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Avant Browser 2020 build 3, 3.17.2020
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17 March 2020
4.33 MB
Avant Browser 2020 build 3, 3.17.2020
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)
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Version: 2020 build 3, 3.17.2020 | Size: 4.33 MB

The Internet browser Avant Browser for Windows 11 is really quick. It has several different security features and capabilities. So, enjoy, be careful, and have fun while perusing the Internet. The browser aims to surpass Microsoft’s widely used Internet Explorer.

Why Make Use of?

One may argue that name isn’t all that well-known in the Internet browser community. Even so, it is able to compete with some of the most widely used programs, like Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.

The Trident layout engine and Windows are combined to create the Browser. Given that it is already accessible in 41 languages, the availability of this specific browser can yet grow.

The goal of the Avant Browser’s design was to make Internet Explorer more adaptable and ergonomic.

Using Internet Explorer’s layout engine, the engineers try to achieve this. has an Opera browser-inspired multi-tab interface.

It involved more than merely examining rival web browsers’ functionality. However, it also prioritized taking user suggestions into account.

Safe Web Surfing very safe

One of the earliest browsers to have pop-up blockers was Avant. Disabling scripts that may potentially compromise security with a single click. Malware may already be blocked by the browser, safeguarding the system.

Keep Track of Data Activity

Internet access is made simple with online profile storage. Personal information like bookmarks, RSS feeds, site passwords, and more are saved by these services.


When used with AutoFill, users may automatically retrieve their saved passwords with only a mouse click.

The whole user interface

You’ll notice the program’s speed right away after installation. The application launches immediately once the installation process is finished. Greetings from a new interface. Though it doesn’t look good, it does appear weird and confused in my perspective. It took me some time to figure out where the tab button was, which is why I claim the UI is unclear. This is simply shown by a little plus symbol. This may be found in the upper left corner, directly behind the navigation menu.

Tabbed Web Browser

The way the tab functionality functions is a little off. I decided to open Google.com, for example. The website that had been viewed in the previous tab opened when I pushed the + button once again to start another tab. I discovered this is a rather quick browser when I navigated around different websites. In general, Mozilla Firefox pages take a long time to load. You most certainly do not have these problems using the Avant browser.

Considering Internet Explorer

The foundation of this browser is Internet Explorer. You have the option to select a different mode while entering rendering mode. three modes: IE7 Compatibility, IE8 Standards, and IE8 Standards (Forced). You have the option to configure this browser to suit your personal needs. I’m just going to go to the section on Avant Browser Options.

Customization of Tabs

The ability to change the tab’s location is a feature that I truly appreciate. You may use this function to relocate the window tab to the bottom from its usual location in the upper left corner. That was how I attempted to navigate. It feels a little strange at first, but you eventually grow used to it and even come to enjoy it.

Maker of Skins

There are several skins available for the browser if you’d want it to have a different appearance. Grab this fantastic browser right now. With Customizable Skins, you may completely alter its appearance. Enjoy a safe and easy surfing experience by using the Avant Browser Skin Maker. But I’ve noticed that the majority of them have essentially the same appearance.

Secure Recuperation

You can retrieve the pages you were on if Avant shuts for any reason. Thus, you won’t ever need to bother looking for a lost site again! Additionally, he or she can configure the browser to maintain several home pages and open pages in case of a crash.

View Last Surfing

The feature that truly drew my eye in this menu was “Re-open Last Closed.” This will display a list of all the websites you have recently visited when you click on it.

Functions That Are Well-Ordered

The user interface of the browser is unclear. However, it does not imply that is poorly structured. The primary navigation components are positioned in the upper left corner. The stop, refresh, home, history, and back and forward arrows are all available to you.

Many options are accessible to you here, including those related to browsing, new windows, closing windows, mouse, RSS, files and protocols, proxy servers, search engines, and add-ons. A recent addition to the Internet browser landscape is Avant Browser.

Now navigate to the browser’s upper right corner. Classic menu items like file, view, bookmarks, tools, and help are located here.

Highlights & Features

  1. a really fast web browser.
  2. There are several Internet Explorer utilities included with the web browser.
  3. Even a Google Search is available. Actually, the browser comes with a built-in search bar that points users to the several search engines that are accessible online.
  4. Such undesired objects can be blocked by it.
  5. Additionally, the browser can protect user privacy by enabling the removal of previously viewed and searched things from the user’s history.
  6. The interface still has a great deal of untapped potential.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Many helpful tools and features
  • really quick browsing experience
  • Safeguard


  • The default UI is strange.
  • Every skin tone appears the same.
  • It might be difficult for a novice user to find the tab menu.

Last Word

Avant Browser succeeds in leaving a strong impression. It is really quick, very safe, and provides excellent functionality. The fact that every skin has the identical appearance is my sole grievance. For a few seconds after the browser launches for the first time, it’s difficult to identify the tab section.

Avant Browser 64-bit/32-bit Technical Details

Latest Version:Avant Browser 2020 build 3, 3.17.2020
Update Released:17 March 2020
Publisher:Avant Force
Main Category:Browser
Supported Operating System:Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)
Setup File:avantbrowser.exe
Package Size:4.33 MB

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