Tor Browser for Windows 7/8/10/11 (64/32-bit) Free Download

Tor Browser 13.0.8
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December 6, 2023
tor-browser-windows-x86_64-portable-13.0.8.exe – 96.96 MB/tor-browser-macos-13.0.8.dmg – 194.61 MB
Tor Browser 13.0.8
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Download for Windows 64-bit

Version: 13.0.8 | Size: 96.96 MB

Download for Windows 32-bit

Version: 13.0.8 | Size: 97.14 MB

Download for Mac

Version: 13.0.8 | Size: 194.61 MB

The goal of the Tor Browser, a customized version of Firefox, is to always make your Internet browsing secure. It maintains the security and safety of your web browser and internet connection.

It is a high-tech web browser that can safeguard all of your internet access. It is a traffic channel browser. Another extremely advanced browser is Tor. This will enable you to safely complete your task and open your browser more quickly.

Why Is the Tor Browser So Popular Online?

It is among the most widely used and well-liked pieces of software for those who use the internet globally. Since its launch, Tor Browser has led the way in success.

It was created to make your life easier. You no longer have to be concerned about leaving a digital trail when you browse the web.

Take ownership of the data you create by downloading the most recent version of Tor Browser for free!

Why Use the Browser Tor?

The Tor Browser is compatible with many programs, such as web browsers, instant messaging programs, remote access clients, and other TCP-based applications. For a variety of reasons, thousands of individuals use the Tor Browser every day from all over the world: ordinary people, companies, law enforcement officers, military personnel, journalists, bloggers, and nationals of repressive governments.

Dark Web Browser

This traffic channel software works really well, especially with Firefox browsers. This enables you to use the Internet safely and securely while maintaining the privacy of your identity, address, and email address. Nobody can see what you’re doing or the browser you’re using. thus your internet access is constantly protected by this program.

A Safe Web Browser

Originally designed to make their duties safe and secure, Chinese diplomats used Internet browsers for communication and work.

The internet surfing software that can save all forms of online history and access safely is far safer and more secure. This will enable you to conceal your access to the internet in all its forms.

You can work and read online without anybody seeing or reading what you write. due to the fact that it is based on several high-end, encrypted technologies.

Maximum Security

The Tor Browser functions as a covert browser, never revealing the user’s and the data’s origin or destination. using a method of encryption that offers the highest level of security. This program is the greatest solution if you’re looking for a suitable way to surf more safely and anonymously.

Open Banned Websites

You may visit previously restricted websites using Tor Browser for Windows 7 to 11, which is one of its unique features. Your initial IP address may be concealed from the destination server.

The Tor Project Developed Internet Access

It will be far safer and more secure for you to communicate with any business. It functions best when it comes to keeping your company’s name, address, trading license, and other details private.

The program is based on a number of cutting-edge technological technologies that are compatible with massive database systems. As a result, it can function with all available bits and Windows versions.

Get the complete free version of the Tor browser.

This browser’s most recent version is already available for download from the market. To secure all of your internet connection, you may get the offline installation for Tor Browser.

It requires no further software to install on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. It’s so independent that it can even function off of a USB flash drive.

Advantage and Disadvantage


  • Utilizing HTTPS when accessing the website
  • Absence of identity! enhanced computer security as a result
  • safeguarding one’s privacy
  • hiding your actual location
  • Compatible with every Windows version Multilingual support
  • Completely open-source and free software
  • private internet surfing
  • With a plethora of extensions and components, it is based on Firefox.


  • Browsing would be slower
  • Some websites can block Tor users
  • Offers anonymous browsing
  • Unable to access Netflix.

Technical Details

Latest Version:Tor Browser 13.0.8
Update Released:December 6, 2023
Publisher:Tor Project
Operating Systems:Windows 7/Windows  8/ Windows 10/ Windows 11/ MacOS X 13.0.6 or later
Bit Support:32-bit and 64-bit | x86/x64
Windows Setup File:tor-browser-windows-x86_64-portable-13.0.8.exe – 96.96 MB
Mac Setup File:tor-browser-macos-13.0.8.dmg – 194.61 MB

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