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TortoiseSVN 1.14.6 (64-bit)
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TortoiseSVN 1.14.6 (64-bit)
Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11
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TortoiseSVN is a well known rendition control framework (VCS) programming intended for Windows clients. It is a graphical UI (GUI) client for Apache Disruption (SVN), an open-source variant control framework. It improves on the most common way of overseeing and following changes in your product projects, making it a fundamental apparatus for engineers and groups chipping away at cooperative coding projects.


Combination with Windows Adventurer: One of the champion highlights of TortoiseSVN 64bit is its consistent mix with Windows Pioneer. This implies you can perform rendition control tasks straightforwardly from the setting menu, making it amazingly easy to use.

Commit and Refresh: Effectively commit your progressions to the storehouse and update your functioning duplicate with the most recent changes made by your group.

Expanding and Blending: It improves on the method involved with making branches and combining changes, taking into account proficient code the board.

Fault and Clarify: Find the beginning of code changes utilizing the Fault and Explain highlights to see who made every alteration and when.

Compromise: Resolve clashes between code changes with worked in compromise apparatuses.

Changelogs and Amendment Charts: Access definite changelogs and graphical update history to acquire bits of knowledge into project improvement.

Auto-props Arrangement: Design programmed properties to smooth out the expansion of metadata to your records.

Snare Contents: Execute custom snare contents to computerize errands and uphold strategies.


  • All orders are accessible straightforwardly from the windows adventurer.
  • Just orders that check out for the chose document/organizer are shown. You won’t see any orders that you can’t use in your circumstance.
  • See the situation with your documents straightforwardly in the Windows pioneer.
  • Elucidating exchanges, continually worked on because of client input.
  • Permits moving documents by right-hauling them in the windows pioneer.
  • Upholds disruption conventions http://, https://, svn://, svn+ssh://, document:///, and svn+XXX://.
  • Incorporated spell checker for log messages
  • Auto-finishing of ways and catchphrases of the changed records
  • Text arranging with exceptional singes
  • Also, some more…

User Interface

It offers an easy to understand interface that coordinates consistently with Windows Traveler. Its setting menu choices make it simple to perform rendition control undertakings right from the record supervisor. The connection point is natural, making it reasonable for the two amateurs and experienced engineers.

Installation and Setup

  • Download the installer from the authority site or ApkHorse.
  • Run the installer and adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Once introduced, arrange the product by indicating the archive URL and validation subtleties.

How to Use

  • Right-click on an envelope or record inside your functioning duplicate.
  • Explore the menu to perform activities, for example, commit, update, branch, and consolidation.
  • Utilize the setting menu to get to cutting edge highlights like Fault, Clarify, and Amendment Chart.


What is form control?
Rendition control is a framework that tracks changes made to records and registries after some time. It permits numerous clients to team up on a task, keeping a background marked by changes and working with code the executives.

Is TortoiseSVN FREE?
Indeed, TortoiseSVN is open-source and Allowed to utilize.

Might I at any point utilize TortoiseSVN with other working frameworks?
The product is explicitly intended for Windows. Be that as it may, you can utilize Disruption clients on other working frameworks to work with SVN archives.

What is the contrast among TortoiseSVN and other form control frameworks like Git?
TortoiseSVN is a client for Apache Disruption (SVN), while Git is a dispersed rendition control framework. SVN utilizes a unified store model, though Git is decentralized. The decision between them relies upon your venture’s prerequisites and inclinations.

How might I make a branch in TortoiseSVN?
To make a branch, right-click on your functioning duplicate, select “TortoiseSVN,” then pick “Branch/Tag.” Follow the prompts to indicate the branch name and correction.

Framework Prerequisites

The program is intended for Windows and is viable with Windows 7 and later adaptations. It requires insignificant framework assets, making it reasonable for a large number of Windows-based PCs.


  • Easy-to-use graphical interface integrated with Windows Explorer.
  • Effective version control for teams and individual developers.
  • Seamless branching and merging capabilities.
  • Detailed revision history and changelogs.
  • Free and open-source.


  • Limited to Windows operating systems.
  • SVN’s centralized repository model may not suit all project requirements.
  • Steeper learning curve compared to some other version control systems.


TortoiseSVN is a significant variant control instrument for Windows clients, especially those dealing with programming improvement projects. Its coordination with Windows Wayfarer, easy to understand interface, and strong adaptation control capacities pursue it an amazing decision for groups and individual engineers hoping to really deal with their code.

While it may not be reasonable for cross-stage improvement and has an expectation to learn and adapt, its assets in rendition control, stretching, consolidating, and history following make it a dependable and free choice for Windows-based projects. Think about TortoiseSVN assuming you’re looking for a proficient rendition control arrangement that coordinates flawlessly with your Windows climate.

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