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Apr 18, 2023
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Windows 11, 10, 7, (32/64-bit PC)
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Strong PC virtualization software for both home and business usage is called VirtualBox. This is a high-performance, professional software that runs on AMD64 and Intel64 platforms. Get the most recent version of VirtualBox for free on a 32- or 64-bit Windows computer.

Virtual Box is the only professional solution that is freely accessible as Open Source Software. It is an incredibly feature-rich tool. It enables Windows users to run different operating systems on a single computer by installing Mac or Linux on their Windows computer.

Download the unmodified, virus-free VirtualBox full version for Windows 32- and 64-bit platforms. This is the straight, one-click link to our quick download server’s free Virtual Box download.

Overview of Virtual Box Download 2024

Frequent updates of VirtualBox freeware are made available along with an ever-expanding feature list, compatibility for several guest operating systems, and cross-platform support.

Since VirtualBox is a community-developed application, anybody may work to further its development. Oracle supports this free software to guarantee that it satisfies expert quality standards.

This tool is now available for hosts running Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Virtual Box is not just compatible with Windows; it can also run a variety of operating systems, such as DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4, 2.6, 3.x and 4.x), Solaris and OpenSolaris, OS/2, and OpenBSD. These operating systems are supported by Virtual Box in addition to Windows.

Important Ubuntu 64-bit Features

  • pre-assembled virtual computers for Oracle programmers
  • Project Virtual Infrastructure Manager is open-source.
  • Project website for the phpVirtualBox AJAX web interface
  • founded on the growth of communities.
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • lightweight software for Windows computers.
  • updated flawlessly.

What is the purpose of VirtualBox?

With VirtualBox, you may run different operating systems simultaneously on a single PC. If you wish to install an operating system other than Windows on a Windows computer, such as Ubuntu, Mac, or Linux.

This enables you to install a different operating system on the same computer by creating a virtual machine inside of it.

Is VirtualBox secure?

Compared to Windows OS, VirtualBox is more secure since malware cannot operate correctly on a virtualized system. and is available for download as security software. The program provides increased security by guarding against malware.

Typically, a virus will terminate itself as soon as it recognizes a virtual environment. VirtualBox allows you to execute programs that are incompatible with your current operating system, test new operating systems, and safeguard your hard drive from viruses.

How Can a Windows 10 Computer Download?

Would you like to set up Virtualbox on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer? Don’t worry; you can quickly download Windows 10’s Virtual Machine in either 32- or 64-bit version.

For Windows 10 PCs, VirtualBox does not have a separate installation setup. You may install VirtualBox on a Windows computer using the same configuration. To install Virtualbox on a Windows 10 PC, download the software by clicking the download button above and follow the instructions below.

Ways to Set Up VirtualBox on a Windows Computer?

To use different operating systems on a single PC, install Virtualbox on Windows 10. To achieve this, adhere to the high-level steps:

  1. Turn on the CPU virtualization functions.
  2. Get the VirtualBox installation here.
  3. Launch the installer and select your installation preferences.
  4. Setting Up an Online Computer.
  5. Making an Electronic Hard Drive.
  6. setting up an OS for a visitor.


Without a doubt, one of the most well-known freeware virtualization programs is VirtualBox. However, you may also get VMware Workstation Player, VMware Workstation Pro, and Virtual PC, among many other excellent virtualization alternatives.

Update to VirtualBox 7.0.8 Latest Version

VMM: When using Hyper-V, the handling of EFLAGS.TF for CPUID instructions has been corrected (bug #17961).
VMM: Resolved MONITOR/MWAIT crash with Solaris guests when using Windows 11’s Hyper-V.
VMM: Added broad enhancements to the field of nested visualization
VMM: Starting with macOS Ventura 13.3, triple fault-related guru meditations for UEFI guests have been fixed (bug #21563)
GUI: Revamped the Close VM dialog’s Restore Current Snapshot checkbox (bugs #21189, #21491)
GUI: VM settings validation and fixes Filter port value is now correctly saved/restored in the USB filters editor.
GUI: Corrections for the OS type and VM name embedded editors in the Details pane
GUI: Cloud-related wizards need to now suggest activated profiles before inactive ones. Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack: The cryptographic support module for complete virtual machine encryption is now provided.
E1000: Addressed the potential for guru meditation during network attachment changes (bug #21488)
virtio-net: Updates for pfSense 2.6.0 (bug #21201) and FreeBSD 12.3
3D: Several visual problems with Windows 7 guests were resolved (bugs #21129, #21196, #21208, #21521).
API to add signatures to the MOK list (Machine Owner Key) has been added to Main/UefiVariableStore.
In order to enroll the Machine Owner Key into NVRAM so that the Linux guest kernel may get it and confirm the signature of modules signed with this key, VBoxManage introduced the modifynvram enrollmok sub-command.
Guest Control/Main: Resolved file deletion with the integrated toolbox
Host Linux: Bypassing kernel module signature verification is now possible if you specify VBOX_BYPASS_MODULES_SIGNATURE_CHECK=”1″ in /etc/vbox/vbox.cfg. This is helpful if you’re using Linux. Give the tools required to confirm the signature of the kernel module.
Linux Host Installer and Guest Additions: enhanced ability to identify whether systemd is the init process on the system
Host drivers and Linux guest additions: Initially support kernel 6.3 is introduced.
Additional Linux Guest: Once VBOX_BYPASS_MODULES_SIGNATURE_CHECK=”1″ is provided in /etc/virtualbox-guest-additions.conf, there is an additional option to bypass kernel module signature verification. This is helpful if the Linux distribution does not have the required tools to check the signature of the kernel module.
Additional Linux Guest: Added experimental support for user services and kernel modules reloading at the conclusion of the installation process; as a result, in most cases, a guest system reboot following an upgrade to Guest Additions (7.0.8 and newer) is no longer necessary.
Additional Linux Guest: The RHEL 8.7, 9.1, and 9.2 kernels’ vboxvideo build issues have been resolved (bugs #21446 and #21450).

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