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Enjoy yourself as you join Zooba’s animals in their rebellion against the guard. Take pleasure in the straightforward and captivating Battle Royale action on Zooba featuring humorous animals, and engage in thrilling fights with all the captivating characters from the game. Take part in enjoyable and fulfilling battles while pretending to be various animals with unique facial expressions. Select from a wide range of available weaponry to defeat your adversaries. and engage in thrilling PvP competitions with friends and other players. Read our reviews to learn more about this incredible Wildlife Studios game.


In the game, players take over a collection of fascinating zoo animals that are plotting grand escapes to overthrow the guards and engage in epic fights with one another. Play as a monkey, a tiger, a giraffe, or even a gorilla, among many more fascinating creatures. Take pleasure in the distinctive fights with every character as you have complete control over their intriguing outfits. In addition, the game offers you a variety of enjoyable battlefields with different layouts. In Zooba, you may take up the legendary weapons and compete with other players in fantastic animal-themed feasts. As you play the game and love it, explore more intriguing gameplay. You’ll be able to participate in thrilling multiplayer conflicts with other players in the popular Battle Royale gaming mode, where the objective is to be the last person remaining. Gather a variety of gear and weapons to help you win the battle. As the fire ring gets closer, stay away from it.


All of the game’s incredible features are available here:

Easy, uncomplicated, and captivating gameplay

Enjoy the straightforward yet addicting action on your mobile devices with the bunch of wacky animals. With the help of your friendly lion friend’s clear instructions and tutorials, you may quickly become acquainted with the gameplay. Use the controls on this easy-to-use and comfy device to lead your preferred animals to victory in this thrilling Battle Royale encounter.

Savor the entertaining and captivating online PvP combat.

In the game, users compete against a large number of other online players in a race to be the last person standing. Take on incredible Battle Royal tasks at your preferred zoo. Strike out to survive against 19 other animals and guardians. Get a variety of equipment and weaponry to give your characters more strength. Take part in exciting PvP challenges with real players and explore a variety of battlefields with unique settings.

Select your favorite characters that possess special skills.

You will initially be able to choose from over ten fascinating creatures, each of which has a distinct fighting style and expressive facial expressions when engaged in combat. Play as the enraged gorilla, the cunning monkey, the foolish panda, the ferocious lion, and more against other players. Win against your adversaries to establish your dominance throughout the zoo.

Acquire a variety of weapons with distinct functions.

Gamers may also pick up a range of various weapons with varied battle mechanics to add to the enjoyment of the fights. Enjoy using your shotguns and heavy spears to take out opponents up close, or use your bows and firearms to deliver precise shots from a distance. You may quickly swap between different weapons in your inventory as you wait for the others to reload. As a result, you may experience never-ending battle in Zooba’s epic bouts. Until you’re the last one standing, the game never ends.

Aspire to be the zoo’s ruler.

Enter this animal festival and compete with the other participants to become the zoo’s king. Engage in countless league fights with players from across the globe and defeat them. Take on the numerous tasks and assignments that are assigned to you with the grace of a king. Either you succeed and advance, or you give up and wait for another opportunity to join the group.

Take pleasure in playing team matches with pals.

Additionally, if you’re interested, you may play the game in the more friendly team battle mode with friends and other players. As you assemble an unbeatable team, include your friends and other players. Take part in thrilling player-versus-player combat while discovering the value of cooperation. To win the game, work together with your teammates to beat other teams.

Get the Battle Pass to play with more engaging gameplay.

Gamers are also permitted to purchase the Battle Pass and play the game as the V.I.P Fighter in order to fully experience the game. As you take on the game’s incredible challenges, you’ll get complete access to its fantastic rewards as well as daily bonuses.

Play without restrictions

Zooba is undoubtedly an excellent option for anybody searching for a quick and enjoyable Battle Royale experience, especially now that it’s available for free. Simply click the link to download and install the game from the Google Play Store without spending any money.

Play with the skill cool-down eliminated and have fun!

Furthermore, we’ve included a few game modifications with some of the most intriguing features to help you in your journey to becoming the champs. Having said that, you may start taking use of the amazing hacks, like no cool down and infinite sprint, by gaining access to our customized version of the game right now. These will significantly lessen the difficulty of your in-game trials. You only need to download and install the Zooba Mod APK from our website to complete the process.

Sound and visual quality


The game has cheerful, cartoony 3D visuals that are easy to use and enjoyable. Because of this, players of all ages may enjoy it wherever they choose. Furthermore, you may choose specific graphical settings that work well with your devices thanks to the customizable graphics options. reducing delays and stutters when playing games, as a result.


Experience the immersive and strong audio effects in Zooba while you lead your characters to victory in a succession of gratifying and captivating conflicts. If you pay attentively, you can even distinguish between the various animal noises.

final decisions

Zooba is undoubtedly a fun game to play on your mobile devices anytime you have some free time, thanks to its easy and captivating gameplay. For those of you seeking comparable experiences, you should also play the fantastic titles Brawl Stars and Archero, which have really captivating gameplay.

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