Brave Browser Offline Installer (32/64-bit) for PC Download

Brave Browser 1.61.109
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November 30, 2023
121.01 MB
Brave Browser 1.61.109
Windows 11, Windows 10| OS x86/ x64 (Not support Windows 7 and 8/8.1)
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Version: 1.60.125 | Size: 108.14 MB

Version: 1.61.109 | Size: 121.01 MB

Quick, confidential, and safe online browser

A quick, safe, and private Internet browser is Brave Browser Offline Installer. You can swiftly and simply browse anything on the Internet with it. There’s a ton of the greatest browsing software available. Among the numerous advantages of utilizing this program is the ability to save money. Moreover, this program might help you save a ton of time.

It’s a very good web browser. Despite its limited global usage, the browser has shown significant growth in popularity.

The Chromium web browser serves as the basis for the browser. It may be accessed on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Linux. Brave performs admirably on any laptop or desktop, with fast speeds and little RAM usage. Nothing about the breed browser experience is out of the ordinary.

Why Make Use of?

No-cost Web Browser

We’ll go over the PC browser minimum review here. Additionally, you may make money online through a variety of applications by utilizing Brave Browser 64-bit.

You may make money by advertising here if you have created an account on other websites. You will be able to make money by sharing stuff on YouTube even with this free browser.

Furthermore, this program is not far behind in terms of integrating with Firefox and Chrome in a variety of web browsers. due to the superior quality and speed of the program.

Makes Money

The most intriguing aspect of the Brave browser is its incentives system. Its briefs aim to transform internet advertising. Users who choose to participate in interview advertising will receive 70% of the sales. This is done for a cryptocurrency known as basic attention tokens, which is based on Aphelion (APH). Top content providers who have registered with Brave can utilize this.

Additionally, Brave Browser allows you to make money in a variety of professions.

  1. Assuming you write content, you can make money from it.
  2. There, you can increase the number of visits if you include an advertisement.
  3. You may still make money as a general quality publisher.

Things you need to do to earn a living.

  1. Installing and downloading this specific program is required.
  2. You must create a YouTube channel and register for an account when the channel is up and running.
  3. as soon as you register for the channel and begin working. That’s when you’ll start being paid.

Privacy and Security

The Brave Browser’s security and privacy features, which don’t compromise online performance, are its main selling points. It is a very powerful privacy control safeguard. Shields are only one of the many useful privacy and security features. Blocks cookies, trackers, and fingerprinting with shields up. if you stay current on security updates and have a high level of security awareness.

Version That Is Portable

The portable version was accessible. This web browser’s most recent version is already available for download on the website.

You can acquire this specific program if you desire to make money online and expedite your regular surfing. You install it on your PC after downloading it first. After installation, you can go to work. You will comprehend this software’s quirks after trying it.

PC Full Version for Free

For Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, ApkHorse offers the most recent version of the browser. Mac OS X is also supported.

Brave Browser 32-bit complete standalone installer is readily available for download on any PC. It is an open-source, completely free web browser.

Additionally, it’s the greatest substitute for UC Browser, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Thus, if you would want to use a different browser, please download it from the needed website.

The Brave Browser for Mac OS X is available here.


  • Quick and safe web browser
  • Block trackers and advertising that collect data.
  • Script, cookie, and ad blockers integrated in
  • preventing trackers and advertising when surfing in real time
  • Using private browsing mode
  • Utilize Brave Rewards to get money.
  • Give tokens to the websites you love.

Advantage and Disadvantage


  • a few Chrome addons are supported
  • Provider of free VPN services
  • Fast photo capture capability
  • Combined user and developer rewards offer the highest level of security.
  • Organize several profiles
  • Capability to import Chrome bookmarks and settings


  • A few websites have been shattered by brave shields.
  • The synchronization is broken.
  • The microphone is broken.
  • Not compatible with Android Messages

How to Download?

  1. Start by launching a web browser.
  2. Visit the Brave browser’s offline installation download page.
  3. Go down and select the download option if your website is open.
  4. Here, a new page will appear for you to process the download. Navigate to that page and select the necessary Brave installation file by clicking the Download button.
  5. Double-click the prompt to save or launch the file.

At the point when the entire cycle is finished, your program will be downloaded.

How Do You Install It?

Double-click the downloaded Brave Browser installation file at this point.

Installing begins. When the user account control Wendell appears, click `Yes~. When the installation is complete, a Brave window appears on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Note: From January 10th, 2023 Windows 7 and 8/8.1 are NOT supported anymore


My favorite Brave version is the desktop one mostly due to its functionality and user-friendly interface. It is quite recognizable to anyone who has used Google Chrome, and the desktop versions are also fairly nice. Although I think Windows’ built-in web browsers are superior, the breed is still incredibly quick. I believe you ought to install it on your Windows computer first. if you pay close attention to security and stay current on security patches.

Brave Browser 64-bit / 32-bit Technical Details

Latest Version:Brave Browser 1.61.109
Update Released:November 30, 2023
Publisher:Brave Software, Inc.
Main Category:Browser
Operating Systems:Windows 11, Windows 10| OS x86/ x64 (Not support Windows 7 and 8/8.1)
Setup File:BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe
File Size:121.01 MB

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