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Traffic Racer is the ultimate racing game for thrill-seekers. Dodge traffic, unlock new cars, and race your way to victory.


There isn’t a better game than Traffic Racer for race aficionados seeking a distinctive and novel driving experience. Having said that, players shouldn’t focus on defeating their rivals or winning the races in this game. Rather, the game concentrates only on providing engaging driving action. You’ll have the opportunity to operate a variety of trucks and get a taste of a long-haul truck driver’s everyday routine. Use our evaluations to learn more about this thrilling Soner Kara game.


One of the few racing games available for mobile devices that lets players concentrate on the driving part rather than keeping their head preoccupied with rivalry is Traffic Racer. As a result, you will have more time to enjoy yourself while cruising through breathtaking scenery. Drive the vehicles of your choice, including SUVs, sports cars, cargo trucks, and more. Feels various things as you get into different cars.


All of the game’s fascinating features are available here:

Controls that are easy to use and intuitive

The developers of Traffic Racer added touch controls that are tailored to make the game easier to play. As a result, you can simply use the Tilt or Touch capabilities to steer your automobiles in different directions. There will only be two controls to adjust the speed: the Brake button for slowing down and the Gas button for acceleration. Additionally, all of your in-game encounters will be really enjoyable because of the flawless automobile control.

Select several vehicles to customize your driving experiences.

You will first be shown a sizable assortment from which to select from a variety of automobiles. Obtain one of the most sought-after supercars, or operate a long-haul truck. Choosing your favorite automobile wouldn’t be that difficult with over 35 options. It’s up to you to decide. But first, you’ll have to unlock your vehicles. Thus, it is advised that you attempt a few different tasks in order to gather riches.

Visit various places and drive over unusual terrain

Conversely, players of Traffic Racers will have the chance to stop at several points throughout the route. Test your driving prowess on distinct courses and in a variety of environments, including cities, suburbs, deserts, snowy, rainy, and more. Develop your driving skills on several circuits and become a proficient traffic racer.

Examine thrilling game modes.

Additionally, Traffic Racer offers up to five distinct game modes for you to play, which adds to the game’s excitement:

  • Free Ride: To begin, try your driving prowess on the free rides and become acquainted with the controls.
  • Two-way: To add a bit more difficulty to the game, try your driving prowess on the two-way street rather than the monotonous one-way streets.
  • Time Trial – If you enjoy driving quickly, you will undoubtedly become addicted to Traffic Racer’s Time Trial challenges. To achieve amazing records, compete just against yourself and give it your all.
  • If you’re tired of the standard obstacles, you can always add some excitement to your journey by having a few police officers pursue you from behind. This is known as the “Police Chase” mode.
  • Endless: Lastly, the Endless mode allows you to have a test of all your driving abilities. Take your time traversing the increasingly congested streets and appreciating the roads.

Examine the captivating gameplay.

In addition to its thrilling game types, Traffic Racers has a few additional little adjustments that make it far more addicting than other racing games. Having said that, if you want to raise your overall score, consider driving more quickly. You can pass nearby automobiles at a speed of exceeding 100 km/h to receive additional points. Additionally, there are occasions when riding in the opposing lane in two-way mode may be enjoyable and fruitful.

Comprehensive and realistic NPC traffics

In contrast to many other racing games, Traffic Racers gives players access to extremely detailed and extensive non-player traffic, which enhances the sense of being on real roads. Make sure your vehicles are able to pass several SUVs, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and even sports cars. Drive with the experience of genuine mechanics and physics.

Make your vehicle unique so it stands out on the road.

Additionally, there are a ton of fun changes you can attempt on your vehicles to make them stand out in the streets once you’ve gotten into the game. Modify the artwork, graphics, wheel kinds, and other elements.

Furthermore, your automobiles will have a plethora of upgradeable features that you might utilize. Boost your car’s speed and handling capabilities.

Play online with millions of real players and have fun

Players may engage in thrilling challenges and accomplishments in addition to the lucrative missions and game types to gain priceless riches. Intriguing online gaming is another element of the game, where you may compete with other players online on the Leaderboards. Gain victory over your rivals and ascend to the top locations to win incredible rewards.

Play without restrictions

Furthermore, Traffic Racer is still a free-to-play game in spite of all its amazing features. That’s your right. There is no cost associated with having it loaded on your mobile devices anytime you like. There are still some intriguing in-app purchases in the game, though. You would thus most likely spend some money on it.

With our modifications, you may access infinite stuff.

However, you may use our modifications to access an infinite number of in-app purchases. Simply download and install our Traffic Racer hacked APK files from our website into your devices. You may unlock every feature of the game by following the instructions provided.

Sound and visual quality


The game’s intricate 3D visuals immerse players in a vibrant driving environment. However, it isn’t very visually demanding, so you should have no trouble installing the game on your low-end devices.


Several NPC cars, intricate traffic, pursuing police, and other features will immerse players in the realistic and intricate auditory sensations of Traffic Racer. You get the impression that you are indeed riding on a road.

final decisions

Traffic Racer may look like a novel racing game that you’re not yet familiar with to die-hard racing enthusiasts. But after time, you’ll discover that the game is incredibly fulfilling and addicting.

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