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YouTube ReVanced is the best way to enjoy YouTube. Ad-free playback, background playback, and more features to enhance your experience.
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YouTube ReVanced is the best way to enjoy YouTube. Ad-free playback, background playback, and more features to enhance your experience.


Having advertisements in every video when viewing YouTube on your mobile device is definitely an unpleasant experience. The continuous flashing of advertisements throughout films significantly diminishes the entire experience. Therefore, YouTube ReVanced is unquestionably a must-have if you’re searching for the cleanest YouTube experiences. Just launch the app, explore its plethora of options, and get to work enhancing your YouTube experiences. You may view ad-free video on your mobile devices anytime and wherever you want with our free software. Additionally, the improved functionality will ensure that the numerous restrictions on the original YouTube app won’t irritate you. With our most thorough evaluations, learn more about this fantastic mobile app and all of its outstanding features.

How does it function?

Android users will have the ideal substitute for the original YouTube app with YouTube ReVanced. Here, the program provides an improved YouTube client that can be installed and used on any Android mobile device. Enjoy utilizing this robust mobile app and its added features to stream your favorite videos and unique material from YouTube. Start by viewing your videos on YouTube ReVanced and enjoying the ad-free experiences there. Discover the app’s most helpful background play function. Take pleasure in utilizing YouTube ReVanced’s customizable icons, which will let you easily maximize the app’s capabilities. Get the app’s customisable icons for yourself. To utilize your official accounts in the modified app, connect to MicroG. To enhance your in-app experiences, remove the creator watermarks from your movies. Better video material is possible when the sponsor block option is unlocked. The list is endless.


For those of you who are interested, YouTube ReVanced is currently accessible for free on its official website. Android users can use it on any of their mobile devices. You may access the premium and unique tools of the official YouTube app here, along with all of its original features. Additionally, YouTube ReVanced users must provide the app access permissions, like with other Android programs. You will be requested to do this the first time you use the app. These are required in order to activate the app’s full functionality across all of your devices. All of your Android devices, in any state, with any firmware version, may use the app. Furthermore, both rooted and non-rooted devices will be able to use the sophisticated YouTube capabilities. more people will be able to take use of the sophisticated ReVanced features.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available in the app:

straightforward and simple to use

First off, YouTube ReVanced users may experience the most user-friendly application on any of their mobile devices with ease because to its simplicity. Install it, then use the app just like you would any other YouTube program.

Swap out your default YouTube app

Actually, YouTube ReVanced will include every feature from your original app, plus a whole lot more. It is therefore simple to use in lieu of your YouTube application. With the tools at your disposal, you may freely engage with your YouTube videos and take advantage of all the opportunities this platform offers for engagement. Additionally, YouTube ReVanced will function far better than your previous YouTube app thanks to its enhanced features.

Savor the experiences without ads.

If you’re interested, you can now remove the intrusive advertisements from videos you view by using YouTube ReVanced. Here, your mobile devices’ built-in ad-blocker engine will ensure that your movies play smoothly and satisfactorily. You may use YouTube ReVanced to browse the videos without being troubled after making sure that the permissions are enabled. For a flawless experience, set the app to automatically skip your video advertisements.

Savor the feature of background play.

Now that the background play option has been enabled, users of YouTube ReVanced may enjoy watching videos on the app without ever having to open it. Just launch the app, select the videos you want to watch, and press play. After that, you may enjoy watching the movie while using other apps by utilizing the PIP mode to reduce its size on your screen. YouTube ReVanced users may also enjoy the app in the background as it plays audio-only videos and music. You may use this function to listen to music or your preferred podcasts without being distracted by the graphics. enabling you to maintain your attention on the audio pieces.

Encourage the application of MicroG

YouTube ReVanced users may enjoy playing videos and other stuff from YouTube with their official account enabled when MicroG is enabled. Simply confirm that the software is downloaded and activated on your mobile devices. When use the modified app, YouTube ReVanced will assist you in logging into your YouTube account by connecting to your Google account. To always get the most out of the mobile app, enjoy utilizing YouTube ReVanced’s full set of MicroG connections.

Savor the fantastic personalized icons.

For those of you who are interested, YouTube ReVanced now allows you to activate personalized branding. You won’t have any problem utilizing the program to change the app name and YouTube launcher icon to fit your own tastes. You won’t have any problem altering and personalizing the components to your preferences. Additionally, you won’t have any problem exploring your films or interacting with the platforms thanks to the fully customisable interface.

Turn on the premium heading.

YouTube ReVanced users will now have the premium header activated in order to get the most out of the mobile application. This will take the place of your original app’s branding entirely. Consequently, your YouTube user interface will have the identical appearance of a paid app.

Remove the maker’s watermark from your films

You may now enjoy removing creator watermarks from any of your videos, for those of you who are interested. As a result, you may watch the video content without interruption. You may choose to have YouTube ReVanced automatically conceal the branded visuals in your videos. Mobile users may enjoy watching YouTube ReVanced from every angle without having to deal with the overlaying branding.

Take off the unnecessary full-screen panels.

Android users now have the ideal mobile app in YouTube ReVanced to remove intrusive full-screen panels while watching videos. All you have to do is launch the app and activate the function, which lets you view content without being interrupted by obtrusive prompts. enabling you to maximize the viewing experience of your full-view films. YouTube ReVanced users now have the option to disable the “Get Premium” notifications when using the app or watching videos in order to maximize their usage of it. The list is endless.

Turn on sponsor blocks when seeing videos.

Additionally, when viewing the videos, YouTube ReVanced viewers may now activate the sponsor blocking option. This is where you may quickly cut off any parts of the videos that you don’t want to watch. These parts can be commercials, promos, pointless outros, or intros. You will be able to watch videos on-the-go with ease as a result.

Put the YouTube Dislike button back.

Now that YouTube ReVanced has the YouTube Dislike button back, mobile users may examine the quantity of links and dislikes on each given video. Consequently, they will be able to take in the visual material much more comfortably. To make sure a video is good, pick ones that have few dislikes. Additionally, see how many people detest each certain video. This will enable you to completely comprehend what the general public thinks of any videos.

Turn on the auto-repeat feature.

YouTube ReVanced viewers may now enjoy watching their favorite videos repeatedly by turning on the auto repeat option. YouTube ReVanced lets you make the most out of your video material; all you have to do is choose the videos and turn on the looping feature. This option comes in handy when you want to repeat specific podcasts or music videos.

Take pleasure in HDR and auto-brightness videos.

For those who are interested, YouTube ReVanced now allows you to enjoy your favorite videos with HDR quality enabled. To truly appreciate the lifelike video material, feel free to select any compatible video and watch it in high definition. Additionally, YouTube ReVanced viewers may have the best possible streaming experiences when watching any videos thanks to the auto-brightness options that are offered. Make use of this function to prevent your eyes from becoming too light or too dark when watching movies.

Savor the easy swiping controls.

YouTube ReVanced users may now take use of the easiest swiping controls available in the software, making it easier for them to operate the program and engage with the videos. Please feel free to play, stop, and activate certain parameters on your videos using the casual touch gestures. Additionally, you may employ a variety of gesture controls simultaneously, including pinching, flipping, swiping, and more. All of which will enable you to utilize the app more effectively and take full advantage of all of its features.

Utilize the customized playback speed.

Android users will be able to adjust the playback speed in YouTube ReVanced, enabling them to watch videos at varying rates. Enjoy varying the ranges between 0.5X and 1.5X to produce the most captivating video material. You can quickly adjust the speed settings and have the video playbacks adjust automatically using basic touch inputs.

Boost the appearance of your AMOLED gadgets.

You may now experience the AMOLED colors on your films, for those of you who are interested. To fully experience the app’s brilliant colors and pitch-black environs, simply enter it. With the app, you may always get the greatest visual experiences thanks to its potent graphics and tuned AMOLED colors.

If necessary, decide to disable the shorts button.

Additionally, YouTube ReVanced users will now benefit from the deactivated Shorts option, which will let them make better use of the mobile application. The feature will stop you from utilizing YouTube Shorts, which if you become addicted may be quite time-consuming and addicting. You may thus communicate with people on YouTube in a better way.

Take pleasure with the vintage layout.

Android users will be able to see their YouTube videos in the previous quality layout here in YouTube ReVanced. As a result, customers will be able to utilize the mobile application more effectively, particularly if they are drawn to the traditional YouTube design.

For further functionality, enable debugging.

YouTube ReVanced users may now enjoy using the software to eliminate delays or faults while streaming your videos because the debugging mode is accessible. While playing your films, the debugging mode will also eliminate a lot of problems and undesirable consequences. Consequently, we will give you the greatest viewing and engagement experiences on YouTube.

Enjoy the app from our website

Finally, if you would want to install YouTube ReVanced, you can now get the most recent versions of the program from our website. To accommodate your various mobile devices, we have many versions of YouTube ReVanced available here. To begin enjoying the in-app features, just download and install the appropriate YouTube ReVanced APK on your mobile devices.

final decisions

YouTube ReVanced gives Android users the tools and functionality they need to maximize their interactions on YouTube. To enjoy premium and upgraded YouTube experiences without having to pay for your downloads, just open the app and activate its capabilities. so giving you the greatest substitute for your original application.

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