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REFACE Prepare to appreciate this incredible smartphone app powered by AI from NEOCRTEXT, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the fascinating and entertaining world of deepfake imagery. You can use the program to switch faces with buddies, transform into a skilled chef, dance in your favorite music videos, or just swap faces in a movie about top agents. REFACE, which makes use of cutting-edge deepfake technology, will let Android users enjoy experimenting with the fantastic features of the fantastic smartphone app. Take pleasure in producing face-swap videos with a variety of intriguing setups and extra visual effects. You can also add amusing face swapping experiences to your images so that no one can be recognized. Play with the fantastic mobile app on your portable devices whenever you wish. Check out our in-depth evaluations to learn more about this fantastic REFACE software.

How does it function?

Deepfake technology has long been a hot topic of discussion among tech aficionados. Some contend that they pose certain risks that, if left unchecked, might destabilize society and lead to significant identity issues. However, you also can’t ignore the technological innovations and fascinating uses for it. Additionally, you’ll be able to chuckle a lot using REFACE as you experience the advantages of deepfake. You can appreciate this fantastic app of facial faking if you’re curious about the fascinating art of REFACE as well as several helpful features. Users are able to take use of the remarkable functions and applications of REFACE thanks to its exclusive deepfake AI. Utilize cutting-edge AI technology to include your creative genius with the movies, pictures, GIFs, and other media you regularly consume. Make captivating and captivating pictures with amazing visual experiences to keep you captivated by the fantastic mobile app and its capabilities. Use the fantastic features of this excellent mobile app and have fun while using it. You’ll be hooked to the creative graphics, movies, and photos of your own choosing. You can freely select the faces of various characters, alter the environment, and completely transform images and movies with your original face swapping effects.


You can easily download and install the free version of REFACE from the Google Play Store to begin using the fantastic mobile app. Many of its functions can be used without costing you anything. But, because it’s still a freemium software, there will be in-app purchases and advertisements that demand real money to be made. Also, users must grant REFACE specific access permissions in order to guarantee that it operates as a fully functional application on their Android smartphones. Therefore, the first time you use the mobile application, make sure to grant the app’s requests. Users must also ensure that their smartphones are running the most recent firmware version—ideally Android 5.0 or higher—on them. This ought to guarantee the app’s compatibility with your system, especially when going for the latest updates.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

straightforward and simple to use

Android users will immediately love REFACE’s straightforward and user-friendly interface, which ensures that they can use the app’s capabilities without difficulty. Just snap your pictures and choose the face you wish to use in the future. Then, feel free to take use of the fantastic mobile app’s numerous unique features, which let you switch faces and create eye-catching deepfake effects.

Edit your movies and images.

To begin with, you can enjoy working with any chosen images, GIFs, or videos with ease by using REFACE’s swap features. This will add excitement to the overall experience. Let yourself stand next to the stars in the magazine posters that you adore. Take in captivating movie sequences while you’re there. And turn on a variety of REFACE effects to dazzle and astonish your pals.

Savor distinctive swap choices

Those of you who are interested can begin using the app by experimenting with its many practical swap alternatives. Take pleasure in switching faces in group photos with other people. Tailor each face to the smallest detail and revel in artistic visual adjustments. Try out the exclusive gender switch feature at the same time, which lets you play the opposing gender in any chosen video. Consequently, viewers will find the creative content far more engaging.

Make little adjustments to your face.

Enjoy the incredible Face Changer and Deep Fake Maker at the same time, which let you customize every aspect of your appearance. Make an effort to naturally alter the aspects of your face, as this will enhance the appearance over time. Simultaneously, the little yet striking adjustments will add a lot of credibility to the videos. You will then be able to take pleasure in working with your creative stuff.

Save and distribute your creative works with ease.

Additionally, to add to the app’s enjoyment, Android users may work with the conveniently available share and save options, which make it simple to store modified videos on your Android storage. Alternatively, just distribute the files via email and messaging services, or any chosen social media platform with the best settings. Enjoy utilizing the application and all of its fascinating features, which will leave you in awe.

Take pleasure in handling fresh information each day.

Because of NEOCORTEXT’s regularly updated library, you may also enjoy working with brand-new editing assets here in REFACE every day. Take pleasure in working with freshly uploaded pictures, GIFs, and videos every day. Use the supplied content to further enjoy the app and feel free to express your originality. Play around with all the options and personalize the contents to suit your preferences.

Enjoy our website’s modified app.

Despite being available for free on the Google Play Store, the app still offers in-app purchases and advertisements that may annoy you. Installing the modified version of the program from our website will therefore be a preferable choice if you don’t want to unlock them with real money. Here, we provide the fully functional Pro version of the unlocked app for free. It only requires that you visit our website, download, and install the REFACE Mod APK.

final decisions

This fantastic smartphone software from REFACE will make those of you who were interested in the lately well-known FaceApp extra happier. In addition to being able to interchange your faces in the pictures, this place offers amazing deepfake effects that you can use on your movies as well. Enjoy the app’s stunning visual experiences and have fun experimenting with your own ideas. You’ll also have extra reasons to appreciate it because REFACE is available on our website as a free, unlocked application.

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