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TCP Optimizer 4.1.1
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October 29, 2022
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TCP Optimizer 4.1.1
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The Windows 11 version of SG TCP Optimizer tests and enhances the performance of your Internet connection. I must state right away that this is a simple application. hence requires no installation. Following download, you must launch the application.

the primary interface, despite its unattractive appearance. There are many parameters that you can adjust based on your Internet connection.

Limit the Speed of the Internet

Navigate first to the General Settings bar’s primary pane. Which kind of Internet connection you want to maximize is up to you. In essence, you can select speeds of up to 100 Mbps or more. All of the appropriate adjustments have been performed in the General settings area. Click the Apply Modifications button. It is situated just next to Exit at the base of the main window.

You can choose from among the installed network adapters on your computer under the connection speed section. The available network adapters can be altered in a number of ways. Alternatively, you may choose to “Modify All Network Adapters.”

SG TCP Optimizer

Boost Internet Performance

Entering the Advanced Configuration. Basically, provide yourself the chance to adjust a variety of settings to increase the speed of your Internet connection. This section includes several features such as DNS Error Caching, Dynamic Port Allocation, Host Resolution Priority, Network Memory Allocation, and Internet Explorer Optimization.

IP Examiner

In addition to offering a plethora of customization options, the application displays your IP address.

Personal Environments

SG TCP Optimizer can be used with a variety of configurations. There are four settings available to you if you don’t want to alter the application in any way: Windows Default, Current, Optimal, and Custom.

However, you have the option to choose Custom if you want to play about with the application. Selecting bespoke makes things more difficult.

Advanced Instrument

You need to know some things in order to comprehend all those settings. It is highly likely that an average user will have trouble understanding what a congestion control provider, or TCP chimney, is. All these settings are quite helpful for an experienced user.

In the event that you experience difficulties navigating all of those options. I advise you to utilize the three pre-established presets that were previously mentioned in the evaluation.

Internet Registry for Windows

You can also modify the Windows Internet Registry with this application. The features use the Bandwidth Delay Product (BDP) to compute RWIN values and measure your latency.

Last Word

I have to admit that SG TCP Optimizer is a good tool after using it. Yes, the UI isn’t the most elegant looking, but in my opinion, that’s not a must for a program of that kind. There are many settings accessible, and navigating the menus is fairly simple. Furthermore, there is no need to install the program.

One minor issue with this application is that it requires advanced user knowledge to adjust all of the Custom mode’s settings. The ability to quickly select from those three preset options is what actually makes SG TCP Optimizer so much more user-friendly.

Advantage and Disadvantage


  • Numerous parameters to maximize the speed of your Internet connection
  • arranged well
  • Program that is lightweight and doesn’t need to be installed
  • accessible settings that are predefined


  • Much too complicated to use in the Custom mode

Attention: To changes all necessary settings must be Run as Administrator user.

SG TCP Optimizer 32-bit/64-bit System Requirement:

  • CPU: Supports all processors except ARM processors.
  • RAM: At least 2 GB.
  • OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
  • System: Both 32-bit/ 64-bit

Technical Details

Latest Version:TCP Optimizer 4.1.1
Update Released:October 29, 2022
Main Category:Utilities
Setup File:TCPOptimizer.exe
File Size:668.00 KB

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