameplay

First of all, players of Android games in Random Dice: Defense will discover that the easy gameplay of tower defense is enjoyable and refreshing. You can use your dicy abilities to attack your enemies, combine dice to obtain stronger powers, and create long-term strategies to successfully overcome problems by participating in the addicting dice fights. You won’t have any problems learning how to use the in-game features because to their accessible and easy features.

Several dice with different strengths

For those of you who are interested, the addition of additional dice with different powers allows you to enjoy the thrilling gameplay of Random Dice: Defense even more. Here, with a plethora of powers at your disposal from your dice, you can continue to enjoy your tactical gameplay of dice actions. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay and devise a variety of winning methods and strategies.

Create a potent deck of dice.

You’ll need to go past a lot of the early challenges in Random Dice: Defense in order to strengthen your dice deck. Try to deflect enemy attacks and use specific tactics to maximize your advantage. Furthermore, the intriguing and distinctive in-game mechanisms will add to the enjoyment of this level.

First of all, your massive assaults

In Random Dice: Defense, Android players will also experience opponents attacking them nonstop as they develop their starting strength. As a result, you’ll need to continually strengthening your dice while positioning them to effectively defend against your adversaries. Plan your critical strikes to overwhelm your opponents’ decks and increase your chances of winning at the same time.

Keep your deck in balance to win the game.

Android players must also be aware of the deck’s overall tactics and present circumstances in order to execute defenses and offenses efficiently. Make obstacles for your adversaries to stumble into. or devise persistent attacks that are impossible for them to counter. These strategies should all enable you to take pleasure in the game even more.

Participate in Alliance Mode with other players.

For those of you who enjoy the thrilling co-op tactical gameplay of Random Dice: Defense, there are now plenty of additions to make the game enjoyable. You are welcome to work together with friends or other players to defend your base against enemy attacks. Utilize various tactics to enhance your enjoyment of the thrilling gameplay. and open up several ways to tackle your PvP defense obstacles. Above all, Random Dice: Defense will introduce a ton of amazing goodies that you may pick up at your leisure.

Participate in boss-only levels

You’ll need to defeat new, distinctive bosses and opponents in Random Dice: Defense to enhance the thrilling gameplay experience. Please feel free to participate in the various thrilling in-game stages and enjoy the original experiences. Finish building your fully functional towers to take on the upcoming hostile opponents.

Play without restrictions

Furthermore, all Android players can still play the game for free on their smartphones despite all of its amazing features. As a result, downloading the game from the Google Play Store is simple and doesn’t cost anything. You can play the game to the fullest extent by feeling free to use most of its features.

Take pleasure in the unlocked games on our website.

For those who are interested, Random Dice: Defense’s unlocked gameplay is now available on our website, providing you with countless experiences that you may genuinely appreciate. You won’t be bothered by any advertisements or in-app purchases here because Android players are free to enjoy the unlocked gameplay. To get started, simply download and install the Random Dice: Defense Mod APK from our website, then follow the given instructions.

Sound and visual quality


With its captivating in-game features and visual arrangements, Random Dice: Defense impresses Android gamers despite having only basic visual experiences. Here, you can play the game with your amazing dice and their special attacks while having fun with the amazing combat. Most essential, though, is that you should be able to play the game on most of your Android devices—even low-end ones—because of its simple graphics.

Sound and Melody

Random Dice: Defense now delivers its unique audio experiences to add to the game’s intrigue and let Android players immerse themselves in the action. As you go, you may enjoy the fantastic gameplay and learn more about the intriguing soundtracks. which ought to increase how much fun the dicy levels are.

Concluding remarks

Because of its distinctive and novel gameplay, Random Dice: Defense is a great choice for anyone searching for a fresh and inventive approach to enjoy their tower defense strategy gameplay. Here, Android gamers should find themselves enjoying the fantastic mobile action even more because of the unique puzzle, merger, and tower defense gameplay aspects. Last but not least, you will love Random Dice: Defense even more after playing the modified version of the game on our website.

Random Dice: Defense Technical Details

GenresMultiplayer, Strategy
Google Play IDcom.percent.royaldice
Size850.86 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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