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It is strongly advised that you use certain VPN services in order to ensure that you are safely connected to the Internet and having full access to the online worlds. This will make sure that you can stay entirely hidden from internet trackers and safeguard your devices from exploits, utilizing the military-grade encryption services.

And for those of you searching for the best VPN service, VPN Unlimited will let you fully enjoy the unfiltered Internet thanks to its many standard features and free access. When utilizing the program, you’ll have no trouble connecting to the unblocked Internet and maintaining that connection.

With our in-depth evaluations, learn more about this incredible mobile tool from KeepSolid and all of its incredible features.

How does it function?

With VPN Unlimited, Android users may enhance their productivity with an uncensored Internet connection and safeguard themselves against various online threats, thanks to the comprehensive features of the VPN app. All you have to do is open the software and activate the features you want to use; VPN Unlimited will take care of the rest by configuring the settings automatically.

Take advantage of the finest VPN servers for your mobile experience with this straightforward and user-friendly app. Possess access to an enormous array of servers, each of which lets you make unique use of the VPN services. Investigate the applications of several secure VPN protocols to safeguard your connections against possible security flaws. Get the strong DNS firewalls unlocked to stop malware from attacking your devices.

To improve the device’s security controls, activate the kill switch. Use the Trusted Network Only option to safeguard your connections. Tailor the various App Exceptions to alter how you use the app. Use your TouchID to secure VPN Unlimited. The list is endless.


Thanks to VPN Unlimited’s free app on the Google Play Store, Android users may now use VPN Unlimited on all of their mobile devices without ever having to pay for it. Just launch the free software and begin utilizing its simple functions to activate the VPN networks. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for in-app purchases to access the fully-featured edition of VPN Unlimited on your devices.

Additionally, you will be required when you use the app for the first time to provide access permissions so that the in-app features can function as intended. To enable the fully working app, be sure to take their requests into consideration and grant them.

Furthermore, it is strongly advised that you update the firmware on your mobile devices to the most recent versions—Android 7.0 and above, ideally—as this will significantly enhance the overall compatibility and in-app stability of your system.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

straightforward and simple to use

Users of VPN Unlimited will immediately feel most at ease using the mobile app because of its user-friendly interface and easily accessible capabilities. Like Guardilla VPN and FlyVPN, customers of VPN Unlimited can connect to the VPN servers right away by using the one-tap connecting feature.

In this case, the app will actively choose the optimal servers for your particular connection, allowing you to maintain a connection to the best servers based on your present location. Additionally, you can use the free VPN Mode without creating an account. To access the Internet over your VPN connections, just launch the app and work with your guest rights.

Simultaneously, you have the option to register for the app in order to get access to your free trials, which will give you access to all of the premium features on your devices. You can continue to use the free VPN network with sufficient functionality even after your trial period has ended.

Savor the best servers for virtual private networks.

With VPN Unlimited delivering the appropriate servers for your VPN connections, mobile users can always locate the best VPN servers to stay connected to. Take use of the servers that are best suited to your present location to get fast connection speeds. Unlock specific servers that offer perfect encryption, the fastest VPN speed, and more.

Utilize the Streaming Servers feature of the app to view your preferred television programs and entertainment options from around the globe. Avoid any nation’s geo-restrictions with minimal difficulty. Utilize the VPN networks as well to run your torrent services unhindered.

Whenever you use the app, take use of your high-speed servers for optimal performance and lightning-fast connections. Experience Unmatched Stability with the app’s powerful VPN protocols. Acquire the freedom to browse the web secretly and completely without being recognized.

be able to use a variety of safe VPN protocols

Users of VPN Unlimited who are interested can now investigate the various safe VPN protocols and take advantage of their many advantages. Explore the protocol options with ease when you use VPN Unlimited to use OpenVPN, IKEv2, KeepSolid Wise, WireGuard, and numerous other Internet protocols.

Invest in a DNS firewall to protect yourself against malware.

Additionally, VPN Unlimited will let mobile users use their DNS Firewall feature to ensure that you can avoid risky malware infections. Use the impenetrable method to spoof your DNS resolve so the app can track your internet activity and stop third parties from abusing your traffic. Additionally, consumers can increase their safety from online risks by having the ability to blacklist phishing websites. Additionally, when using the app to browse the Internet, it is possible to filter content deemed improper.

Turn on the Kill Switch function to guarantee security.

With the Kill Switch feature becoming released, VPN Unlimited users can now entirely safeguard their connections against insecure Internet failures. Now, VPN Unlimited will immediately terminate your devices’ internet connections if there are any VPN disruptions, ensuring that none of your sensitive information is compromised. And as soon as the VPN services are restored to normal, it will instantly restart your Internet. This will ensure that you are completely safe when using the application.

Continue to connect to reliable networks at all times.

For those of you who are interested, VPN Unlimited now allows you to maintain connectivity to your trusted networks. You won’t have any trouble adding people to your whitelist for your personal and home Wi-Fi networks, which will prevent the VPN from working while in use. Should you choose not to, VPN Unlimited will be activated immediately as soon as you connect to any public WiFi. You can be sure that your online activity and personal information are always safe with this choice.

Use App Exceptions to add your apps to a whitelist.

The App Exception feature allows you to designate which apps can be used with ordinary Internet connections, much as the Wi-Fi Whitelist. Open the secured VPN connections on the services and applications that need their VPN protections and applications. You can always take full advantage of the app thanks to the adjustable switches.

Connect to your various networks to access VPN services.

If you’re interested, you can always maintain your connection to the VPN networks regardless of your location or the device you’re using to access the Internet. Here, VPN Unlimited facilitates mobile data usage and on-the-go Wi-Fi connections. Nevertheless, you can always decide to use the Wi-Fi-only mode to save your data when using VPN Unlimited for Internet access.

Use Face Recognition or TouchID to secure the app.

VPN Unlimited customers can choose to secure the app using their TouchID and Face Recognition features in order to get the most out of it on their mobile device. This will make it so that only you can access the app and prevent others from doing so without your permission. Use VPN Unlimited to secure your VPN data and online activity.

To access further features, open the premium app.

To take advantage of even more capabilities, those of you who are interested can now opt to unlock VPN Unlimited’s premium edition. To ensure that you can always be connected to the unblocked Internet wherever you are, start by gaining access to the more than 500 virtual servers. Discover the 80+ VPN locations across the globe, allowing you to freely switch locations when playing games, streaming media, and accessing geo-restricted material. Unlock up to five devices with a single account to take advantage of KeepSolid’s total protection for everyone. With the premium app, take advantage of faster speed and more features. The list is endless.

Use our mod to enjoy the free and unlocked app.

Finally, but just as importantly, you can download the VPN Unlimited free version from our website if you’re interested in the premium version but don’t want to pay for in-app purchases. Here, we provide the modified app for free, which has infinite functions and no more adverts. To get started, just download the VPN Unlimited Mod APK and adhere to the instructions.

final decisions

Prepare to permanently unblock your Internet connection with VPN Unlimited’ fantastic mobile app. You can now surf the fully unfiltered internet environment while maintaining a connection to the well-hidden and secure VPN tunnels.

 Technical Details

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