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The thrilling and refreshing gaming from Totally Reliable Delivery Service will definitely impress you with the easy yet incredibly entertaining encounters, whether you’re looking to have fun with friends or other online gamers. Enjoy the humorous gameplay of the delivery service simulation as you rise to the top of the in-game difficulties by acting as a trustworthy employee and delivering the goods to your clients.

Android players in Totally Reliable Delivery Service will find themselves relishing their thrilling in-game challenges unlike anywhere else thanks to the game’s distinctive and energizing ragdoll mechanics. Take pleasure in maneuvering the unsteady figures and hop on intriguing trucks to begin delivering the items. Discover and take on the incredible in-game tasks offered by Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

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Android players can assume the role of the intriguing delivery service workers in the game, whose goal is to always ship their goods on time. However, there will be many barriers on your path and difficulties that you must get through.

In addition, the figures become much more entertaining to play with because of the intriguing ragdoll mechanics.

The very oversized and shaky doll-like characters are a lot of fun to look at and interact with in this setting. You will therefore discover that you are appreciating the thrilling delivery tasks that come with your amusing avatars.

You’ll also always find yourself enjoying the enjoyable gameplay of Totally Reliable Delivery Service because it has a ton of intriguing levels for players to experience. Simultaneously, relish the fantastic virtual encounters with buddies and fellow gamers anytime you desire.


The game offers the following incredible features:

Take pleasure in the game’s dozens of captivating stages.

Android players will first enjoy the fantastic in-game experiences in Totally Reliable Delivery Service, which offers hundreds of engaging levels for you to play through. Feel free to take on the funny delivery tasks and immerse yourself in the limitless single player campaign here. To make sure that your delivery may reach their destinations safely, feel free to enjoy the amazing solo runs. Most significantly, you’ll always find the game intriguing because of the gradually increasing difficulty throughout the levels; it never gets too easy or too hard.

Enjoy yourself while playing cooperative games online with pals.

However, if you’d rather, feel free to play cooperative games with your friends and other players online from across the globe. Enjoy the humorous team gameplay where you’ll need to collaborate with others to deliver the products swiftly. Alternatively, you might simply relax and enjoy the various engaging gameplay options in the sandbox environments, either alone or with friends.

Unpredictable controls and intriguing ragdoll physics

Android players in Totally Reliable Delivery Service will find themselves having a ton of fun with the funny runs because to the intriguing and unusual ragdoll physics. Enjoy the amazing ragdoll physics and create captivating character controls as you run, jump, and dive anywhere while maintaining control over your delivery.

Additionally, the game’s intriguing and user-friendly control options allow you to experiment with humorous outcomes with every step. Enjoy yourself while exploring, taking in the captivating character movements whenever you please, and much more.

Different cars with intriguing controls

Additionally, you’ll discover that Totally Reliable Delivery Service applies intriguing ragdoll physics to your customized cars at the same time. As a result, you may definitely enjoy the thrilling and humorous visual sensations that the game offers. You can ride and dash your automobiles, boats, helicopters, and more like a pro. Discover the various cars and take advantage of their special control features. Utilize the fascinating physics to manage your cars effectively or just kick back and enjoy yourself while soaring through the air.

Examine the very distracting immersive settings.

Speaking of enjoyment, Android gamers can explore a universe of engaging diversion anytime they’d like thanks to Totally Reliable Delivery Service. You are welcome to take a vacation from the delivery services and enjoy yourself while experimenting with the in-game features and seeing this fascinating metropolis. Discover a ton of fascinating machines, cars, and toys as you create original gameplay that you may play with friends and other players. When you’re ready, go back to work and easily resume the funny delivery challenges.

Have fun using the various characters in the game.

For those who are curious, you can now enjoy yourself with the various in-game characters, each of whom has a distinctive appearance and fascinating in-game interactions. You are welcome to use any of the available characters that piques your attention to experience the amusing gameplay of ragdoll deliveries. Additionally, you are free to customize your avatars anyway you see fit because of the intriguing personalization options.

Interesting successes and tasks to accomplish

Also, players can encounter exciting and unusual achievements with a variety of full conditions if they find the in-game levels to be a little monotonous. Reach certain goals and get amazing prizes whenever you want.

Record amusing and thrilling moments using the integrated camera.

Android players in Totally Reliable Delivery Service will also discover that they love the humorous and thrilling moments they share with their avatars as they tackle the ragdoll delivery challenges. As a result, it’s simple to record or take pictures of your best stunts involving particular cars or when you’re trying to pull off an epic character delivery. You are welcome to utilize the integrated camera functions and record amazing moments at any time.

Play without restrictions

Additionally, Android players in Totally Reliable Delivery Service will still find themselves enjoying the free gaming on the majority of your Android devices despite all the fascinating in-game features. There are no costs involved; all you have to do is download the game from the Google Play Store.

With our mod, enjoy the fully unlocked gameplay.

Additionally, as Totally Reliable Delivery Service is still a freemium game, there will always be advertisements and in-game purchases. As a result, you might want to try out our customized version of the game, which is also fully free to play and unlocked. You can quickly get the game ready by downloading the Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod APK from our website and following the guidelines. Enjoy limitless funds, eliminated advertisements, and a plethora of intriguing features.

Sound and visual quality


In terms of graphics, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is without a doubt among the best games available for those of you who enjoy the thrilling ragdoll action. Here, you’ll still find the gorgeous colors and seamless physics to be really rewarding despite the straightforward polygon characters because they make the game feel much more realistic. In addition, Totally Reliable Delivery Service offers an extensive assortment of captivating visual elements that enhance the gaming experience.

But, you’ll discover that the game is really difficult, particularly in the ragdoll titles. Having said that, for the game to function properly, your devices must have at least 3GB of RAM. Furthermore, the game is quite demanding for devices with lower specs because there is no way to disable the shadow settings.


Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a fantastic mobile game to play on your devices since it features captivating music and sound effects in addition to intriguing in-game graphics. You can’t help but be enthralled with the sensitive audio and lifelike sound effects.

Concluding remarks

Now, those who enjoyed Human Fall Flat’s captivating gameplay have access to yet another fantastic mobile game with a comparable experience. The ragdoll physics are employed appropriately and enhanced in Totally Reliable Delivery Service to greatly enhance the overall enjoyment of the in-game experiences. Furthermore, you can now take full advantage of Even More Interesting Features with our fully free and unlocked version that is accessible on our website and experience Totally Reliable Delivery Service to the maximum.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Technical Details

GenresMultiplayer, Simulation
Google Play IDcom.werefivegames.trds
Size304 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlock the full version

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