Safari Browser (64/32-bit) Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 Free Download

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Download 64-bit/32-bit

Version: 5.1.7 | Size: 36.70 MB

About Safari Browser

With its own lively and entertaining Safari web browser, Apple Inc. had already gotten on the bandwagon. The web browser’s public beta was made available in January 2003.

In the early days, Safari could only be installed on Mac OS-powered machines. Nonetheless, Windows users may now install it.

Apple Inc. did not eventually produce a Windows-compatible version until June of 2007. Most likely as a result of Apple Inc.’s efforts to make the program accessible on the two most widely used operating systems.

Safari has secured the fourth position as the most used web browser. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are still a few steps ahead.

Synopsis of Safari

Even if Safari isn’t the most popular web browser, its user base is expanding among users of other Apple products, such the iPhone. Now that the iPad and iPad2 have been released, Safari ought to be able to grow in popularity.

The web browser is making an effort to match. Its creators are working to address the various problems that have been found when using the Safari Browser 2023 in addition to including some useful features.

Although the most recent version of the web browser may not be flawlessly devoid of bugs, it can now stop more crashes and load JavaScript much more quickly.

The User Interface of Safari

Fundamentally speaking, Safari has the majority of the user interface elements that consumers would anticipate. An address bar is there where the user may input the URL.

In addition, there are the standard tools like the search engine.

By adding additional tools that will be incorporated into the toolbar, the user may further tailor the user interface to his tastes.

The material itself takes up the majority of the page. That content area would be considerably enlarged with reader mode enabled in order to clear any clutter that would divert the user’s attention from reading.

Windows Safari Browser

By activating the reader mode, the Safari web browser may go from being tidy to being completely clutter-free. Although it is an excellent browser for use with other Apple Inc. products, its availability for Windows users further demonstrates its versatility.

On Windows OS, though, its powers are a bit more constrained. However a user may see it, Safari at least gives other, more widely used web browsers some competition.

Open-source Web browser

It may be downloaded for free and has a file size of only roughly 36.70 MB. The web browser does, however, set itself as the computer’s default browser without the user’s consent, thus the user should exercise caution.

rivals to well-known browsers

The web browser is a competitive alternative to more widely used online surfing software, both technically and aesthetically.

Increased Security

Still, there are still certain problems with Safari’s security features. Therefore, consumers that prioritize security while using a browser might need to seek elsewhere or at the very least wait for an update.


  • Most of the most popular features seen in other web browsers, such tabbed viewing, which is quickly becoming into a browser must, are available in the Safari web browser.
  • Additionally, the user has the option to bookmark his favorite websites and maintain a history of the websites he has visited.
  • Both text search and CSS animation capabilities are available.
  • In addition, pop-up blockers and private browsing are features of Safari.
  • There are additional capabilities that were initially Safari offline installers, in addition to the standard browser functions that Windows or MAC users may anticipate.
  • The reader mode of the Safari web browser eliminates distracting and cluttered links and advertisements, allowing the user to concentrate on what they are reading.
  • It also features expanding text boxes and font smoothing in the quartz style.

Safari Browser 64-bit/32-bit Technical Details

Main Category:Browser
Supported Operating System:Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)
Setup File:SafariSetup.exe
Package:Full Standalone Installer

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