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Temp Mail is a premium temporary email solution for all your online activities. Create temporary email addresses & avoid unwanted emails!
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Temp Mail is a premium temporary email solution for all your online activities. Create temporary email addresses & avoid unwanted emails!


For those of you who frequently find your work engaging in sending and getting many messages every day, then, at that point, the possibilities of you getting spam messages from undesirable sources are consistently unavoidable as others can undoubtedly snag your email address. Subsequently, you’ll most likely spend most of your functioning hours to manage irritating spam messages.
To manage this, having a transitory email address is surely a decent answer for conceal your genuine email address from undesirable contact. What’s more, with Temp Mail Genius, you’ll find it somewhat simple and advantageous to produce your own impermanent email locations and make full purposes of them. Get messages from others utilizing these messages rather than your primary contact to limit the potential outcomes of you getting spammed.

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How can it respond?

For those of you have close to zero familiarity with it yet, impermanent email is many times utilized as a mean to stay away from you getting reached by spamming messages at whatever point you go on the web. Here, rather than utilizing your principal email address to get insignificant messages, you can make utilizations of the transitory email accounts that are given by specific suppliers.

With these transitory messages, you can undoubtedly get messages from your contacts very much like typical. Notwithstanding, these messages will naturally end themselves after a specific measure of time and furthermore erase each of your reached information safely. Subsequently, nobody can follow back to your principal email address to convey spams, or search for the specific information that was erased on your impermanent email. Subsequently, you’ll track down it much more advantageous and secure while reaching on the web, particularly with irrelevant messages that you would rather not have on your principal account.

Furthermore, among the top suppliers, Android clients will find Temp Mail an extraordinary application for getting their new transitory messages and make uses of its helpful elements. With its straightforward and open elements, you can undoubtedly have your messages fit to be utilized in a matter of seconds. Go ahead and get messages just inside the in-application interfaces, and furthermore make utilizations of its fascinating highlights to appreciate helpful encounters with your brief messages.


To utilize the application, Android clients just have to have a functioning Android gadget and open Web associations. Then you can have the application handily introduced on your cell phones and begin to promptly accept your messages from the brief messages. The application offers many free highlights for you to make utilizations of. In any case, to completely use the application, you’ll need to enroll for the exceptional memberships of the application, which would cost you a smidgen.

Great elements

Here are the astonishing elements that the application brings to the table:

A compelling method for concealing yourself from spam messages

For those of you who’re searching for an effective method for safeguarding yourself from undesirable spam messages on the Web, utilizing Temp Mail is positively a viable methodology. That being said, the application will permit you to stow away from the spams with its brief messages really. Here, you can get your brief created messages and use it to get insignificant messages on the web. These messages will erase on themselves to ensure that your impermanent contact is never again exist. In this way, there is no spammer can irritate you with their messages. Likewise, by utilizing these messages, you will not need to uncover your principal contact address to other people, so your protection and namelessness will stay secure.

Straightforward and helpful purposes with no enlistment required

Furthermore, to consider speedy and agreeable purposes of the application, Android clients in Temp Mail will likewise wind up partaking in the basic and helpful application that requires no enrollment. Simply open the application and you ought to have your brief email fit to be utilized. Go ahead and duplicate your messages into the clipboard or make uses of the QR-code to store it safely.

At the point when you wrap up utilizing your transitory messages, you can without much of a stretch have them erased and immediately create new ones for future purposes. Get pop-up message to your cell phones very much like with typical messages, and consistently encounters continuous mail getting administrations from Temp Mail.

Get inbox and document connections that you can download

With the get messages, you’ll likewise find Temp Mail offering instinctive connection points with open messages and highlights. Continuously wind up getting the total messages, very much like with different stages like Gmail. Have both your sends and connections fit to be opened at whatever point you need. Download and partake in your get email connections utilizing the application as though you’re getting to your principal email. Additionally, it even feasible for clients to download their source EML from the inbox and keep the get gotten on your cell phone.

Partake in the application in any of your favored dialects

Furthermore, for those of you who aren’t local English speakers, the application likewise offers many different language choices for you to appreciate. Go ahead and have the in-application highlights accessible on your cell phones and in any of your favored dialects. The total confinement of your dialects in Temp Mail will consider fast and powerful purposes of its component for all Android clients.

Get the superior adaptation of the application with further developed highlights

To completely use its amazing highlights, Android clients in Temp Mail are likewise permitted to enlist for their premium application account. Here, you can appreciate seriously intriguing and helpful highlights with your brief email records and improve uses of them.

Begin by modifying your email names to make them look as expert as could really be expected. Get numerous post boxes on your cell phones and appreciate helpful clients of the application. Utilize the in-application email seeing choice to quickly browse out your messages.

Have your whole email stockpiling significantly upgraded to take into account additional putting away spaces for your information. Get the total in-application encounters without being upset by irritating promotions. The exceptional help will empower many successful elements on your versatile application.

What’s more, above all, the top notch email spaces are presently accessible for clients to make utilizations of. Here, you can make your expert impermanent messages, which would look significantly more true than your real messages.

Partake in the opened application for nothing on our site

What’s more, to wrap things up, for those of you who would rather not pay for your exceptional administrations, yet wish to partake in the totally opened application free of charge, you can without much of a stretch get the Temp Mail Star on our site all things considered. Here, clients can get to the opened variant of the application with every one of the accessible highlights for totally free. Everything necessary is for you to download and introduce the Temp Mail Genius APK on our site all things considered.


Can’t convey messages utilizing your brief record

The main disadvantage in this application that most clients could without much of a stretch notification is the absence of the sending capability. That being said, while it’s very compelling in making your brief messages and keep up with your secrecy in the web-based world, you’ll find it somewhat irritating simply have the option to accept your messages, rather than both sending and getting.

Last decisions

In any case, for those of you who’re searching for a successful method for guarding their character while sending messages on the web and to try not to spam messages from others, Temp Mail is surely an extraordinary application for you to appreciate. Here, you can undoubtedly make utilizations of its element to make your own got brief messages without uncovering your actual record. In addition, the safe erase capability will likewise guarantee that your got messages will not be seen by any others.

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