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Total Commander 11.02
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November 10, 2023
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Total Commander 11.02
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What is Total Commander?

A Windows Explorer called Total Commander makes it simple and quick to move, copy, or remove files. This excellent software also facilitates file packing and unpacking from destination folders. Note down everything you own when you boot up Windows. Try not to misplace any papers, music, video, or photo, and keep them all organized.

Its far more sophisticated database systems provide for far easier use. Furthermore, the best technology is used in this software to enable it to do a wide range of additional functions in addition to file copying, transferring, and deletion.

This feature is quite helpful because it’s frequently the case when you begin working on projects. Whoever Total Commander gives you the option to create favorites must do so for the favorites to function.

Why is Total Commander Good?

Quick Experience

Additionally, the program is of far higher quality, which will enable you to complete the task with greater accuracy. Don’t rush through your work because it’s quite quick and effective. It can effortlessly copy and move files to your Windows system. It has a lot of working power but is created with relatively few tools.

File Manager with Encryption

You can make several folders with this software and protect them with a password. Also, you can safely save your private documents. The finest encrypted file manager is this one.


The layout is keyboard-friendly and provides you with all the information you could possibly need about your files at a look. Panel A is on the left, while Panel B is on the right, or the target, depending on where your cursor is. You can sort each file in the Panel not only by size and date, but also by file extension or kind.

Tool for Multiple Renaming

These days, handling images might be difficult because every camera stores them as a series of numbers and dates. There are no names on the files. Therefore, having a “Multi rename tool” could be useful in that situation.


Its tiny setup file makes it incredibly effective. It is hence conveniently portable. You can download this unique app to simplify daily operations on Windows. You download it first. After that, you install it. After installation, go ahead and operate independently.

Provide support for all OS

It also works with a wide variety of Windows systems. Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. because a far more sophisticated database system is built into it. It will inform you that this is a demo when you first turn it on. It’s only available to you for a month.

Features and Capabilities

  • Two file windows side by side
  • Multilingualism and support for Unicode
  • Enhanced search functionality
  • Synchronization of directories and file comparison (now with editor)
  • A panel for Quick View that shows both photos and videos
  • Handling archives: Plugins for ZIP, 7ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, and ACE
  • an integrated FTP client that is compatible with FTPS (encrypted FTP) and HTTP proxies
  • Multiple renaming tool
  • Buttons for history and favorites, a tabbed user interface, and regular expressions
  • thumbnail view and movable columns
  • Improved overwrite dialog, split trees, lister cursor, comparative editor, etc.
  • The majority of names are in Unicode; they synchronize empty directories, have a 64-bit context menu, are lengthy (>259 characters), and feature a quick file filter (Ctrl+S).
  • Ctrl+Shift+B to access a partial branch view, a dedicated direct transfer cable to connect to a USB port,
  • And many more!

Total Commander 32-bit/ 64-bit System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7
  • System: 32-bit and 64-bit
  • CPU: Support any CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB of RAM
  • Disk: 200 MB free space

Total Commander Technical Details

Latest Version:Total Commander 11.02
Update Released:November 10, 2023
Publisher:Ghisler Software
Main Category:File Management
Language:Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bacovski, Belarussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Danish, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Hellenic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Vasil, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Slovenian, Thai, Ukrainian.
Setup File:tcmd1102x32_64.exe
File Size:9.42 MB

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