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On your Android devices, the default browser app may be rather feature-limited and may not provide you with the ease of use needed to easily surf web pages. Thus, XBrowser is unquestionably a fantastic mobile tool for you if you’re searching for a simple yet functional mobile browser program. Please feel free to utilize the app’s incredible features to enhance your online browsing.

Savor the quick and compact browser software that you can set up and activate on every Android device you own. Utilize a ton of awesome tools to freely alter your browser settings and in-app experiences. and always have access to a wealth of practical tools via the app, enabling you to maximize your on-screen interactions to the

With the help of our in-depth evaluations, discover more about this incredible mobile app from byteman.su and all of its incredible features.

How does it function?

Android users will have the ideal mobile software for easily accessing any online material and viewing websites with XBrowser. Take advantage of the streamlined in-app functionality and minimalist user interface to view webpages swiftly. Turn on a lot of helpful features to make it easier for you to navigate websites and engage with content online.

You are welcome to alter the user interface to suit your tastes. Possess a plethora of practical and adaptable gestures at your disposal, enabling seamless browser control. Utilize as many of the automated tools as possible to enhance your online experiences. Websites and other internet content can be saved for offline viewing.

Use the integrated adblocker to stop obnoxious and upsetting advertisements from pestering you. To start your browser off right and keep crucial information, feel free to add bookmarks and customize your homepages. Possess a wide range of privacy settings at your disposal to allow you to fully personalize the in-app experience. The list is endless.


It should be possible for all Android users to operate with the free version of XBrowser, for those of you who are interested. Here, mobile users can take advantage of the free app’s user-friendly interface and numerous functionalities.

Just be aware that for the app to work properly, your Android devices must grant it specific access permissions. So, whenever you open the program for the first time, be sure to take into account its prompting requirements.

Similar to other Android apps, you should update your mobile devices to the most recent firmware versions—android 4.0 and higher is the best choice—as this will significantly enhance the stability of the app and its compatibility with your system.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

a minimalist browser that offers enhanced online experiences

Thanks to its optimized features and clean designs, XBrowser will make Internet browsing on Android devices more comfortable for consumers. Always take pleasure in the app’s lightning-fast user interface (UI), which helps you choose and freely engage with specific websites. Furthermore, the 1MB software size will guarantee that installing XBrowser on any of your Android devices will be simple and trouble-free.

You are welcome to alter the UI.

Those of you who are interested can use the many options offered by XBrowser to freely personalize the user interface, enabling them to get the most out of the program. Here, you can adjust the in-app visibility based on the time of day by utilizing the Day and Night modes. To improve your reading of web material throughout the day, select the Day mode on your devices to activate the bright theme. In order to shield your eyes from blue lights at night, turn on the Night mode. Additionally, you’ll be able to easily alter the display by accessing customizable brightness settings.

You can alter the user interface (UI) of your browser by selecting from a variety of presets, such as Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, and WAP. This will allow you to see web material on your devices in a variety of layouts. To have better in-app experiences, especially when reading text articles or watching videos, turn on the full screen mode. Additionally, take advantage of the app’s lovely colors and modifiable theme settings to alter the in-app experiences at will.

motions that are pre-installed and customizable for simple navigation and interaction

In addition to the straightforward touch controls, XBrowser provides a variety of fast gestures that you may utilize to facilitate easier app interactions and more comfortable navigation. Choose from a variety of long press actions for the various app regions or icons. With XBrowser’s rapid touch gestures, you may quickly switch between different activities by drawing different shapes to carry out different commands. The list is endless.

Keep autofill information for added convenience.

Because XBrowser has strong security and privacy protections, users can opt to save certain information (passwords, email addresses, account names, and other details) and have the app automatically fill out forms. Your time will be considerably saved, and using the software will be lot more comfortable as a result.

Websites can be saved to be viewed later.

The webpages included in XBrowser can now be accessed entirely offline by downloading them to your devices, just like UC Browser Mini and JioPages. Consequently, mobile users will be able to save and access their webpages while on the go thanks to the app.

Easily download audio and video files from the web

Thanks to XBrowser’s Video Sniffing features, users may now enjoy their online media content much more, as the tool allows you to sniff music or video files to obtain the download URLs. Many media files are now available for you to download and store on your mobile devices directly from the Internet. When you’re outside, enjoy offline without having to link your gadgets to the Internet.

Keep your privacy safe by using the Incognito mode.

With its many security features to safeguard your devices and its Incognito mode, XBrowser caters to those of you who truly care about your privacy. To prevent the app from collecting or saving any of your data while you are browsing anonymously, just enable the Incognito browser. To further secure your devices, configure a few privacy and security options. To fully secure your devices, block third-party advertisements, push services, background services, and more.

Increase output by using PC Mode.

XBrowser users have the option to work with the PC Mode, which transforms their default user interface into a more PC-friendly one, in order to increase productivity. The majority of your Android tablets need to function flawlessly with this, particularly if they have a separate PC mode.

An effective adblocker to eliminate distractions

With its robust ad blocker, XBrowser guarantees that Android users may avoid intrusive advertisements when viewing websites. Select which settings and intensity levels to use while blocking advertisements. Use the software to block simple advertisements to stop popups and ordinary adverts from appearing. To stop intrusive advertisements from flooding your devices, turn on the Strong Ad Blocker. And mark the adverts you want to have removed from the manual adblocker. XBrowser’s robust and current adblocker will automatically filter 80% of harmful advertising. You are also welcome to work on clearing the rest of your personal settings.

Make changes to your home page entries and bookmarks for greater convenience.

Users of XBrowser can now freely personalize their home page entries and bookmarks to enjoy better in-app experiences and conveniences. Completely customize the home menu by selecting which new entries to save and which ones to delete from your home pages. To make the homepage background more in line with your tastes, change it. Choose the default home page that XBrowser should display. To make it simple for you to visit your most important web URLs, save and modify your bookmarks.

Clear browsing data with a single click

Android users may quickly and simply clear their browser data with a single click by using the Clean feature. This program allows you to delete form data, web cookies, browser history, web and app cache, and a variety of other browser data. You should now be able to use any Android device with your fully private and spotless browser.

Several add-ons to set up and activate

With so many awesome add-ons, XBrowser will now let Android users utilize the software more effectively. You are welcome to explore the add-ons library in search of special add-ons with interesting features. After finding a few you like, download them to get started. Take pleasure in using the incredible conveniences of the downloaders, QR scanners, and numerous more add-ons.

Enjoy our website’s free and unlocked app.

For those who are interested, our website now sells the full functional and unlocked version of XBrowser, along with a ton of awesome mods. To get started, simply download the XBrowser Mod APK, install it according to the instructions, and you’re ready to go.

final decisions

With its user-friendly and fully optimized browser UI, numerous practical features, and innovative utilities, XBrowser is sure to be a fantastic Android browser app that will be beneficial to all mobile users. Installing and using the fluid browser app on all of your Android devices is free of charge. Utilize these features to surf your online media and webpages with comfort. Additionally, for the best user experience, always use the modified version of the app available on our website.

XBrowser Technical Details

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