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September 1, 2023
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What is Strong VPN?

Strong VPN has an extensive global network with about 950 servers spread across 30 nations. Popular regions including the USA, UK, France, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, and more are included in the list of accessible VPN server locations. While some servers are set up for PPTP/L2TP/SSTP, some support OpenVPN.

For its OpenVPN service, StrongVPN provides 128-bit Blowfish encryption, which is generally regarded as less safe. In Europe, it offers a 20 Mbps broadband connection.

Qualities and Abilities

assistance round-the-clock

On the StrongVPN website, a customer support form is used for all support inquiries. They have excellent customer service, and setting up the connection is simple. Additionally, StrongVPN offers live support, which could be useful if you require help right away.

Complete Security

Using end-to-end security, you can protect your online activities and personal information while using any device and from any place.

Static and dynamic IPs are available on PPTP and OpenVPN servers, respectively, with Strong VPN. Both peer-to-peer and unlimited bandwidth are permitted. OpenVPN has 128-bit and 128-bit 2048 encryption strengths.

Locations of Servers

Once more, Strong VPN offers an exceptional selection of servers. The corporation operates over 264 servers across multiple locations in the United States alone. Including the UK, Germany, Canada, Mexico, France, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Malaysia, Germany, and Japan, Strong VPN has over 950 servers spread across more than 30 countries.

Compatibility and Protocols

Nearly all VPN protocols are supported by Strong VPN, including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Open VPN, and SSTP. OpenVPN provides the highest level of security whether connecting from a desktop or laptop. The simplest connection type for mobile Internet access through an iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone is PPTP.

The service employs the unmodified version of the standard OpenVPN application for the connection interface. For Windows users, you need administrator credentials to open it, and since the password cannot be saved, you must input it every time you log in. Additionally, you have to choose a server to connect to for each session.

VPN Open

Strong VPN advises utilizing the standard OpenVPN installation package, which can be downloaded from the OpenVPN website.

The StrongVPN configuration files must be manually copied to the OpenVPN installation folder after installation. The configuration files must be downloaded from the StrongVPN admin area.

Choose “change server” from the admin area and choose the region you want to use next if you want to use a different VPN server:

You must obtain the updated configuration file and move it to the OpenVPN installation location after the server is switched.


Strong VPN for Windows 11, one of the most established VPN service providers, provides one of the most dependable VPN connections available. Because of its superior server network, Strong VPN actually appears to have one of its best features: reliability.

Cost Structures

Strong VPN provides two different subscriptions, such as a monthly membership and an annual subscription, depending on how many VPN servers you can access.

  • Monthly Plan provides $11.99/mo only
  • Annual Plan provides $3.97/mo only (30-day money-back guarantee)
Strong VPN

The most significant feature of these plans is that you only pay for what you use when you pay for a package that is included with the server you’re connected to. This server collection is unbeatable.

In summary

Strong VPN unquestionably carries out its claim to be among the biggest VPN service providers available. Traveling around the globe is assured to provide you with a dependable and swift service thanks to the over 950 servers located globally.

Large, well-known Internet service providers with a solid reputation that they want to preserve are in charge of the service. As a result, you may anticipate that they will do everything in their power to uphold their reputation by providing excellent service.

What are the benefits of Strong VPN?

  • Online Security
  • Combat Censorship
  • WireGuard® Protocol
  • Stay Safe on Wi-Fi
  • Hide Your IP Address
  • Avoid Censorship
  • Cross-platform
  • Zero-Logging

Technical Details

Latest Version:StrongVPN
Update Released:September 1, 2023
Publisher:Strong Technology
Main Category:VPN
Windows Installer:StrongVPN-latest.exe
Mac Installer:StrongVPN.dmg

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