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Enter the ring and become a wrestling superstar with Wrestling Revolution 3D! Create your wrestler, battle opponents and climb the rankings!
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Enter the ring and become a wrestling superstar with Wrestling Revolution 3D! Create your wrestler, battle opponents and climb the rankings!


In Wrestling Revolution 3D, you are free to manage your hefty character and are looking for some genuine action. As you take on this amazing wrestling challenge and engage in intense grappling matches with your opponents, create your own characters. Select from a range of competitions as you assist your hero in realizing his aspirations to become the greatest wrestler of all time. Take on a variety of opponents in fierce battles with or without the necessary rules. Check read our reviews to learn more about this incredible game.


Wrestling Revolution 3D is a fun game to play if you adore wrestling and would love to go on the ultimate journey of a champion in the making. Having said that, the game presents players to all facets of the life of a wrestler as well as the routes they must choose. Make your own characters with distinctive qualities, begin your career by taking part in easy bouts, and eventually accumulate enough experience and renown to advance to more difficult competitions. Locate a manager and sponsors who can aid in the advancement of your careers. Put in a lot of work, and you’ll have the opportunity to compete in the global championship against the big boys. Of course, the amusing and thrilling wrestling mechanics would also gratify you.


All of the game’s fascinating features are available here:

Take use of the largest mobile wrestling simulator.

Android users will have the opportunity to play this fantastic and engrossing wrestling game on their phones for the first time. You will discover that you have access to every distinct facet of the wrestling industry, including ventures conducted both inside and outside of the company. Make your own personas, work on honing your craft, and develop your abilities so you can compete in matches, land a deal with a well-known management, and show up in the biggest professional wrestling events. The game is just for the most ardent followers of professional wrestling since it allows you to simulate a variety of pro wrestling activities, such as contract negotiations and grueling training regimens. There is a lot of work involved in becoming a renowned wrestler.

Make your own characters and give them distinctive embellishments.

The game first presents players with interactive character modifications, allowing them to quickly and simply design own characters using the available possibilities. In this game, you are free to use your imagination and create your own wrestler. In addition, there will be additional intriguing aspects for you to discover as you progress through the game. Adorn your wrestler in a variety of clothes, and personalize the soundtrack for your entrance.

You will be competing against hundreds of wrestlers worldwide.

In Wrestling Revolution 3D, as you go up the ranks to become a well-known professional wrestler, you will encounter genuine hurdles. Having said that, the game has over 300 distinct characters that you will encounter across various promotions. Approach every promotion with the understanding that it will be far harder than the last. Every time you enter the ring, take on opponents who are more formidable.

Controls that are easy to use and intuitive

Because of the game’s very easy touch controls, players may rapidly become accustomed to the action and battles. You’ll also have access to the user-friendly lessons that will instruct you on how to battle in Wrestling Revolution 3D.

Utilize the successful trainings to support your characters.

You’ll need to adequately prepare yourself for the difficulties, both mentally and physically, in order to give your characters the ability to handle the more intense battles. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the fights with several training sessions. Gain experience fighting successfully in the ring and pick up new talents while you kick the butt of your opponent.

Examine the distinct battles with different rings.

Gamers will get the opportunity to take on the most entertaining wrestling challenges with Wrestling Revolution 3D. To begin, battle in several arenas featuring distinct ring designs. In the very first War Games, you can even have fun. Furthermore, defeating your rivals in a matter of seconds isn’t the only way to win matches in Wrestling Revolution 3D. Rather, you’ll need to develop your ability to captivate your audience with lifelike acting. While you work to maintain the high ticket price, do your utmost to provide them with the most fulfilling experiences possible.

Play around with the special matching system.

You may also take part in thrilling custom matches where you have complete control over the regulations. Investigate the Mix & Match function to make personalized matches with distinct sets of guidelines. Participate in spectacular brawls with your rivals that may include up to 20 wrestlers. Take pleasure in battling in the intuitive ring, where you may hit your opponents with any object. You can even kick the referee in the butt if you so want.

Play without restrictions

Furthermore, all Android users may still play the game for free on their smartphones despite all of its amazing features. Nevertheless, you can download the game for free right now from the Google Play Store. As such, there is no cost associated with downloading and installing it.

Use our modifications to have the game fully unlocked.

You could find the in-app purchases and adverts infuriating, but your game would still have them. It is advised that you install our customized version of the game on your devices in order to deal with this. With it, you may play the game without interruption from advertisements and use the limitless money to make any sort of purchase. Simply download our mobile devices’ Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod APK. To ensure that it is installed correctly on your Android devices, adhere to our instructions. You may now enjoy the game to the fullest.

Sound and visual quality


The game introduces players to the basic 3D visuals that are compatible with the majority of Android smartphones on the market today. That does not, however, imply that the game has a poor visual style. In actuality, the distinct animation technique even makes it possible for it to have fluid skill combinations. hence making battles more enjoyable, particularly when using your chain wrestling techniques. Furthermore, you have the option to experience the game from a variety of camera angles, which you may adjust to suit your tastes. Most significantly, you may play the fluid and enjoyable action on several Android devices thanks to the movable visuals.


Wrestling Revolution 3D gives players to unique audio experiences in addition to its intriguing visuals. Nevertheless, you can find yourself engaged in combat in front of tens of thousands of yelling supporters in a magnificent arena. Is there anything more thrilling than that?

final decisions

Since it lets you get completely immersed in the world of wrestlers and the wrestling industry, this game is sure to pique the interest of die-hard wrestling fans. The massive brawls, which may include up to 20 participants per, will also be a lot of fun to watch and participate in. Don’t let it pass you by

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