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Sky Fighters 3D

You find the thought of being able to use your fast jets to soar above the clouds fascinating? Simultaneously, are you eager to engage in intense battles with your rivals in exhilarating and stimulating dogfights? Then Sky Fighters 3D’s incredible gameplay is undoubtedly something you should have on your Android devices. Enjoy fantastic shooter experiences while flying in your favorite aircraft and having fun with the addicting sky actions.

For those who are interested, you may now become a fighter jet pilot and enjoy the exciting and addicting gameplay of Sky Fighters 3D. Engage in a variety of captivating and thrilling activities as you embark on your ultimate objectives and adventures. Play the captivating and realistic action game on your mobile devices.

With our in-depth reviews, learn more about the fantastic gameplay of Doodle Mobile.


Android players will get the opportunity to engage in infinite sky action while attempting to defeat rivals in gripping dogfights. Take pleasure in the game’s numerous missions and in-game obstacles as you fly your jet fighter around freely over the skies. Enjoy thrilling adventures where you defeat the adversaries by yourself, or assume the role of a commander and lead your fleet in fierce air battles with the opposition.

As you become proficient with various types and become acquainted with their distinct cockpits, investigate the intricate controls and mechanisms of your jet fighters. Enjoy yourself while experimenting with the various cannons and rockets aboard your aircraft. Discover how to effectively glide over the skies while dodging strikes from foes. And don’t hesitate to start playing the exciting and realistic shooting games.

When you unlock the hangar, a variety of upgrades and customizations will become available to you. Enjoy the amazing battles and use your powerful aircraft to become the sky’s ruler.


The thrilling characteristics of the game are as follows:

Touch controls that are easy to use and straightforward

First of all, players of Android games will like Sky Fighters 3D’s easy-to-use touch controls. Imagine yourself seated in one of the amazing, realistic cockpits, complete with functional functions and amazing designs. Please feel free to utilize the easy-to-use touch controls that include virtual analog, touch buttons that are easy to operate, and handy gesture commands. Experience the captivating and exhilarating air fights while controlling your various jet types with realistic and captivating controls. Immerse yourself in the combat using incredible weaponry and planes.

Enjoy yourself in numerous air combat missions.

You can now enjoy more than 48 distinct in-game missions if you’re interested in the amazing Sky Fighter 3D adventures. Feel free to explore the differences between air-to-surface and air-to-air combat games. Try out various strategies for your individual missions and make the most of the fantastic shooter experiences. Most importantly, you’ll always find the game entertaining and thrilling despite the increasing difficulty.

Savor your travels in real aircraft models.

Players in Sky Fighters 3D will also find themselves loving their fantastic pilot rides with multiple jet models, which adds to the game’s intrigue. Enjoy yourself as you soar through the sky and engage in fantastic shooting encounters with a variety of your amazing aircraft, each with distinctive features and designs. In order to defeat the opposition in your tactical air shooter games, feel free to utilize their variety of structures and features.

Use a variety of upgrades to increase the capability of your aircraft.

Of course, Sky Fighters 3D lets Android players experiment with various weapon upgrades and customizations on their aircraft to further increase the power of their aircraft. As you fly your aircraft into their paradises, feel free to unlock the Hangar, where you may enjoy a variety of upgrades and customizations. To strengthen your planes’ defenses, start by arming them with greater armor. Then, apply weapon upgrades to load up your guns and use any of your planes to unlock incredible shooter experiences. Enjoy yourself while experimenting with the fascinating modifications on your fantastic airplane models.

Various in-game tasks for your enjoyment

In addition to its thrilling missions, Sky Fighters 3D offers amazing air battles in a variety of captivating challenges for those who are interested.

  • Team Deathmatch: Begin the incredible difficulties by enlisting in the fantastic Team Deathmatch, where players can form their own squad or join pre-existing ones to engage in intense aerial combat against opposing teams. To progress in the game, engage in tactical team battles as well as individual combat. As you and other players take pleasure in the captivating and captivating gameplay, unlock unique in-game experiences.
  • Defend the Base: Take charge of guarding your military installation and providing cover against enemy attacks from all directions. As the enemy approaches, take command of your aircraft and the fleet to protect your allies. Make any and all sacrifices necessary to ensure the survival of your base.
  • Last but not least, Sky Fighters 3D’s free for all challenges are a great way to pass the time for those of you who enjoy thrilling air battles. Enjoy engaging in compelling and entertaining solo battles in the amazing confrontations, when each person is on their own.

Finish tasks and attain goals to receive fantastic prizes.

Additionally, Android players in Sky Fighters 3D can obtain amazing rewards by fulfilling tasks and reaching milestones, which enhances the gaming experience. As you go, feel free to investigate these distinctive in-game encounters to reveal your exclusive gifts. Additionally, anytime you want, you can gather fantastic daily incentives.

Play the fully offline game anytime you want.

For those who are interested, you can now enjoy yourself with Sky Fighters 3D by playing the entirely offline in-game content. You can now enjoy the game’s full mission gameplay anytime you choose because of this. You will never again need to use up your mobile data when you’re outside.

Play without restrictions

Android players may still enjoy the amazing air battles and tactical missions in Sky Fighters 3D without having to spend anything, even with all the amazing in-game extras. Having said that, downloading the free game from the Google Play Store is simple and accessible at any time.

But since it’s still a freemium game, you’ll probably find the advertisements and in-app purchases annoying. Therefore, if you want to enjoy Sky Fighters 3D even more, you might choose to play our customized version of the game.

Enjoy our mod’s unlocked gameplay.

For those who are interested, our mod allows you to fully enjoy the thrilling shooter and air racing gameplay in Sky Fighters 3D. Because of this, you can play the game to your heart’s content whenever you’re ready, with unlocked gameplay, no more commercials, and infinite money. Installing the Sky Fighters 3D Mod APK from our website is all that is required.

Sound and visual quality


All Android players can enjoy Sky Fighters 3D’s fully immersive air shooter experience thanks to its amazing 3D graphics and simple touch controls. Feel free to use your ultimate jet fighters to soar above the skies as you immerse yourself in the amazing and exciting movements here. Savor the game’s amazing dynamics, striking graphics, and overall amazing experience. You can discover the game running smoothly on many of your Android smartphones thanks to its enhanced graphics.


The game now has amazing sound effects in addition to its captivating in-game graphics, which will totally engross you in its addicting shooting adventures. The fantastic soundtracks will also undoubtedly inspire you to begin your next endeavors at the same time.

Concluding remarks

Sky Fighters 3D offers players who enjoy the thrilling action of games like Zombie Gunship Survival and Galaxy Attack Mod APK an additional fantastic combat game to enjoy. Dive into the game’s amazing activities, realistic physics, intricate tactical battles, and plethora of other fascinating elements.

Most significantly, because to our fantastic mod, you may always enjoy the free and unlocked gameplay on your mobile devices.

Sky Fighters 3D Technical Details

GenresAction, Offline
Google Play IDcom.Bingo.Fighter
DeveloperDoodle Mobile Ltd.
Size24.04 MB
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping

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