Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Advanced (64-bit) For Download

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Advanced 17.10.12
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Paragon Hard Disk Manager Advanced 17.10.12
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
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Concerning Paragon Hard Drive Manager

Smart data management is made possible by Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Advanced, which also facilitates easy network administration. brimming with powerful capabilities for combined recovery and backup. The software from PSG (Paragon Software Group) is currently at its most recent version. Professionals in corporate areas and home users alike can benefit from it. Hard Disk Manager’s expanded scripting capabilities and virtual machine support make it appropriate for a wide range of tasks.

The user may easily backup Windows images using the program for later recovery. It provides an automatic backup option at the same time. recuperation With Media Builder, users may quickly restore the system to a working state by using pre-existing system backup images and fixing typical booting faults.

Faster navigation is made possible by the completely revised Graphics user interface (GUI) in the updated version. The previous layout is also potentially accessible for legacy users through certain settings.

Additionally, it has a strong partitioning manager that guarantees effective use of hard drive space and lets users run multiple operating systems on separate partitions. allows for cloning, making the hassle-free replacement of your old hard drive with a brand-new SSD possible. includes a Universal Image Mounter (UIM) that enables complete access to encrypted data. For convenience, the backup archive can be mapped as a network drive.

Lastly, it has excellent encryption capabilities that make it simple for users to erase or encrypt data on hard drives.


Cloning Data

With an easy-to-use and straightforward interface, this allows users to move data between multiple hard drives or SSDs with ease.

Data Restore

  • Hard Disk Manager 17 allows Windows users to create a complete backup of their system images. In the sad event that their computers refuse to boot up, you can utilize it as a recovery disk.
  • A worry-free background backup operation is guaranteed by automated data backups.
  • has an intelligent backup manager that lets the user tailor the backup process to meet his needs. Optional backups provide more adaptability.
  • offers thorough support for the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) from Microsoft.
  • Backups can be set up with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to boost security.
  • Additionally, backup to a distant or local FTP server is supported.
  • Mac users can benefit from catastrophe recovery tailored specifically for Apple Boot Camp.

Data Recovery

  • permits backup management across many hardware platforms.
  • With Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Advanced, the user may utilize a centralized interface manager to handle different machine backups if the systems are connected to a shared network drive.

Data Segmentation

  • Hard Disk Manager now functions with any contemporary storage media, including SSDs and HDDs, thanks to a completely redesigned engine.
  • allows the user to install several operating systems on the same machine by supporting basic partition operations like Split and Merge, format, and delete.
  • Its features, which include surface testing and a file system integrity tester, are geared for advanced users.

Data Transfer

  • Users may now switch between several data sources with ease thanks to this. SSDs, CD drives, DVD drives, and HDDs are all supported. This implies that OS images may be easily transferred from one medium to another by the user.
  • permits the partition to be resized while copying. transfer of virtual systems between different virtual environments.
  • facilitates P2V migration activities.

Data Wiping

  • allows for the wiping of both contemporary SSDs and standard HDDs.
  • It has an autosave function that allows wipe reports to be automatically saved.
  • supports more than 10 different data wiping techniques, including the German VSItR, the Schneier, the Australian ASCI 33, the Guttman, the British HMG Infosec, and the Paragon algorithm.

Virtualization of Data

  • allows for the immediate virtualization of existing systems.
  • The user may also use it to turn an existing backup that is on any kind of media into a virtual computer.
  • allows for modifications using other hypervisors.
  • compatible with popular virtual machines, including Oracle Virtual Box, VMware Fusion, and VMware Workstation.

Support for BitLocker

  • supports BitLocker technology from Microsoft on computers that are compatible.
  • This makes it possible to manage private information in offices or at home.

Advantages of the Full Version

The user may test out functions using the trial version, however it has a 10-day time restriction. All of The Hard Disk Manager 17 Advanced’s capabilities may be accessed by purchasing the full version. Hard drive migration and partitioning are supported by full versions. In case of emergency, a recovery CD is also included. Nevertheless, click this link to give the program a try.

System prerequisites

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, and the most recent version of Windows 11.
  • File systems: NTFS, Apple HFS+, Linux eXT(2/3/4)FS, FAT16, and FAT32
  • Storage Media: Hard Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), R/RW CDs, R/RW DVDs, BD
  • Bus Interfaces: SATA, FireWire, SCSI, USB (Universal Serial Bus), 1, 2, 3, and full UeFI compatibility.

Note: Try to 10-day free trial.

You should install driver software from Paragon Software GmbH.

Technical Details

Latest Version:Paragon Hard Disk Manager Advanced 17.10.12
Operating Systems:Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Setup File:hdm17advanced_x64.exe
File Size:191.62 MB

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