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Opera GX 105.0.4970.63 (64-bit)
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Opera GX 105.0.4970.63 (64-bit)
Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11
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Opera GX is a customized version of the Opera browser designed to enhance gaming experiences. The browser has special features that make the most of your surfing and gaming experiences.

Opera GX Gaming Browser offers the best possible gaming and surfing experience on desktop and mobile devices. Use the sidebar to access Discord & Twitch, set limitations on CPU, RAM, and Network consumption, and link desktop and mobile browsers to utilize the file-sharing Flow function.

Highlights & Features

Do you require every bit of power your machine can provide? You don’t have to end your browser. You may put limitations on the amount of RAM and CPU your browser uses using GX Control.

RAM Cap You may control how much memory the Opera GX 64-bit Browser consumes with the RAM limiter in GX Control. The RAM Limiter’s default setting attempts to balance experience and memory use. The browser will emphasize enjoyment above the strict memory amount, although it will make an effort to keep at or below the set memory allowance.

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CPU Restrictor
With the CPU Limiter, you may set a limit on the amount of processing power that your web browser utilizes, freeing you more time for gaming. Having the ability to constantly have your browser open while playing or streaming a resource-intensive game is the aim of both GX Control functions.

Don’t miss a live stream again. You can quickly view the channels you follow, who is online, and opt to get alerts when someone you follow goes live with Twitch right in your sidebar.

Get the most recent information on games, their releases, and offers in one convenient location.

GX Audio
Berlinist, a band that was nominated for a BAFTA Games Award for its Gris game original music, and sound designer Rubén Rincón collaborated to create the in-browser sound effects for the Opera GX Gaming Browser. You may turn sound effects on and off in the options.

You may change the color of your browser to anything you choose, and you can select from a variety of themes and unique effects.

GX Themes
You have the option to pick from pre-made wallpapers or quickly set your own desktop wallpaper as the backdrop.

With Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte, and WhatsApp all integrated into the sidebar, you can browse and chat simultaneously.

Watch videos that break out on Twitch and YouTube. Over tabs and other apps, the movie remains viewable in a floating window.

With an integrated ad blocker, enjoy a more seamless ad-free internet. Simple toggle it off to help ad-supported content providers.

Gain more security and privacy with our free, no-log, limitless browser VPN.

The Opera browsers are compatible with Google Chrome extensions in addition to having their own store for extensions.

View any kind of video material, including walkthroughs, tutorials, and broadcasts, in a window that appears above your game.

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Key Distinctions Between Opera Browser and Opera GX

Because they are both created by the same business and use the same fundamental engine, Opera GX and Opera Browser have a lot in common. But there are also a few noteworthy variations between them:

  • User Interface: Opera Browser offers a more conventional interface, but this one is specifically designed for gamers.
  • Features for Gaming: It contains a number of features for gaming, including as integrated support for Twitch and Discord, interfaces that can be customized, and GX Control, which lets you set a limit on how much CPU and RAM the browser uses when gaming. Opera Browser does not support these functions.
  • Performance: Compared to Opera Browser, Opera GX has higher gaming performance because it is optimized for gaming.
  • Resource consumption: Opera Browser lacks an integrated resource consumption limitation, whereas it has one.
  • Ad-Blocker: Opera GX has a more sophisticated ad-blocker than the one incorporated into the other browser.
  • Personalization: Opera GX offers more personalization choices than Opera Browser, however both browsers support customization.
  • Availability: While Opera Browser is compatible with a larger number of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, Opera GX is limited to Windows and macOS.

In conclusion, Opera Browser is a more conventional web browser with a greater feature set and more platform compatibility, whereas Opera GX is made specifically for gamers and provides features that improve the gaming experience.

How to Apply

The web browser Opera GX was created with gaming in mind. It has several features, such an adjustable UI, an integrated ad blocker, and support for connections with Twitch and Discord. Here are some instructions for using Opera GX:

  • Download and Install: The first step is to get Opera GX from ApkHorse or the official website.
  • Personalize the Interface: After installation, select the “Easy Setup” icon located in the left sidebar to alter the browser’s interface. A variety of themes, backgrounds, and color schemes are available for selection here.
  • How to Configure Twitch and Discord Integration: Open the settings, navigate to the “Browser” section, and select “Features.” This is where you enable and adjust the settings for the Twitch and Discord integrations.
  • Make use of GX Corner: Opera GX has a feature called GX Corner that offers news, discounts, and game releases. Clicking the GX Corner symbol on the left sidebar will take you to it.
  • Make use of GX Control: This app’s function lets you set a limit on the CPU and RAM consumption of the browser. By selecting the GX Control icon located on the left sidebar, you may have access to it.
  • Use an ad-blocker: It has an integrated ad-blocker that prevents pop-ups and advertisements. By selecting the “Block ads” icon located on the left sidebar, you may either activate or disable it.
  • Sync Your Data: By signing into your Opera account, you can also sync your data—including passwords, bookmarks, and settings—across devices.


In what ways does Opera GX vary from other web browsers?
Opera GX is a web browser with features particularly made to improve gaming, and it was created with gamers in mind. These features include an adjustable UI, an integrated ad blocker, support for connections with Twitch and Discord, and GX Control, which lets you set RAM and CPU limits for the browser.

Which OS systems is Opera GX compatible with?
For Windows 11/10/8/7, Opera GX is available (64-bit only).

Is it free to use Opera GX?
Yes, the web browser Opera GX is free.

Is it possible to transfer my Opera GX bookmarks and preferences from another web browser?
Indeed, you are able to import your preferences and bookmarks from other browsers, such Firefox and Google Chrome.

Is there a VPN included into Opera GX?
Yes, the built-in Free VPN and Ad Blocker are only two of the many intriguing features that the Opera GX Browser for PC offers.

How can I alter Opera GX’s user interface?
By selecting the “Easy Setup” option located in the left sidebar, you may alter the Opera GX interface. A variety of themes, backgrounds, and color schemes are available for selection here.

How can I make the Opera GX integrations for Twitch and Discord active?
To activate the integrations with Twitch and Discord, navigate to the “Browser” section of the settings and choose “Features.” This is where you enable and adjust the settings for the Twitch and Discord integrations.

Can I use Opera GX to sync my info between devices?
Yes, by connecting into your Opera account, you can sync your data between devices, including passwords, preferences, and bookmarks.

How can I restrict Opera GX’s use of the CPU and RAM?
By utilizing the GX Control tool, you may restrict the program’s use of CPU and RAM. To access GX Control, click on its icon on the left sidebar.

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How to Uninstall Opera GX

    • Shut off every instance of Opera GX.
    • From the Windows Start menu, select “Control Panel” to open it.
    • Depending on the version of Windows you are using, choose either “Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features.”
    • Locate Opera GX inside the installed software list.
    • To remove Opera GX, click the “Uninstall” button after selecting it with your mouse.
    • To finish the uninstallation procedure, adhere to the instructions.
    • You should restart your computer when the process is finished.

    Keep in mind that when you uninstall Opera GX, all of its data—including bookmarks, browsing history, and passwords saved—will be deleted. You should export this data before deleting the browser if you wish to save it. In order to accomplish this, navigate to the “Bookmarks” menu, choose “Export bookmarks,” and save the file to your computer. The “Settings” menu, “Passwords,” and “Export” button may also be used to export your passwords.


    Opera: a feature-rich browser with a VPN, an integrated ad blocker, and special capabilities for quicker surfing.

    Chrome: A free and fast browser designed for the contemporary web

    Firefox: A quick and adaptable web browser that prioritizes security and privacy.

    Edge: A cutting-edge, effective browser with great compatibility and Microsoft service integration.

    Brave: A privacy-focused browser that offers quicker and more secure surfing by default blocking trackers and advertisements.

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    System Requirements

    • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating system (64-bit only)
    • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 processor (or equivalent)
    • 2 GB of RAM
    • 500 MB of free hard disk space
    • Graphics card with DirectX 9.0c or later support
    • Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 pixels


    • Gaming-focused browser
    • Built-in resource limiter
    • Customizable appearance
    • Twitch integration
    • Advanced privacy features


    • Lacks some mainstream features
    • Can be resource-intensive

    In summary

    All things considered, Opera GX is a web browser with several capabilities to improve the gaming experience that is intended for PC/laptop users. It has an adjustable UI, an integrated ad blocker, and support for connections with Discord and Twitch. Additionally, it has a function called GX Control that lets you set limits on the CPU and RAM utilization of the browser to guarantee fluid gameplay.

    It also features GX Corner, which keeps you informed about the newest trends in gaming with news, specials, and game releases. Opera GX is suitable for a wide variety of users due to its moderate system requirements. All things considered, Opera GX is a great option for gamers looking for a specialized web browser with special capabilities for gaming.


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