GlassWire Firewall for PC Free Download for Windows 11/10/8

Glasswire 3.3.630
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Glasswire 3.3.630
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
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Free Download

Version: 3.3.630 | Size: 80.22 MB

About GlassWire Firewall

A large portion of us get stunned assuming we realize that numerous applications on our PC are sending private information over the web. A firewall assists you with checking your protection and security that occurs over the organization and distinguishes them as dubious exercises. GlassWire Firewall for PC furnishes clients with a strong firewall and carries your PC to another degree of insurance. It likewise brings all out security over the organization and furthermore gives lucidity of what has occurred whenever.

Glasswire consequently settle the hostname. So it is not difficult to see who or with whom your PC is imparting over the web.

GlassWire utilizes worked in Windows drivers with the goal that no flimsiness is brought into your PC by any outsider firewall drivers. Simply download GlassWire Firewall’s most recent variant to safeguard your PC and add complete security to it.


Network Traffic Monitoring

Visual Organization Observing is an easy to-utilize connection point to see all the over a wide span of time action on a chart. You can likewise see IPs to which your PC is as of now associated and which country they have a place.

You can constantly see which cycle or application is associated with the web. What number of bytes were gotten or sent and what kind of association did it utilize: http, DNS, NetBIOS Name Administration, FTP and so on?

Internet Security

GlassWire Firewall adds additional web security to your PC. This significant program allows you to see the present and past servers with what your PC is conveying. Thus, you can see likely dangers. Then you can hinder if necessary. Thus, save your server and remain safeguarded from any sort of dangers.

Network security

It likewise has a tool kit of organization security checks like framework record change identification, gadget list change recognition, application data change location, and ARP mocking screen. You can see what applications have gotten to your Web. By simply taking a gander at the Firewall Tab you can impede any dubious applications, disregarding protection or squandering your data transmission.

Time Machine

The Organization Time Machine utilizes sliders to return and investigate past organization movement on the chart. You can likewise actually take a look at data transmission utilization as per day, week and month with settled have.

Real-time Alert

You will be alarmed assuming that there is any danger or something destructive to your PC. It likewise allows you to obstruct that thing. Discrete Cautions are planned so as to defeat consistent popups showing Organization changes. So GlassWire has settled it and given its clients to set to rest cautions for a period of 24 hours. With the goal that they don’t get disturbed constantly.

Bandwidth Usage Monitoring

The element allows you effectively to screen transmission capacity utilization everyday, week after week or month to month. You can see what applications, has and traffic are utilizing the most transfer speed. You can see which applications are utilizing the data transmission and furthermore the hosts with which our applications are conveying.

Distant Server Observing

It allows you to screen servers over your neighborhood PC and examine network action. You can see security alarms, new application network action and significantly more.

Programming Observing

Along these lines, you can continuously see which programming utilizes the most transmission capacity. When a dubious association is made the way in which safe is all the product you have introduced on your PC?

Request to Interface

The element brings to your notification whether to acknowledge or deny any application before it begins to run.

Lockdown Mode

The mode allows you to hinder all organization associations while you are away. With the goal that it encourages you.

Small scale Diagram

It allows you to keep your GlassWire diagram on your work area without opening the application constantly. It envisions every one of your exercises on a straightforward diagram. Click anyplace on the chart to see what applications and hosts are getting to your PC. The logs are shown as a chart, naturally refreshed consistently.

Wi-Fi and Webcam and mic Location

Who is on your Wi-Fi or Webcam and mic and who diminishes web speed or makes different issues? In the highlights, you will identify them.

Malware Assurance

You can likewise identify malware and dangers missed by antivirus and settle them with this firewall programming. Plus, it can screen any far off server or PC.

Its constant observing office is exceptionally perfect. Simply introduce and run it on your PC this program quickly figures out any malware and noxious action. Yet, recollect this isn’t progressed antivirus programming, it’s anything but a dependable antivirus device.

Useful Features

Numerous different elements like New Skins, Longer Chart History and Various server checking additionally increment the proficiency and significance of the GlassWire Firewall.

GlassWire Full Version

GlassWire Firewall full adaptation has a greater number of advantages than the free rendition. It additionally gives you three degrees of Full Form 1) Free 2) Premium and 3) Business. In light of the rendition you pick the accompanying highlights change and for point by point contrasts between these 3 variants.

  1. You can use GlassWire Firewall for 1 PC, 2 PC or up to 5 PC’s.
  2. Verify History of 6 months, 1 year or even Unlimited History.
  3. Get access to 2, 5 or unlimited remote connections according to your plan.

Pros and Cons


  • Visualizes monitoring of network
  • Free basic edition
  • Care of your internet privacy
  • Fast analysis
  • RDP Connection Detection
  • Available light and dark themes


  • May slow down your device
  • Not advanced antivirus
  • Install only Windows and Android platform

System Requirements

To get going with GlassWire Firewall you require the following minimum system requirements:

GlassWire Firewall is compatible with different OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

  • CPU: Minimum Intel Celeron 2 GHz processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM or higher
  • Graphics: Any kind of Graphics either dedicated or inbuilt
  • Storage: 100 MB of available space is sufficient

GlassWire Firewall Technical Details

Latest Version:Glasswire 3.3.630
Final Released:22/11/2023
Operating Systems:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
System Type:64-bit & 32-bit
Setup File:GlassWireSetup.exe
File Size:80.22 MB

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