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Organize and manage your archive files with ease with ZArchiver. Compress, decompress, and create archives in various formats.


A file management tool is always necessary to handle your media and files efficiently. However, there aren’t many file manager applications that can help you if you frequently work with archive files. That’s why I know a lot of you would be thrilled to have ZArchiver’s fantastic mobile application available.

Feel free to utilize the many choices accessible to you in order to conveniently manage the various files and media that you have stored on your devices. Above all, ZArchiver will make it easy for you to create archive files in a variety of supported formats. Using any chosen archive format, decompress your files to maximize the content that is accessible.

Read our in-depth evaluations to learn more about this intriguing ZArchiver smartphone application.

How does it function?

You may now utilize the helpful program to quickly compress any files on your system into a little, manageable file if you’re frantic to discover a suitable file achiever and compressor on your Android device. In the meantime, you should have no trouble decompressing any internet files you recently downloaded. The best part is that ZArchiver is quite capable and versatile, and it can operate with a wide variety of file formats on your devices.

Additionally, ZArchiver will provide you with easy access to your files through its feature-rich Android file manager in case you ever need to check on your files and folders. You are welcome to search for files on your Android device’s storage and make modifications to the ones you like. Examine the in-app features and experiment with a variety of tweaks.


ZArchiver is an intriguing mobile application that you can now download for free from the Google Play Store if you’re interested in using it. Here, you can take advantage of a wide range of the app’s features. To fully utilize it, though, you’ll need to purchase ZArchiver’s premium edition, which unlocks a ton of useful features.

It’s also advised that you run the app on the most recent firmware versions available in order to ensure that Android users of ZArchiver won’t experience any issues with in-app compatibility. Additionally, in order for the app to function correctly, you’ll need to provide it access permissions.

Fantastic features

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

Easily create your archive files.

With ZArchiver, Android users can begin editing their files and directories by simply generating files that they can access. You can choose from a wide variety of popular file formats, including 7zip, zip, rar, tar, lz4, and many more, to make using the software comfortable for you. You can also add or remove files from the archives to alter your files as needed, which will make working with them much more convenient for you.

Quickly decompress files to maximize speed

Additionally, any selected files can now be simply decompressed, for those of you who are interested. Working on the attainable files on ZArchiver should be very simple for you because of the several file types that are supported. You are welcome to extract any chosen files and select the locations of your choice. You can extract split files in a single step by carrying out simple extraction methods. Additionally, you can try to decompress certain audio file segments at the same time, which can be quite helpful in some circumstances.

You may view your archived files with ease.

You may now browse the archive content in any of your chosen files, which improves the usability of ZArchiver’s intriguing mobile application. You can operate with both popular and unusual file types with ease, trying to see the contents within before opening the files that are attainable. If you are trying to search for certain files and directories within your compressed data, this should make things much easier.

Access and modify your archived files.

Additionally, you can now try to open your archives without having to first decompress. If you want to do quick edits inside your files without extracting them, this is quite helpful. Additionally, the software is incredibly accessible and convenient since it can see and open archives from mail applications simultaneously.

Using a basic file manager on your Android smartphone

Furthermore, ZArchiver’s mobile app for Android users allows them to freely manage their storage files, files, and folders. Open your storage, choose the desired objects, and try to run as many controlling activities through it as necessary.

To secure your files, create a password.

For those who are interested, ZArchiver now offers password choices that you can use to secure your data. Feel free to use a secured password on any chosen archives to keep outsiders from opening and accessing your stuff. To ensure the security of your data, create a password for the entirety of your storage.

improved hardware compatibility for increased processing performance

With ZArchiver, users may now maximize the speed of extracting and compressing files by utilizing their multi-core devices with strong CPUs. Here, the fantastic mobile application will make the most of all the cores on your processors to efficiently cut down on processing times for all ZArchiver tasks. Consequently, Android users will find it much more convenient to utilize the software.

Work with the files and directories conveniently

Additionally, the practical UTF-8/UTF-16 will provide workable filenames so you may enjoy ZArchiver more comfortably. To choose the objects for more editing, feel free to tap on the icons of each folder and file. You can access many options for your files and folders by long tapping on any item.

Engaging themes to work with

ZArchiver offers a plethora of intriguing bright and dark themes for Android users to test out if they’re finding the app to be a bit monotonous lately. To get the most out of the app, feel free to experiment with any of these themes.

Enjoy the app’s unlocked, free version on our website.

For those of you who are interested in this fantastic smartphone application, ZArchiver is currently available in an unlocked, free edition that has a ton of cool features. To get started, simply download the ZArchiver Mod APK from our website and adhere to the given guidelines. Now that the app has no ads, you may take use of all of its interesting features and enjoy an ad-free experience.

final decisions

Android users can utilize ZArchiver on their phones to help their file management application, ES File Explorer management PRO. Here, you can quickly work on your compressed files in a variety of ways thanks to the helpful mobile app. Explore a variety of alternatives with optimal compressions; this should greatly improve the app’s accessibility.

Lastly, you’ll have even more reasons to love it now that the app is available on our website in a free and unlocked edition.

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